KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 12

first of all…a tribute to the bold lady…she was so brave and courageous…the iron lady is now resting in the sand…the strong arms that saved more than a thousands of lives…
she is really great. let her soul rip…

and now…to the story,

The epi starts with the mehra and khanna ppl waiting in the hotel room…

Al, this will do gud naa…will this really suit me?
She shows a yellow saree to bulbul…
B, arrey, why r u wearing this? If di sees u in this she will think u have gone mad and not that u really changed.
Al, shut up…dont make me go mood off. Shut up OK. I know this will do gud on me.
B, anyways…what is Abhi jiju doing? Its almost half an hour that he went in to get ready.

When they go to Abhi’s room, they find him standing shirtless.
B, Jiju? What is this. Wear sth…do u wish to mesmerise di with this shirtless look and make her anger go off…
A, shut up u idiot…help me choose.

That time the room’s doorbell rings. They blabber to each other. Abhi wears sm blue top matching his jean…he messes his hair then makes it proper place and comes with his usual look.

They go out. They take their resp seats. Abhi is sitting at the back…almost hiding himself….Bulbul adjusts her hair…and opens the door. Everybody is waiting eagerly but dont show it in their faces so that Pragya is not sad.

The door opens…
Everybody’s jaw drop. Arvind gets in and then enters Pragya. She was wearing a half jean skirt, a pink tank top and an over coat…her specs are gone. Her black eyes covered with brown lens…her curled hair still wavy…and a large purse in her hand.
B, what dress is this di…but still u look awesome.
P, di!!! OK leave it…why u dont like my dress? Hey u stupid…look what dress u chose for me Arvind…it is not good it seems. I must have worn sth of my choice…
Ar, hey…u came hear to talk with them not to fight with me do that work.
Pr, OK…fine…hi guys i will introduce myself, i am Pragya…fashion designer cm music composer…
Al, why r u introducing urself? We all know u… (Thinks for a while but then talks) but not like this…
Pr, thats why i gave an intro. I was not like this before 4 yrs…right Arvind?

Arvind raises his eyebrows, curves his lower lip out…raises his shoulders and give a maybe, i dont know look.

Pragya smiles and turns back…her eyes search for someone.

B, searching for jiju, di???
P, jiju??? No i was searching for bulbul!!!

Bulbul’s eyes almost pop out. She looks hell shocked. She looks around to see the others. Aaliya looks like world is gonna end. She thinks…Behanji…searching bulbul!!! Oh no…someone help me. Am i out of my mind??? I must definitely be hit. Purab scratches his head and looks wonderingly…he pinches himself and shouts but not too loudly. He confirms he is not dreaming. In the first place he didn’t even think of pinching himself coz he knew this wont happen in dream also…but now as it is confirmed he gives a confused look.

(Abhi is still not shown)
The screen freezes on their confused faces….

To be continued…

Thanks for reading guys…see u in the next. Bye and take care. Love u loads 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍
Silent readers…thank u so much yaar.
and i know this was too short…sry, coz i am running out of time to write now. my other story is bothering me a lot. i have to post it somehow.
and…ha ha…if i go missing i get a lot of cmnts…i will go missing again for two more days…ha ha…
and my dear writers…i might have missed cmntng in some of ur epis…sry for that.
i will reply to the cmnts ASAP…and myna dear….happy that u are back. maha darlu a cmnt from u after so long…i am glad u cmntd in both the pre epi…i mean 10 & 11
and mone dear…hope u r a li’l free…
so bye guys…see u soon in the next. and forgive for mistakes found…


  1. Astra


    |Registered Member

    Superb dear…actually, i missed ur last epi i think… short updates r better to read. Write short one’s regularly..that will be easy..

  2. Ashika

    Sorry fr not commenting before..I loved it …it is very interesting..keep writing!! Love u sooo much..take care!!! 😀 😉 😀 …

    • B_Ani



      thanks sweeto…and i think i told u that i will call u by this…
      so keep reading sweeto…love u toooooooo😘😘😘😍😍😍

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