KKB- Whisper Of Hope (Part 1)


Hi guys…its varsha back….I’m happy dat I got cmmnts on this ff….actually I would like to thank all d ppl who cmmmtd n silent readers also…thank u all so much…n btw , I am goin to start d ff rite frm their childhood … hope u all love this…. 🙂

Part 1

Age intro:
Abhi,Nikhil,Pragya- 10 yrs old
Bulbul,purab,Vijay-8 yrs old
Tanu,Aliya,Aryan-5 yrs old

Episode starts with:
A big house is shown ..an old lady is calling “bachao..wake up soon..its getting late for school na..”…by saying this , d old lady Opens d door room….d sleeping pose of two small boys r shown.
D old lady is none other than our dadi…
Dadi: Abhi , Purab wake up soon…since ur parents r not there doesn’t mean u can sleep for hours…get out of ur bed…
Boy 1: Dadi pls….plz stop ur radio everyday morning..
The boy is none other than our Abhi..he is wearing a t-shirt n a full pant which has a rolled up part in one leg..
Boy 2: Haan dadi..pls…v wanna sleep..dont disturb us…
This is our Purab..he is wearing a nite suit of full hand shirt n full pant.
Dadi:wait here tum dono…I will come now…
With dat Dadi goes out bought a bucket full of ice n water….both d boys were sleeping peacefully…dadi poured d water on both of them.
With a sudden jerk , both of them woke up n got down from their bed..
Abhi:(murmuring) donno wat happiness she gets by waking us so early everyday…
Purab:(murmurs back)haan bhai…u r ryt..
Dadi: come again … wat did u both tell??
Abhi n Purab : nthg dadi (with smirking face )
Dadi smiles…..
A small house in a peaceful place is shown at d same time….
A lady doing pooja is shown…she buns ber hair everyday..she is none other
than our Sarla ma…she enters a room where there r 3 children sleeping on d same bed , a boy n 2 girls…it was 6:15am,
Sarla ma : meri bachhe …pls wake up na…its getting late for ur school..
Girl 1: I will never wake up until I see ur face ma…now I woke up..
Its our Pragya . She wears a lavender t-shirt n white n pink mixed 3/4 th pant..
Girl 2 : maa few more mins…I’m dreaming na…dont disturb me…
Its our bulbul…she wears a black full pant n a grey t-shirt…
Sarla ma: haan haan … enough with ur dreaming…see ur pragya di
she also slept with n woke up soon na…n see this boy…beta..beta. wake up na..utiye…
Boy : maa … gimme 5 more mins…ill wake up…(after few sec)ma…now I woke up , u hav to gimme a morning kiss….n shows his face by closing his eyes n sits
He is none other than our Aryan….
Sarla ma: haan beta n kisses on his cheeks…n says…come on wake up
Pragya : haan chhotu … wake up n dont b a sleeping prince like ur sleeping beauty queen , ur bulbul di
Bulbul : di stop complaining abt me…n chhotu u also…
Aryan : choti di wat did I do??…ok leave it now im going to d washroom first
Bulbul: no me first…I will go in …
Pragya : arrey tum dono…chup karo…I will go in first…n pragya rushed into d washroom…
Bulbul n Aryan shouts :pragya di not fair…..n keeps pouting faces….
Sarla ma laughs by seeing this…n pulls aryans n bulbuls ears n twists it..
Bulbul : ma no rotation ….
Aryan:……..n revolution…n both shouts louder…with this purvi, janaki ma n
RS dadi woke up with a jerk n all gets ready to scold aryan n bulbul..n all hav a happy family hug along with scoldings except pragya as she is in washroom..
Back to MM
Abhi n purab comes down for their breakfast with raj , mithali, taiji,tayaji,n
Dadi…while eating abhi asks dadi,
Abhi: dadi how did karabundi got its name??
Purab : haan dadi , how it got its name??
Everyone thinks bcause when bundi is added to spice , it is called as kara
bundi…but none told out n started blinking to each other…
Dadi:when bundi is added to spice , it is called as kara
bundi…y suddenly beta??
Abhi: when will they know wen to add spice to Bundi??
Dadi was thinking …
Purab: mayb it got more angry … so they must have added spice it…
Abhi: haan purab ..see no one can ans this ques…v know all these by not
reading d books…so v dont hav to go to d school na??
Purab : haan bhai….u r rite..
Dadi : thinking u both r so smart ah?? U both hav to go to u school…is dat clear??
With a stern face..
Abhi n Purab : haan dadi…
Abhi(murmurs to purab): oi…dont know wat we will do in our new school..
Purab(murmurs to abhi): haan bhai…..I miss my old school…
Dadi (in a joking way): may I know wat u both r talking ??
Abhi n purab: nthg dadi…
With dat both abhi n purab went to school by car along with raj
as he has to go for his job..
Back to pragyas house:
As pragya has long hair , she has to plait them … so sarla ma plaits
Pragyas hair,while bulbul combs her with RSdadi n asks her to put two
Ponys…n Aryan combs his hair by himself. Purvi combs her hair as she
Has only small hair…while doing these janaki ma packs up d lunch for
all d four…while plaiting pragyas hair,
Pragya : hey bulbul, there is gonna b a new admission in my class
Bulbul : really ?? I dunno abt my class…
Aryan : praggu di even in my class also…
Sarla ma : gr8 now…all stop chit chatting n eat ur breakfast…
All : teek hai ma…
All goes to their school by school bus…by waving their hands to sarla ma n says
All:”tata maa….take care”
Sarla ma smiles n says : take care my sweetoos…
With d smiling faces of all d children , part 1 ends…..

Sry guys if this part was too looong….I’ll make it short nxt tym if u want…
Hope u all love this epi…..Thank u all for reading my ff….
I did not mention any ones name who cmmntd as I dont want to show Partiality….bye guys..

Precap: Abhi n purabs class mate intro…abhigya meeting…

Credit to: Varsha

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