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Recap : Abhi throws cake on priyas face

The episode starts with priya shouting on kids and ask who did this,but there was no response,at that time ram and neil came down and the mess , ram says all are dead today,neil whispers somethings in rams ears and both shows thumbd up . Both comes to priya ad sees her and asked kids who did this , suddenly neil pours water on priyas face and ram on her face and neil ask her remember there childhood days,priya forgetting about kids started to play and other too joined them,in this gap all kids ran to room and changed the dress and came down as if nothing happened between them and all in chours “stop it ” and began to shout at their parents for being irresponsible and playing like kids, priya says excuse me who started it you only,aaliya interrupts and no neil uncle and papa and made her remember that water splash on head and face , and all in chorus “see not us it you all” and runs from there saying that school van came ,priya stares at ram and neil angrily

All kids reached school and there respective classes (abhigaya are same class) teacher came in and says we are going to see lesson of kalpana chawla and asked students to say there ambition abhi says rockstar and pragya says she wants to become a lecturer like her aunt, abhi sees her with wide eyes and thinks “what another philosophy adviser in house ”

In evening priya,neha and ragini making kids to read,suddenly neil comes with a sad face , ragini asked him what happened and he explained her about his promotion to newyork for 15years on hearing this all become shocked,ragini asked him to cancel,neil says he tried but couldn’t do it all pacified themselves. At night abhi goes to prgyas room while she came out to see him , both asked sorry to each other,at that time all other kids came and hugs pragya and bulbul and asked them not to go and cries ,at outside there parents see this and gets happy and cries

Precap : Fight at airport

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    Superb yaar………

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    no words to describe but we want more of childhood fun

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