KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 14


So here goes the fourteenth epi…

Abhi is crying hard…he is out of control. He breaks everything that he can get and kneels down devastated.
Ab, its all coz of me. If that time i had not did that to her…she wouldn’t have been like this.

He blabbers a lot of things. he is out of control…
Al, whatever happened is always for good.
Everyone looks at her confused. They knew she was against Pragya…but even now???
Al, hmm…so she, that behanji has lost her memory…everything is always an advantage for me…god always blesses me which i sometime feel i am not worth, but…hmm…i am happy
Purab became angry…
Pu, how can you talk like that…i will kill you this moment itself, you dirty woman
Bu, shut up purab. How can you talk like that?
Aal, he is right…i must be killed. But let me talk. Bhai…dont worry that Pragya bhabhi has lost her memory…she might forget you from mind…but not ur love from her heart.
Abhi looks on.
Al, bhai…start everything fresh. Let your love blossom. I was one of the reason for it to get destroyed…so i just thought of a solution. She is all yours now bhai…i mean, i don’t know what i am bluffing…i know, i am actually bluffing…but atleast, you can be happy that she forgot all her miseries…she is now living a happy life. So just be happy bhai…
Ab, you are right Aaliya…even if she was with me…i don’t know if she will be this much happy. I am so happy for her…he wipes his tears and also Aaliya’s. He continues…i am k Aaliya. And what u said is abs true. She is happy. What more will i want? he smiles through his tears which stabs Aaliya’s heart…but she speaks up…
Al, i am so happy bhai…true love is when you are happy for someone though u r not a part of it…and i know, u truly love bhabhi.

They both hug each other and cry.

Bulbul and Purab had already moved out. They knew that Aaliya had changed…but this much?? They smiled to themselves while tears rushed out of their eyes.
Pu, Aaliya is indeed a good sister. Abhi needs her so much now.
Bu, yes Purab…
Pu, but i hv sth more imp to do now…I want to see mishkin uncle.
Bu, I am also with u…and lets take them too Purab.
Pu, but…OK. I’ll go, bring them.

He went in…soothed Abhi and Aaliya.

They hurried to meet Arvind.

This side, Arvind was with Pragya. She was sleeping in his lap, while he caressed her hairs so softly…they were in the living room. Arvind was not ready to leave Pragya alone at any cost after what happened yesterday night

Pravind return home. Pragya leaves to her room and dozed off soon. Arvind knew the reason behind her silence. Her words were echoing in his mind. “HE IS A MISTAKE, I KNOW…BUT A BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE…THAT’S THE GREAT GIFT OF MY LIFE…I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR HIM…FOR HE IS MY EVERYTHING…” so she still thinks its a mistake…but why doesn’t she understand that it changed her life to such an extent…was he not the reason for our life? Does Pragya think that i am not responsible for Ayush even now?

Arvind immerses himself in his deep memories.

Arvind: arrey my baby…look, look…haan. Good boy.
Pr: what are u dng Arvind?
Ar: Pragya, he is a 11 month baby…dng this will keep him warm (he continues rubbing him with his tough hands)
Pr: thats why I’m knitting his sweater (she smiles and cntnus)
Ar: look Ayush…you should be a good boy when you grow up also. Ok?
Ayush nods his head confirming Arvind and starts giggling…
Ar: arrey, he understands things so well…haa!!! after all he is Pragya’s son, hey na??

This times Ayush responds so quickly and smiles at Pragya.

Ar: see Pragya. I am sure he will be successful…
Pr: ada, avana paathukkarathu yaaru?? Arvind illa?? (arrey, he is under care os arvind…)
Arvind gives a proud smile, and enjoys Pragya’s praises…but this time Ayush nods no and gives Arvind a naughty grin…pragy laughs while Arvind takes Ayush in his arms and nuzzles his nose with his.
Ar: Pragya what abt Ayush’s—
Pr: no Arvind, i will tc of everything. You already did a lot for me and baby. There is no need that u should give your initial to him.
Ar(in peak of anger): shut up Pragya…why do u always bring this topic btw us? We have discussed a lot and my decision is final…why do u always feel he’s only ur responsibility?
Pr(in a mild tone, trying to calm Arvind): the mistake is only mine…and so—
Ar: it was not at all ur mistake. It was just circumstances. If its ur mistake then mine too…
Pr(in a sharp tone): no…u were forced…forced by ur conscience…
Ar: Pragya, we both are blameless…i cant bare you blaming urself. We both didnot have a choice…and we had to do sth…if not u wont be standing her fighting with me and surely…i would have died of guilt. If we were wrong that time, after so many troubles…we will not be leading a peaceful life like this. So just forget that and start living in the present. You cannot start the next chapter of your life if u r still hanging on to the pre one…
Pragya had nothing else to say…she just hugged Arvind…
Ayush was out of thoughts…when he heard a scream…
Precap: “forget??? Him??? That is inpossible. How can i forget all the pains he gave me? That wont occur in not in my life.”…“i am sorry for all that happened wid u”… “Sorry…go to hell wid ur sorry. How dare u come here again? Go away”…”no, listen to me once…i can explain it”… “OH…go on exp…what more can u do? can u erase the pain that u gave?”

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