KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 8


The epi starts…

Purbul and Aaliya land in Chennai airport. Arvind picks them up in his car.

They ride to the hotel where Abhi stays…

After that a lot of things happen…time passes within moments.
Abhi agrees to stay here for two more weeks along with Purbul and Aaliya. He signs a new contract with Arvind’s company. All this is official.

Personally…Arvind takes a three day off…from his company.
The four roam the city like mad people who have nothing else to do than having fun.

They become so close in these 3 days but never spoke of themselves.
A few hours before the time to depart…

Ab, Arvind…i know that u have a lovely wife and a cute little family, tell abt them, naa.
Ar, yeah…i am so blessed to have a family like that, my companion, always is a support to me. She is my whole life…she is my everything. It must have been my gift or a blessing for my good deeds in my pre birth…My son…he is so cute that i forget myself when i am with him. all my life, i will spend my whole only for his development. My family means my world to me. I am even ready to die for them. I and my sister lost my parents in a very young age, at that time…Mishkin uncle, her father, was the one who helped us…now i am complete. My family made me complete…

A complete silence prevails…everyone (except Arvind) is in their own world. A world filled with sorrows everywhere. A world where tomorrow is doubtful…A world which has no hope of being better at any time…but somewhere, a spark, a belief, a thought, a wish, a dream…its all this that make that world live.

Arvind senses that…he didn’t know whats the matter…but to lighten the moment, “hey do u all want to talk to my son?”
All, of course…
Arvind calls ishani…she picks the call…and then hands it to Ayush…Arvind puts the phone in speaker…
Ay, hello…

Just after hearing his hello, they melt…

Ayush hears many voices…hai dear…hello…hey champ…how do u do?…are u fine??…what is ur name? Call me once wid my name naa…stop…hey u stop…shut up….arrey bewkoof…he will get confused…hey u first shut…

Ayush, SHUT UP!!!
A clear silence…
Ay, i am sorry…mumma shouts so when dad fights (Arvind is too embarrassed. He thinks to himself, adappavi…maanatha vaangittiyeda (oh boy…you embarrassed me))…thats why i too did it to stop u all.
All were too pleased to hear him. Then they talk to Ayush individually….
Then he cuts the call…

After a week…it is the day of concert…
Abhi is so busy running here and there. Purbul and Aaliya are coolly tasting their burgers
Abhi is so anxious…he doesn’t know why…his heart is beating too fast…he never felt so before…but remembers feeling the same on the day of his stage performance…
But he ignores the thoughts as its time to perform…

Ishani hosts the show…
I, welcome all…(loud shouts…ishani stirs her ears with her index and smiles) OH…this much response just for a welcome…OK, i am so glad to welcome u all for this concert. This is the concert of our rockstar Abhi…(cheers) ok, i wont bore u wid my silly talks…so here we go…
(ishaani exits left…the lights off, the crowd screams…then becomes quiet)

*plug in ur earphones guys*

Hey Vizhiyae Enai Paarkkaathae

(The crowd goes crazy just hearing his voice…that too…hearing him sing in their language)

Hey Azhagae Ini Paesaathae
Alai Pola Paayum Un Paarvai
Anai Polae Imai Rendum Udainthaal Nanaivaene
Puyal Kaattrai Pola Un Sorkkal
Siru Jannal Ithazh Rendum Thirakkaathae

(He sings and dances with the background dancers behind. His spirits are high…filled with love and joys…he grabs the girl’s (one of the bg dancers) arm and throws her down, still catching her arm. He returns the girl back to her position.)

Kohila Kohila Minnalgal Unnaala
Kohila Kohila Maayangal Unnaala
Kohila Kohila En Bhoomi Keezh Maela
Kohila Kohila Ellaam Un Sollaala

(He sings holding the mike in one hand and slowly bringing the other from behind to front.)

Hey Vizhiyae Enai Paarkkaathae
Hey Azhagae Ini Paesaathae

(As the music runs in the bg…he flies to his dream land. Pragya , Pragya…everywhere Pragya. He remembers all their happy moments and smiles. He tries to touch Pragya but realizes its just his imagination. The music is about to end…he dances and looks around waiting for his partner, the female singer.)

Kodaiyil Odaiyil Kaalgal Rendai Nanaikkum
Sugamaanaai Neeyae

(He hears the voice and stands mesmerised. He can easily predict that it was not Pooja…the one he practised with. He looks around. A girl is being carried by the male dancers. Unmistakably…its PRAGYA. He stumbles for a moment, but manages. She gets down and walks to him…singing.)

Kovilin Gopuram Veesidum Poo Nizhalaai
Enathudalil Nee Aanaayae

(She cares his face…while he looks at her happily surprised. She walks behind him and hugs him from back) *hope u guys can visualize. Hope i make u able to witness the scene*

Kothai Unthan Kaigal
Kothi Pogum Pothu
Kobam Theernthu Theeyaai Aanen

(He slides his palms across her hugged hands from elbows to wrists…he drags her to the front holding her hands and walking around)

Kodi Pulli Vaitha
Kolam Ennai Korkkum
Kodaai Aanayae

(Pragya shifts her position…she moves to his front, facing him…imitating the dots in random posi. with her index finger…then joining them all in a motion and finally catching Abhi’s hands, falling down and raising herself while abhi stares at her lovingly.)

Kohila Kohila Minnalgal Unnala (she smiles and looks lovingly)
Kohila Kohila Maayangal Unnala (she nods in a yes and smiles)
Kohila Kohila En Bhoomi Keezh Maela (she laughs and nods in a no)
Kohila Kohila Elaam Un Sollaala (she tries running away…but Abhi is not ready to lose her this time. He holds her firmly and she is half turned and looks at him smilingly)

Hey Vizhiyaal Unai Paarthaeno
Hey Uyire Manam Sonneno
Alai Pola Paayum En Nenjam
Anai Polae Un Kaigal Anaithaal Adaivaene
Puyal Kaattrai Pola En Aasai
Ithazh Jannal Vazhi Sendru Unakullae Tholaivaene

Kohila Kohila Minnalgal Ennaala
Kohila Kohila Maayangal Ennaala
Kohila Kohila Un Bhoomi Keezh Maela
Kohila Kohila Elaam En Sollaala

(He spins her around him holding her hand…then dips her and brings her back. they both swirl around each other.)

Kohila Kohila

(As Abhi sings the last lines…the song ends and they stand hugging each other…cherishing the moment)

They are brought back to their senses as claps become a thundering applause. Abhi is standing still…and when he turns back, the place where Pragya was standing was vacant. He smiles to himself…understanding the situation…though he is sad, he is happy thinking abt the song and the dance. He leaves the stage smiling…

Precap: revelations…part 1.

How was this??? I chose this song as it is really of high spirits and truly the lines just kill me. Every time i listen to it…i feel that its writer is really great…what say guys? and sry to who dont understand it…i will give translations to songs also fm now on.
So see u in the next. Hit the button and drop ur views guys. Thanq for wasting ur time with this silly thing. And silent readers if any…Hi 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 open up once in a while guys. And guys…i am thankful to all who commented in the pre one.

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