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Everybody were having a great time at the dinner prepared by Pragya but Abhi seemed to be unhappy as all the dishes were vegetarian. He ate it with a unsatisfying face but he also can’t do anything much about it as all the other were enjoying the food.

Pragya noticed all this and after the dinner went to talk to him. Pragya ” If you don’t want any vegetarian dishes u could have told me earlier na? I could have prepared your favourite dishes with chicken. Y do u have to tolerate all that just now with a unpleasant look?” Abhi ” I could have asked u, but I didn’t want to interrupt your flow of ideas in preparing the dinner. I mean u wanted to prepare dinner in your style and if i suggested something it could have affected your mind too!” Pragya ” So for that u wanted to tolerate and somehow managed to eat the dinner” Abhi ” It’s not really tolerance but it’s the acceptance of love! Even if it’s not u i would have done this as when u accept everything with love even awful things can be beautiful!” Pragya was very much impressed with his way of thinking and thanked him again for accepting her dinner and assured him to make his favourite dishes with chicken next time.

Tolerance can be also considered as an acceptance of love to make things easier in life. Tolerance in life is an essential character as it can increase our potential to accept a lot of difficult times that can happen in our life.

Not sure whether this OS really conveyed what I wanted to tell if not so sorry again…??

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  1. So sorry again for a lot of mistakes!??

    1. No mistakes but it is filled perfectness di

      1. Tks Sasmerra!?

  2. Nice OS yaar

    1. So nice of u tell like that Durga! ?

  3. Awesome os da sweetu n abis explantion abt love was superb dr n haan my dr self analyser u r totally wrong n there was no mistakes atall n love u a lot my dr swt frnd

    1. Haha athu unnoda perunthanmai pavi!Misakes illana solurathuku…how are u? And as usual magizchi for ur appreciation ok bye dr en munnadi ippa padipu puyal irukuthu so atha naan poi overcome pannanum!??

      1. Haha naan unmaiya dhan sonnen da ithula perunthanmai lam onnum illa coz ithu ennoda kadamai n haan naan etho iruken unna romba miss panren n hehe un puyala kadaka all the best n haan innum 2months la naanum unnoda join paniduven

      2. Yup onnu solla maranthuten nee thape panalum naan epavum unkuda dhan irupen n suga un collegela sound engineerng iruka? Apadi irudha unaku adhula padikura madurai frndz irukangala da?

      3. So sweet of u but thapu paana sollu appa than naan enna correct panika mudiyum! Ok va? No dr, U see my clg is a new one so there is no sound eng course..aana nee solura pata NUS illa NTU la sound eng course irukkum. NUS and NTU are the top clgs here and anga thaan neraya peru overseasla irunthu vanthu padipanga… and i think its most prob NUS la thaan sound eng irrukum ilathi na some private clgs la antha course irrukum.

      4. Why do u have madurai frnds who study here is it?

      5. Actually suga naan sonathuku artham nee thapu panna naan unta solli adha correct panna vapen but adhutavunga kita en frnd senchadhu thapu illanu solli argue panni avangale un frnd senchadhu dhan corctnu sola vapen thts it n adhu yarnu naan unta fb la chat panrapa kandipa solren da

      6. Seri ur point is noted Pavi, I am also like u! Ok no prob nee apparama atha pathi solu…and ya padipu puyal romba stronga iruku…naan ippa thirupi poyi athula mathika poren?

      7. Haha k dr but haan ennala una kapatha mudiyathu but unoda vandhu sekirama nanum matikiren hehe

  4. No need to be sry akka u r awesome always???

    1. So sweet of u Saranya! ??? u are also awesome!??

  5. Very nice maya…i understood what u want to convey..go ahead with many lovely os and ff..

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment arshi fan and all ur ffs are superb! Highly entertaining and anticipating!

  6. simily super..

    1. Tks Sugan!

  7. This is so best! ?????? Seriously loved it! cutest OS! Ahm Brilliantly Brilliant!!!

    1. Haha its not the best! But glad that u loved it and as usual tks for the standard comment BB! ???☺?

  8. Super os akka.neenga eppavume best,idhu pola innum niraiya azhagana os ezhudhunga akka.

    1. Best ellam onnum illa Sandhya…aana idhu pola illama vera mathiri azhagana OS ezhudha muyarchi pannuren. Idhe mathiri ezhuthana appa unga ellarukum bore adichidum. ??

  9. Superb os…

    1. Thanks Abhigya!

  10. omg omg omg wat a precious msg hahaha all r vegetarian thn if i am there I would hv emptied all the dishes lol u knw naa nd dr wat ur blabbering there is no mistake indeed its crystal clear meri jaan dr ur nt nly self analyzer ur a buddhu indeed always thinking by urself nd evn agreeing it nd dr u knw wat TOLERANCE is my fav word of all the english words in literature bcoz if at all tht factor doesnt exists in me thn 5 years before nly my existence would b impossible but yaa u said right tgt Tolerance is acceptance of love ven v truly smeone but it would b the worst thing to bear fr the person whom we hate eternally wat say??? abt it nd yaa as usual ur new magic trick got 100/100 frm bttm of my heart lv uuuuuuuu fr evrything UR A WONDER IN MY WORLD ND UR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING THT EVR HAPPENED TO ME hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???? wat r u thinking yes u heard me right dr ur the most beautiful thing that evr happened in my life dont think tht nly a boy can tell these words to his love r viceversa but still I hv to say I LOVE UUUUUUUU look deep into my heart u vil find urself bcoz I hv locked u inside long ago

    1. Ok u have commented so long! And day by day ur comment is getting longer. I am extremely happy for your genuine feelings towards my ff. Always a pleasure to see MM’s comment! And ya its difficult to tolerate certain things for the ppl we hate but think like that if u tolerate they may understand ur value and may change to better person. Ya once again it is difficult to but in an positive note, it can be done. And I personally wish u even more beautiful things to happen in ur life for the kind of lovely comments that u are giving from the beginning…I am also like u i have locked u and ur sweet comments deep down my heart too..not only u but all those who are continously supporting me frm the beginning…?? as i truly feel that is my way of showing my gratitude towards all of u all here.

  11. This Was A Very Sweet and Cute OS , Maya Di !!! U thoughts r always great like u and that’s So Sweet of U to convey them to us by writing such Wonderful Updates !!!And All your Thoughts hav always Inspired me a lot !! Keep Rocking Maya Di !!!Very Sorry for the late comment as I had classes !Love u Di ! Hav A Very Gud Day!

    1. No need to say sorry for this Riya! I mean i really can understand that everyone is busy and i know both abt student life and work life….as i have experience in both so once again no need to say sorry for commenting late. Glad that my thoughts have inspired u and thats really so sweet of u tell that. Thank u for ur wonderful comment! And have a nice day too!

  12. Nice os and yeah there is only 1 Mistake and the mistake is you told there is mistakes na that’s is the mistake because there is 0mistake

    1. Haha okok i will try to correct the mistake that u have told Sharaya! ??

    1. Tks Monesha! ?

  13. awesome awesome awesome maya dii it was superb no words to say just loved it to the core after all u r my siis na lol… just kidding i am ur sis na thats only and my dear sii note that u r grt writer u cant write any bore things and dont u dare say that..

    1. So sweet of u Vaishu sis! Hope u r not angry for calling u Vaishu. And ya may be my study mode is on and my brain got corrupted tats y i said like that. So sorry again to everyone as I am keep on repeating the same mistake again. But ya may be its the side effect of studying lol???. Once again vaishu thanks for the lovely comment and miss ur ff too!

  14. Awesome??… Great message on tolerance… We should all be a lil bit more tolerant and accepting towards others… Especially those that go out of their way to make us happy. Nice story… Loved it?

    1. Yes! Trisha u r 100% correct and that is the way of accepting their love and show our love towards them too! ?? Glad that u loved it Trisha!??

  15. Reshma Pradeep

    SUPERBBBBBBBBB……. It’s Perfect…..

    1. Glad that u find it Superb! Reshma! ?????

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