KKB- Terrible nightmare on my birthday? (Part 4) (it’s Madhu only)


Episode 4
Hey, guys! How are you all? Hope everyone’s life is going nicely! 
I picked up the call and said: hello! Who is this? Why are trying to prank me, man! Who are you? I am rockstar’s wife! If you do this again! I am going to give complaint to the police.
Unknown number: That is the problem sweetheart! You being his wife is a problem! You are always mine and will be mine! What do you think? just because I let you marry him doesn’t mean I forgot you! I always hated him, he used to always come in my way! Whenever I tried to talk to you! On top of that, he became a rockstar and you married him too! You never noticed how I felt about you even though I used to be in front of you! Now I am ______ suspense dear and I will make you mine! If your stupid rockstar husband did not come to save you today then you were going to be mine! I wonder how he was able to come even after I ____________ suspense again! But it’s fine dear, it’s not too late to get you back. You still need rest for a week, so nothing can happen to you both and I am glad that you decided not to complete your marriage until your graduation finishes, otherwise my plan would have been ruined! That much time is enough to make you mine sweetheart! You were lucky this time but not anymore, my game starts tonight sweetheart and Take care actually don’t the more time you take to recover the more time ill get to proceed my plan ! Muwaahh? with love umm unknown number ha ha hahaha! One more thing doesn’t think of telling him about me or anyone else if you did you will make it easier for me to kill your so-called pathi parmeshwar!

Me: Who are you? What do you mean I am yours? How dare you tell me that you are going to kill him! I am never going to let that happen until I am alive! How do you know about our marriage matter? Who are you damn it! Whoever you are remember one thing I am never going to be yours! If I am going to somebody’s then I am going to his!
Unknown number: All the best sweetheart! (Disconnected the call)
Me (crying): Hey Bhagwan! What is this? I don’t understand anything? I…I never loved anyone accept him neither did anyone love me! I don’t get this! How come he know what happened between me and him! Please help me to get out of this problem! I can’t even tell him if I did he is going to get killed don’t if it is true or not but I can’t take that risk! Durga ma please help me to save him and please make sure that no other man is able to touch me other than him!
As I was crying he came in!
Abhi: Fuggi I am back I got you; your favourite aloo paratha and gobi paratha! Here! Fuggi are you crying? What happened? Is it hurting?
Me: No baba, something went in my eye that’s all. 
Abhi: don’t lie I know it’s hurting! I am such a bad husband! 
Me: Aree! No na! Okay fine, it’s hurting but it will go away if you only feed me my favourite paratha! Will you?
Abhi: Don’t ask fuggi! You have to order me! Here you go!
He fed me the food for a little bit of time I forgot everything by looking at his care and concern and his cute face!
But I was worried and I had no idea what to do!

Precap: Abhi accident! Pragya shattered! Voice over says: I told you ill make you mine!

Guys, I am sorry for giving the same precap! ??? I could not finish it all today! I am really sleepy and I have to get up early otherwise my mum is going to start yelling at me in the morning! But I really think that I can do episode I promised tomorrow! Hopefully this episode still keeps you guys interested in my story! And thank you guys so much for commenting! Honestly I feel so happy and proud of myself ! ??
With love! Princess Madhu ????

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  1. omg..its very intrstng..i m eagrly waiting for ur nxt update..pls make it fast….

  2. VarshaVenkat

    Princesses ….it was really good….d suspense is lyk sipping a cup of coffee…at d last last drop wether it’ll enter our mouth r not….ur suspense is really good…keep goin

  3. Trisha

    Awesome epi???

  4. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrr……. Waiting for next episode egarly…..

  5. Princesskrisha

    Superb madhu waiting for next epi so much of suspense da loved today’s episode

  6. Amazing Madhu !? And Yes We are still eagerly waiting for The Climax !? Keep Writing !???

  7. Maya

    Very intriguing! Keep writing and rocking just read the previous parts too and all were awesome???

  8. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Awesome!!!

  9. Saranya24

    Awesome darlu?????

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