KKB- Terrible nightmare on my birthday? (Part 6)


Hello, Guys, I know I took more than a day rest! So sorry! But since my episodes are irregular I am going to finish it off very soon…and also my exams are coming up so yeah! Thank you for waiting guys! Luv Princess Madhu 🙂 Have a good day…and THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL COMMENTS…ITS HARD TO REPLY FOR U ALL….SO I JUST WANT TO SAY I AM ACTUALLY REALLY THANKFUL! ?????????

Recap: Abhi and Pragya were in the temple, an old man was about to take Pragya to the temple as she couldn’t walk as Abhi went to park the car somewhere else but a truck comes and purposefully hits Abhi’s car and he falls of the hill.
(The episodes starts as Pragya shouts NAHI!)
Me (Pragya) : Nahi! Ahh!
As I shouted I heard someone say are you ok? What’s the matter? Fuggi!
Me: Fuggi? How dare you call me fuggi! Leave me I need to go to him!
Man: U need to go to who?
Me: I need to go to my husband! He would be hurt please leave me! Let go of me! I beg u!
Man: But…Fuggi! I am right here! Oh god! Fuggi! GET UP!
As I heard fuggi again, I slowly opened my eyes and saw him in front of me!! OMG, IT WAS A NIGHTMARE AGAIN! But that didn’t stop me from hugging me and crying!
Me: U alright? I thought u… ????????? Please don’t go away from me! Trust me! I will only let anything happen to u! I’ll find out about that person soon! I’ll save my kumkum!
He hugged me tighter because he understood that I had a bad dream! And said!
Abhi: Fuggi Calm down baba! I am right here! In front of you look at me! Look na?!
I look at him still sobbing!

Abhi: Calm down…I am fine! Nothing happen to me na? Why were talking like that? What will happen to me!? And how are you toking about? Which person? Was it a bad dream baba! U know nothing in dreams will become true! It is just our illusion!
Me: No! I mean yes! Of course… I was..umm..just…Ill fresh up and come.
Abhi: Um…ok.Are u sure? Anything u want to tok about? Fuggi Why do I feel like u are hiding something from me! You know you promised me that you will never hide anything from me!
(As he said that I really felt like I should just tell him everything and was about to but…)
Me: Actually yes! U are right! There is something I am hiding from you.
Abhi: oh..I knew it..come sit… Please tell me what’s the matter?
Me: okay..so..On my birthday before you scared I was….

**Pragya Phone started ringing**
Abhi: Wait…tok later her..wiat ill only go (it was on the table, bit far from us) and turn it of! It must be from the banks for advertisements and all!
Me: It’s ok… I will go and tell.. I think it’s my friend…I told her to call me because when she called me I was in the hospital…I was not able to talk…
Abhi: Oh okay. Come quick!
Me: Yeah!
I stood up and started walking towards the mobile… I looked at the number and it again said UNKOWN NUMBER! God, I was so scared… I needed to pick up because if he comes to know that I told him it would be bad for him only! So I have to act normal! So I pretended to talk him like it is my friend only so he will not get doubt yet!
Me: Hello Trisha! How are you?
Unknown number: Nice idea! To make sure your husband doesn’t come to know about me ha?
Me: How do you know?! (I shouted, he looked at me and signed what? So I backed it off by saying) How did you know it was my birthday? Btw I liked the gift… Nice online card! How did u come to know?
Unknown number: Haha… I am watching you baby!
Me: What? (I looked in tension to see if anybody is near the window)
Unknown number: Hahahaha…You won’t find me, honey! But I’ll give u a clue I can have an Eye on u always like always! In ur house, outside! All the time! So it’s also a warning if you tell him you know what will happen?

Me: No! I mean no Trisha I am not upset at u..u to know I was not well myself … Don’t worry, I will not say anything!???????
Unknown number: Exactly! Make sure you don’t! btw did you enjoy the dream or your nightmare! Hahaha THAT IS JUST A DEMO SWEETHEART THERE IS MORE TO IT BUT WILL HAPPEN REALITY JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT BECOMING TRUE ????????? Haha *hangs up*
That was crazy! As I heard that I was shocked! I don’t get it! I mean…….

Precap; Omg! Is that how he was watching me! I got a clue and I will get the solution too! I will show you who I am! And I will make you lose…???

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  1. Prathi

    Madhu that was amazing!!!! Keep writing yaar! Be back after your exams dear!

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Thank you PRATI 🙂 I’ll try to come after my exams! 😀 but I am going to finish this ff! 😀

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      Thank you Madhumita! ??☺☺????❤❤❤?


    its really superb…but feeling sad by hearing that you are going to end this

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Thank you Hartita…so is yours! 🙂 I am so excited to know what will happen next! ????☺☺and I am sorry I for making you sad ????but I am in year 10 and I have my final exams very soon! so I really hope you understand how important it would be for me.. and don’t feel sad ??

      1. PrincessesMadhu

        Sorry di I just said Harita! ?

  4. Saranya24

    Wow amazing yaar nice precap too loved it??????

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      Thank you, Saranya di! 🙂 🙂 so is yours! you are above 50 episodes CONGRATS! 🙂 🙂

      1. Saranya24

        Thank u darlu?????

  5. that was wonderful. loved it. do continue ur writing yaar.

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      Thank you Ani di! I will update soon! Thanks for you encouragement! 🙂 🙂

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    Awesome dr

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      Thank u Rithu ????

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  8. Very interesting!!!…awsome episode……waiting for the next episode.

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    Awesome dear. Very interesting…….. keep rocking……..

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