KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 11


St to the epi…

Abhi is hell angry…he searches Arvind everywhere and finally finds him at a corner behind the stage…he is attending a phone call. He cuts the call and correctly at that time, Abhi runs to him.

Abhi catches his collar…
Ab, what the hell have u done to Pragya??? I know she is angry on me…but u were not supposed to take it as an advantage…

But within a moment, Ranveer comes there shouting…“leave his collars…u dont have any rights to touch him” and pushes Abhi. He goes to Arvind and adjusts his collar.
This side, purab comes to Abhi’s rescue. He catches Abhi who is abt to fall. He makes him stand prop and asks “r u fine?” after Abhi nods in a yes, he turns to Ranveer and opens his mouth to tell sth.

Ar, (not allowing Purab to talk) it was ur frnd who did wrong…no fault in Ranveer.
Pu, (to himself) did he seriously say my frnd?? (now to Arvind) when did he become my friend Arvind????

Arvind immediately went to abhi…gave him a tight hug. Abhi was still angry. Arvind took his (Abhi’s) hands and kept them on his collar.
Ar, u wanted to ask me sth, right? Or rather scold me…whats the matter (smiling)
Ra, Arvind…what r u doing?
He rushed forward and pushed Abhi again (not so hard this time). Purab caught Ranveer’s collar.

Arvind rushed to Abhi and inquired him…while rabveer where holding each others collar and staring at each other. Abhi dragged Purab while Arvind dragged veer aside…but again they left and started fighting. Just then Mishkin came there…

Mi, whats happening here…keep all ur useless fights later *this man is dumb it seems…they were fighting like bitter enemies and he mistook it to friendly one…uh!!!* let the event get over…i will c u later Ravind…
He took them from there but still Rabveer stares at each other…

In Ishveer’s room…
Veer is sitting angrily…Ishani comes to him…
I, oh…my baby is so angry it seems…what can i do…haa….i will accept my punishment now (blushes hard) *wow, what a situation to blush* (but veer’s anger vanishes seeing ishu…)
R, i dont know how u manage to blush every time thinking of it dear…its been almost 4 yrs since we married.
I, but after our marriage…we never got time to be together (her blush fades…happiness and shyness disappears…ranveer notices this)
R, whats the big deal? Now we can do it right?? Better late than never…
He comes close to Ishani and is abt to kiss…knock knock…

Ishani smiles…tries hardly to control her laughter.
R, cha…enakku nerame sari illa…mothalla antha north indians ippo yaaro…avangala…(cha…my time is not at all good…1st those north indians and now someone…they r…)

As Ranveer opened the door he found none. He felt sb is playing tricks on him. But then he found someone dragging his pants. He bent to see and his anger faded as the sight in front made him smile.
It was Ayush.

Ay, u r angry on me naa…sorry. i will not trouble Ishani aunty from now on.
R, arrey…nothing like that bachu. See i am not at all angry…he kissed Ayush.

Ayush was holding sth behind him in his hand… Ranveer peeped but Ayush hid it even more.
Then he gave it to Ranveer. It was a caricature…of him, Ranveer and Ishani. The couple took Ayush in their hands…and kissed his cheeks from opp sides. Arvind came from behind.
Also Pragya came.
Ar, i am also alright…see Ayush and Pragya changed my mood. They all shared a hug with Ayush and left the place.

The event was going on smoothly but not Abhi and alrabul… Arvind and Ranveer were bought to normal mode by Pragya and Ishani and of course Ayush (though they didn’t know the reason) but Abhirab were mood off.
To add fuel to the fire, whenever Abhi saw Pragya…she was either hand in hand with Arvind or roaming with Ayush…both father and son were irritating him.

After the event got over…

Arvind came to Ahi…
Ar, i dont know what is there to talk with Pragya. But i can sense it. I will bring her tmrw to your hotel. Be patient. I will surely bring her.

He left. Abhi cannot understand how Arvind was so calm after what happened today. But he felt very bad for behaving like that to frnd. He went back with alrabul. They were not ready to leave but when Abhi conveyed them what Arvind said they left the place hopefully.

guys thanks so much for the cmnts…sry i am in a hurry…i cant reply now. sry again. i will be disappearing for 2 days…i hope it will not take much time. so thanks for all those who will cmnt today. i even posted this to make notice of my absence…sry again…bye. c u alll later…and sry for mistakes as i didnt proof read…

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