KKB- Terrible nightmare on my birthday? (Part 3) (OS turned into FF)


Hey Guys! ?Sorry for not uploading since 2 days! Some people told me to turn into a story rather than OS so I got my head around and tried stuff I was not really impressed but I got another idea which is this one I have no idea how it is going to turn out! I feel like I have messed it up! Tell me if anything is confusing! It’s fine cuz I myself have no idea what I wrote so it makes sense if you are confused! It’s a bit long but I really hope it gets u interested until the end! Without further ado! Let’s get into it!

Things to remember while reading: In the dream the phone call she had which said: don’t turn back, don’t turn back is a woman speaking and then when the phone shattered person who said turn back Pragya your mine is a man! You will understand why I mentioned this further on!

I stood still for a couple of seconds and suddenly I started laughing… realizing how stupid I was, there was nothing behind me! Oh dear me! But who called me I wondered and I checked my mobile, it said an unknown number, I ignore it thinking it was a prank by someone, actually, to be honest, I purposefully ignored it because I knew the more I think about the more scared and crazy I am going to become…so I continued walking down stairs I wanted to sleep more, I was really tired. ‘Tired of running in my dream” haha. As I was walking I felt a tap on my shoulder, I didn’t care either was I scared as I felt like that I am still in my nightmare’s atmosphere so I ignored the tap and started walking down but I felt a tap on shoulder again, this time, I looked back and I saw the creepiest thing in the world! I don’t know what you call it!? A ghost or monster, the face was all blo*dy and half skin peeled off and on of the eyeball was out its socket! Eww so gross! I got really scared and I was disgusted I stepped back without realizing I was on the staircase, as a result, I fell off the stairs and I don’t know what happened later on! Probably I passed out (unconscious).
I slowly opened my eyes and looked around it was really blurry and all I could see was white everywhere! I thought: Does that mean I am in heaven! Did I just died! Oh god! No way!!!

But soon my eyesight was clear! I was in the hospital! Haha! For some reason, I was not scared! It was like as if I forgot what just happened. All I thought was about him, I knew he would be really worried! I looked around I saw him sitting next to me with his head down! I slowly caressed his hair. He did not get up! probably he was sleeping so I tried to call him but my mouth was so dry; I couldn’t open my mouth but I managed to call him “Suniye” I said slowly. He slowly woke up! He looked at me worriedly! His eyes were really red! Probably he cried a lot! But he managed to give me his sweet smile and suddenly he gave me a bone crushing hug. I could tell from his tightness of the hug! That he was really worried and scared. I told him that “I am fine don’t worry” and I remembered my nightmare and that creepiest thing so I was about to tell him! But he whispered near my ears with his head down “sorry fuggi, please don’t hate me!” I was so confused! so I asked ‘ What do you mean?’ He replied with his words of guilt “I did not think you would get that scared, I just wanted to surprise you differently, U should not have stepped back, u needed to hug me! ”

Me (Pragya)“What” I replied in shocked and surprised tone!
Abhi: “U know the ghost costume I wore, how I tapped on your shoulder, that was a surprise from me, It was meant to be a rock star surprise’ he said with a pout face, I must say he looked so cute!
Then I started laughing and said oh app bhi na! He was looking at me like wait a sec, did she just go made because of the force she fell down!
Abhi: Fuggi, Why are u laughing? I don’t understand!? Did you just go mad? Oh my god! What have I done?

Me: Haha! Nothing like that! You know why I was so scared! I had the scariest nightmare and you scared me too! Wait let me tell you properly!
I told him everything but forgot to tell him the phone call I had just before I felt the tap.
Abhi: Oh fuggi! What a coincidence but still I ruined your birthday!
Me: It’s ok baba. We can celebrate when we go home but when am I getting discharged? What did the doctors say? Anything serious?
Abhi: Aisa kuch nahi hai fuggi! He said you just have a very mild fracture in your foot. You just need to rest for 4-5 days, I think you will be discharged tonight. Then we can continue our birthday surprise and romance ?.
Me: Why wait until then we can start tonight only, after my discharge ?
Abhi: Fuggi!? Is that you talking to me like this? Omg, I’m glad I made you fall! ?
Me: Hello! Don’t over react, I was just talking about the cake cutting! That’s all, nothing like you think!

Abhi: How do you know what I am thinking fugggi!!
Me: App! Aah!! Go and get me something I am hungry! My whole energy gets wasted from you only!
Abhi: no! don’t waste it all, u still need it for tonight!
Me: ?????
Abhi: For cake cutting fuggi!
Me: Go na!
Abhi: Ha baba ja ra hi ho! (Yes I am going) Take care! Don’t try to get up! If you need anything call the nurse!
Me: Ha tekke! (Okay)
As he was about to leave I called him to ask him about the phone call.
Me: Ek second!

Abhi: Ha! Bolo (yes tell me)
Me: Your such a good actor! I did not know that you know how to do mimicry! That too in lady’s voice! When did you become any actor I thought your just an actor!
Abhi: I know I am a good actor! I am an all-rounder but what mimicry are you talking about?
Me: Don’t act innocent okay! I know you’re the one who called me! And also you’re the one who emptied the water bottle (Pragya never forgets to fill up her water bottle)… u did all these to scare me to death! Ur a bad boy “Abhishek”
Abhi: Fuggi! ? I thought u forgave me and one more thing! I don’t understand! What call are you talking about? Yeah, I only emptied the water bottle so you can come down because I know if u ae thirsty u need water no matter when or what! But what call are you talking about? I didn’t call you anytime!
I was shocked to hear that but still wanted to forget everything. I wanted to ignore it because he is already feeling guilt! I didn’t want to increase it!
Me: Oh not call…I said fall…hehe…donot worry I have gone mad!
Abhi! Ah! Totally gone crazy!
Me: ?? bye! Come soon!
Abhi! Bye…ill will… 

Me to myself (things I said to myself when I was in hospital)
“Why can’t I ignore the call! Especially to the fact that it was so similar to my nightmare! Hey Bhagwan! Pragya zyda math soch! Ur going to be crazy
Just then my phone started ringing! I saw it was an unknown number again!
I picked up the call and said: hello! Who is this? Why are trying to prank me, man! Who are you? I am rockstar’s wife! If you do this again! I am going to give compliant to the police.
(To myself in my mind : Obviously, I was not going to give complaint but that is the only way I know how to stop these people from doing this kind of stupid pranks!)
Unknown number: That is the problem sweetheart! That is the problem

Precap: Abhi had an accident! Pragya shattered! Voice over says: I told you that I will make you mine!

Oh no! Sweetheart!? Who is calling our fuggi sweetheart! How does he know what happened in her dream! Don’t guess guys! I can’t think of anything else if you guys guess this also!
Good night for now! Tc…signing off princesses Madhu 😀

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  1. wow..very intrestng and thrilling…suprb…pls upadate fast..

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Thank you and I will try my best 🙂


    Wow… really too good episode… actually something different… with different feelings.. keep going dear

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Thank you and glad to know it is something different! but I have no idea where this ff going to end up! ??

      1. HARITHA

        Actually that’s always like this.. what we thought.. what we did was different… don’t worry now you are on right track

  3. Very Amazing it is !? Next Part is still gonna be So Interestingg !???? I am Waitinggg !????
    Good Work Princess Madhu ! ????

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Thank you Shree, I really hope even the next part is interesting as this! 😀 ???

  4. VarshaVenkat

    Wow….amazing…keep goin

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      Thank you Varsha Venkat! I appreciate your support! 🙂 ?

  5. Hello there I am the one you called ANONYMOUS (which sounded really bad ) it’s ok am just kidding………
    First of all episode was really nice seriously I don’t have any ideas to give you on how to turn it into a story but am absolutely sure you will give us a mind blowing story
    Well I am not that sure but I just want to give you some confidence…..
    so here I am waiting for your next episode which I think is going to be great!!!!…….
    OK for my intro
    My name is Amy
    I am 16 yrs
    Idk what else to say to you about myself ………???………..
    So I just want to say good luck in writing the next episode soo GOOD LUCK MADHU

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      I am sorry that it sounded bad! I didn’t know what to call you 🙁 really sorry if you felt bad! And thank you so much for liking my story! it’s really random, I HAD NO PLAN of CONTINUING THIS BUT GLAD PPL LIKE AT! AND ILL TRY MY BEST TO GIVE GOOD STORIES!

      U know something this may sound bit creepy or weird I just want to say it anyway! I have a friend called Amy and she is 16 years too! how weird and creepy is that! Just asking Amy is that you only? ? Be honest girl!

      And once again thank you so much for liking it! And so sorry for calling you anonymous I just said that because you know in a review of some products they use Anonymous as a name so I thought umm let me just call you that then! because it means no name and u didn’t tell me your name too! hehe! But ill call you Amy only dear! 😀

  6. Hai Madhu..its going like thriller movie keep going…

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Haha Thank you, Varsha! I appreciate it! ??

  7. Princesskrisha

    Today’s episode was awesome I liked it very much.
    For my intro: I am princess Krisha you can call me anything I am studying 11 n I m 15 I love to have friends n sis.i am new to telly update first time I am writing an ff “star crosslove”. Im too talkative.thats all about me.can you share about you to me if you don’t mind. If you too like me pls share.I don’t know why but I feel free to share these things with you.

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Oh that is so sweet princess Krisha and what a coincidence that you and I also have princess next to their name and I am too talkative and another similar thing we have in common that I am also 15 and about to go to 11 and yes I do read your ff regularly but was not able to comment but you are going great! Keep going! Dear! And definitely, the major similarity is I talk a lot too! Very talkative! Hey not to be rude or mean! May I know if you are girl or boy? It’s fine if you are any but I really like your name, it’s unique never heard before so just wondering which gender you are! I think you are a girl! but sorry if not! Anyway TC dear <3 Princess Krisha! actually, wait! I am so stupid you are a girl! you have princess next to your name! I am still keeping what I wrote befoe so you can know how stupid I am! haha <3 Madhu

  8. Princesskrisha

    Today’s episode was superb waiting for next epi.
    For my intro:
    I am princess krisha I’m studying in 11n I’m 15.I am new to telly update this is my first time writing an ff”star cross love”.I like to have new friends n sis too I am too talkative.if you don’t mind can you share about you more deep like your experience. I feel free to share these things with you. Hope you too feel free to share about you.pls update next part soon.waiting for your intro about you n epi too

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    Wow superb diff track dear loved it?????

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    It’s Really Interestingggg!!!!!

  11. Super interesting yaar…

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    Hahaha…knew it was supposed to be a surprise lol….awesome epi…heading over to read next part…see u there!

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