KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 13


The episode starts showing everyone’s confused faces…

Pragya laughed and hugged Bulbul…
Pr, how can i not know u my sweet sister???
B, osh…that was the worst prank ever di…
Aaliya speaks from behind… “bhabhi…” to grab her attention.
Pr, bhabhi!!!!!!???? I never knew my husband had a sweet sister.
Aaliya bent her head down in shame. Bulbul noticed it. She opened her mouth to say sth…but pragz purse fell down. She bent to take it, revealing a silver chain with the letter ‘A’
B, what is that, di?
Pr, that is A…A for
Bulbul thinks, i know…A for Abhishek…
Ar, (completes the sentence for Pragya) Arvind.
Pr, no Ayush!!!
Ar, NOOO…Arvind!!!
Pr, Ayush!!!
Ar, Arvind.
Pr, Ayush!!!
Ar, Arvind.
Pr, Ayush!!!
Ar, Arvind.
Pr, Ayush!!!
Ar, ok…who am i?
Pr, Arvind
Ar, who is ur frnd?
Pr, Arvind.
Ar, Ayush’s father?
Pr, Arvind.
Ar, Ishani’s bro?
Pr, Arvind.
Ar, my name?
Pr, Arvind.
Ar, so A for…
Pr, Arvind.
Arvind gave a victorious smile. Pragya realised what she had said…
Pr, u cheater. I am leaving. Guys…meet u all later…
She left…
Arvind reveals a similar chain in his neck with ‘P’ … (thinks) “i know…A is for Ayush, but this P is always for Pragya”
Al, whats that???
Ar, its nothing (hides the chain)
Al, not that…what happened here???
Before Arvind can speak…They hear harsh honks…
Ar, its for me. I dont know why…but she feels so uncomfortable wid u…come home for dinner today…she wont be able to escape. (Heavy honks…)
Ar, Gotta go…see u at my home guys.
He too left…

The three present in the room where confused…nothing strike their mind!!!
One question that everyone got…what happened here?????

All turned, to see Abhi, but couldn’t find him. When searched…he was found hugging Pragya’s pic and sleeping. *When did this happen. Was he not at the room???*

After he woke up…he saw 3 ppl sitting like mad creatures.
Pu, What happened Abhi? What r u dng her? Didn’t u see her?
Ab (with puppy face), no i didn’t have the courage…
Al, go to hell wid ur fear bhai…i myself was ready to face her…u r such a coward.
B, hey u stop yelling at my jiju.
Thats all…all started to fight. Pillows flew, screams pierced the sky, shouts echoed, ppl fell, dresses tore, cotton flew…


He wasn’t able to control…he cudnt c his beloveds gng mad in front of him.

With lot of difficulty everything turned back to normal. Abhi didn’t tell them that Arvind was Pragya’s husband and Ayush was her child.
It hurt him to the core to know the truth and if they come to know…they will be too much worried. He decided to break the truth slowly.

So without any talks, they all decided to get ready to attend dinner. The time left was spent in silence. Then, they all left to Arvind’s house…
The doorbell rang.
The door opened to show three ppl smilingly welcoming them.
They were all dressed in the same type. Each wore a white t shirt and a brown short. Yeah, it was them.

They came in. Bulbul was the first to speak.
B, di…what r u dng here? I mean in Arvind’d house?
Abhi gave her a sad look. Arvind and Pragya stared at each other in amusement…then they laughed…
Ar, Pragya should be in her home right? That’s why she is here.
B, oh di…is this ur home?…but what r u dng here Arvind?
Ab, shut up bulbul…we will talk later, lets look around… he said, almost dragging bulbul in.
Ab, wont u show us Arvind?
Ar, sure.
Everyone went to look around. At one point…they reached a room, when they opened the door, they could see a big photo. Arvind, Ayush and PRAGYA were TOGETHER!!!
Again a shock.
Abhi signed bulbul and others not to speak. He was hurt the moment he came to know the truth…but reality hit him later…he was not suitable for her, she deserved more…so this was definitely the only way.

They sat for dinner. Everyone was calm. Purab was the most affected. Everyone knew why.
Abhi soothed him with his side hugs and talks, but Purab didnot like the sudden change in his Pragya di’s behaviour.
They all started to eat. Pragya served them. Arvind was busy playing with Ayush…they played with the forks and spoons…they dared not to touch the knife coz they already knew of Pragya.
Pragya got irritated and gave them a glare. They became silent.

The 3 guests (Purbul and Aaliya) were wondering on whats happening here. Abhi was silently eating. He felt too happy tasting his fuggi’s food after 4 yrs…his tongue was dead with the outside food. All four completed their dinner. Ayush led them to the living room coz pravind were still eating. After giving them seat…Ayush ran back and jumped onto Pragya’s lap. The family completed their dinner with chats and laughs.

In the living room…
Everyone gathered there. Pragya made Ayush sleep. Then they started to walk…*walk? They decided to walk to the nearby park*

Pr, thanks for the visit guys…hope u wont mind. If you are Arvind’s friends then mine too…
Arvind looks surprised at Pragya’s statement *maybe he recalled Abhi’s statement*

Just then Purab talks…
Pu, di come back to Mumbai. I’m not liking this di. Please di, come back. i want the old Pragya di…my Pragya di. Please come back di…

Unable to control he hugs Pragya and weeps. Everyone there is heartbroken except pravind who are in shock.
Pr, control yourself Purab…(he wipes his tears away and looks at Pragya pleadingly)…i dont know what you are talking about Purab. When did i leave Mumbai to come back? firstly, i have not visited Mumbai at all…
Ar, Purab, u know Pragya before? Baby do you know him? why didn’t you tell me?
Pr, arrey, how do i know him?

Purab felt his world crumbling. He knew his di was hurt but she telling he dont know him was more than death.

Ar, dont lie baby. He is so sad…tell me the truth.
Pr, shut up duffer. Why should i lie? I really dont know any of them here. They are your friends right?
Ar, ok dont call me that. I knew that you dont know them.
Pr, why are u looking at us like that? Lets walk come…(she drags Arvind’s hands and he signals other to walk)

Abhi who was not able to make head or tail out of it shouted…
Ab, what the hell is happening here? Pragya stop dragging him.

He held her shoulders tightly and it pained her. Tears started to flow from her eyes. Arvind started pulling Abhi away from his baby…finally, he succeeded. He wiped Pragya’s tears. And started shouting at Abhi.

Ar, Abhi she is my… wife. How dare you?
Ab, shut up. she was my wife even before. i have every rights on her.
Pu, shut up abhi. You have no rights on her. You were always one of her bad dreams. She is my di. You cant treat her like that. Ask sorry, else…
Ab, else??? What will you do? she is my Pragya and i can talk to her in my way.
Ar, shut up. how dare you say that she is yours? She is mine…do you get that?

They started to fight. Finally it ended with Pragya’s scream.


Everyone stopped their fight. Pragya walked straight to Abhi.
Pr, look Mr. I really dont know who you are…and i really dont care for who you are…i dont have any need to lie.
Ab, what are u talking Pragya? did you forget our family? Did you forget all happiness i gave you?
Pu, shut up Abhi. You never gave her any happiness. You only gave her pains. The only happiness that she got was dadi.
Ab, that is what i said. It was me who became the reason for that bond, right?
Pr, can’t u be quiet, Purab? I am talking, right?
Pu, sry di…
Pr, Mr. Abhishek…i can never forget my family. My family is here. My Arvind, Ayush, papa, anna and Ishani are my family.
Ab, ???
Pr,Arvind lets leave.
Abhi started to cry…
Ab, Fuggi, really u dont know me? Am i not ur family?

Pragya shouts and then drags Arvind and leaves to their home.

Abhi kneels down and weeps bitterly…that much unwanted i became…he told btw his sobs. Everybody consoled him and took him back to their room.

They decided to leave TN asap and booked tickets. Abhi dozed off soon.
Next morning…they are packing their bags…doorbell rings.

Aaliya opens the door to find Arvind. She slams the door on his face. She comes back and informs everyone. But again the doorbell rings.
They ignore him and continue their works. Bell rings repeatedly and finally Purab opens the door. Arvind is standing there but sm1 else is also there. He takes them both in.
Ar, this is Mishkin uncle…Pragya’s father.

Everyone’s eyes widened.

Mi, Arvind said everything that happened yesterday night. I am sorry…Pragya is always the same…a little short tempered.
Abhi grew angry…”no one talks ill abt my Pragya” he shouts.
Mi, OK…OK…actually how do you know her?
Bu, papa?? You here?
Ab, papa??
Mi, papa?? Are you bulbul??
Bu, yes papa…tears swell in her eyes.

Daughter and father hug.
Again everyone is left confused…
Mi, we will speak later bulbul. Abhi, Purab…are u sure u know Pragya?
Pu, what are you asking uncle? She is my Pragya di…
Ab, yes…she is my fuggi…
Mi, maybe…she might be what u say…

Aaliya, what are u saying uncle?
Mi, i dont know anything abt Pragya…i mean her past…
All: ????
Ar, i can understand u all…she may or may not be the Pragya you think her to be
All: ???
Mishkin: she really doesn’t know u all though she might have known you…
Abhi, uncle, stop this puzzle and tell me clearly…please.

Mi, she suffered a memory loss four years ago…she is not the Pragya you think her to be.
Abhi is unable to take what he said. He is broken…he leaves to his room.
Arvind who understands the situation takes a leave from everyone and leaves with Mishkin.

The trio rush to Abhi’s room and find him hugging fuggi doll and crying…

Screen freezes on his bitterly weeping face….

Precap: “hmm…so she, that behanji has lost her memory…everything is always an advantage for me…god always blesses me which i sometime feel i am not worth, but…hmm…i am happy”…“how can you talk like that…i will kill you this moment itself, you dirty woman”

So how was this guys? Who is the one in precap? Why is she so happy for Pragya’s ML? Lets wait and watch. And I hope this was little long. So see you in the next.

And by the way…i don’t know what u will be thinking by now. Actually, i got this idea when abhi rejects Pragya’s proposal…that day when Pragya is abt to fall from purab’s flat and abhi tells his heart to her, saving her…but finally rejects her…i think it was really a golden time in kkb, i mean all the char were lovely. I loved old times…but now i regret or the change of track. Ok, leave it.
I know its a way old track, but i still didn’t reveal u from where the story starts. so wait. And i made it a year ago…but i made a lot of twist and turns…when i was abt to come up with this, abhi really got ML in KKB. I thought that it wont be gud, as ppl might think that i used the same concept but a diff person. So i dropped it and instead came up with BATB…but this was bothering me a lot and so i decided to give it a try…sorry if u feel sth bad of this. So feel frank to tell me…whats ur take on this???
I am telling again. Pls tell me guys. I am waiting to know ur take.

and i replied to everyone’s cmnt…thanks once again guys…

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