KKB…Changed Destiny: Episode 10


Hi guys…so this epi would clear your doubts…i think. But it might also confuse you more…

The screen shows Ayush and Abhi waving at each other. As she walks past, Ayush gets down from Ishani and runs somewhere. Again Ishani runs behind him. On the way, she bumps into Ranveer.

Two, ouuch…
Is, have you kept your eyes behind? Walk prop idiot.
Ra, ha!!! You are the one who hit me and now shouting at me, you…you have to get punishment.
Is, i know what ur punishment is…and now u will not get what u want. I am searching Ayush. Help me if u can…or JUST GO TO HELL…(she screams and again goes to search Ayush)
Ra, this much big dramebazz…go to hellaa? Periya idhunnu nenappu. Modhalla ayusha thedittu appuram unkitta varen…(does she think she is so superior? 1st i will search Ayush and then come to u)

Everybody is busy in the event while Arvind and ishveer are searching for Ayush.
Arvind sees Abhi. He is just submerged in his phone. Arvind goes to him. Abhi immediately stands.
Ar, did you see my son?
Ab, ha? Sorry yaar, i didn’t listen prop.
Abhi is about to say sth…but someone pats Arvind’s shoulder from behind.
He turns and moves a bit. Now Abhi is also able to see her.

It is Pragya!!! His fuggi. She is wearing her specs. Her hairs are as usual rolled into soft curls that fall across her shoulders…just like a water fall. It is dancing to the rhythm of the wind. She is wearing a white saree…with elegant work. Her green blouse is covering till her wrists…or no…a little before her wrists. The long neck of that daring blouse…can drag any men to keep their hands on her bare back.

Abhi is standing stunned, and Arvind is looking at Pragya.
Pr, our son (to abhi)
Ar, haan???
Pr, haan…our son Ayush.
Arvind thinks: what is she telling?? Oops i forgot

………a small FB
Pr, you shud nvr tell him as ur son stupid…dont ever try to overtake my motherly rights with ur fatherly rights. Always say our son.
Ar, acha teek hai…i will tell our son only…now both my cuties SLEEP…
He kisses Ayush’s forehead and leaves…….
But we r not together, right??? Hm…if i say that “now i am there naa??” will be the only reply
…………………….FB over.
*still now u r thinking only man!!!*

Ar, (now speaks) mchh…go search him…always trying to find fault with me.
Abhi is still in shock…after Pragya moves a bit he comes back to his senses and runs behind.
Arvind scolds them both…mutters to himself and walks in another direction.

Abhi runs behind her. He catches her wrists.
Ab, where were u all these days? I missed you terribly. you promised me that you will not leave me at any cost. Now…ok, leave it. I am happy that atleast you are now back to me.

He comes to hug her, but she doesn’t allow him.
Ab, i know you are angry on me. I didn’t try to reach you in these 4 years…but how come i will know you are here unless you tell me?…now why are you looking at me like that?
Pr, look Mr. Abhishek mehra…i dont know what you are talking about. It will be better if you leave my hands now. Its bad that u r holding on to me. I don’t like this and its public. I also have many works than to stand and talk with u…whatever might be the issue, i don’t want to discuss now and this is even not the place to discuss. I know its personal and serious but seriously this is not the place to talk. I am in a good mood. Dont spoil that. I have to search Ayush also.
Ab, what?? But i…

Pragya is gone.

Ab, i know that she is angry on me. She used to call me by that name only if she is angry. But now where did she go? I will not leave her nxt time. And by the way, where did she disappear? Did she tell that she wanted to search someone. Oh…she said she wants to search Ayush…AYUSH!!!!!…but why?

He rewinds all that which happened a few mins ago. The screen is black and white, just like a video recording…He fastly moves back…everything moved backward he then slows down the speed…and comes to one point.

Pr, our son (to abhi)
Ar, haan???
Pr, haan…our son Ayush.

The black and white screen fades to show Abhi standing (he is in colour guys…now everything is in colour.) he exclaims…OUR SON AYUSH??? Did she say our son to Arvind?

Abhi’s face changes from confused to worried, then shocked and finally settles on his anger. Abhi is boiling from within…clearly shown in his face.
The screen freezes on Abhi’s angrily shocked face.

Precap: “what the hell have u done to Pragya??? I know she is angry on me…but u were not supposed to take it as an advantage”…“leave his collars…u dont have any rights to touch him”

So they MET…they met, they met, they met 🙂 🙂 I am so happy but i know u guys r cursing Pragya for her behaviour. but dont do that. dont curse me also ;P ;P ;P understand pragya’s situ yaar…
Don’t worry everything will be settled soon.

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  1. Nice ani can’t wait what happens next.
    pathu ani nanga confuse aaguromenu solli nee scenes eluthum pothu confuse aaidatha.

  2. Tarafletcher

    Super…finally they met..good di

  3. Super dear asual u rocks it yaaaa n love u lot dear with lot of kiss….

  4. Yeah Finally the wait is over. They met! I wanna know what’s gonna happen next! Waitinggg. I am happy with the update.

  5. B_Ani

    thanks for the cmnts guys….and prathi akka and riya darlu, nothing wrong with me…hope u r cleared with that my dears. so keep guessing!! and achu missing u so much cutie pie…ekkada unnav??? kopama?? sry if i did any wrong….

    so happy reading 🙂 all

  6. Super dear…eagerly waiting for nxt part dear..keep rocking…

  7. Superb diii.. I have a doubt.. Whether Ayush is Abhigya’s son??

  8. Nice epi dear

  9. Prathi

    I can completely understand! Let her be angry on him for some more time!! Ayush is he?? Okie I will wait! Happy that you are fine! I will be waiting for that mystery 😉

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  11. Reshma_Pradeep

    Wow!!!!!!!!!! Superbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Awesome cutie??happy that you’re fine? We want curse you for Pragya behavior take care cutie..love you♥️♥️♥️♥️

  13. Saranya24

    Superb baby waiting r nxt part love u loads?????

  14. Awesome sweetie! !!!!! ?

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