KKB- Rob The Baby!! [ 5 shots]-part-5


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Abhi asked “ what?” Purab say’s” ha..Abhi! Ram uncle got bail…!” Abhi sit’s silently for sometime…then turns to Purab and say’” Purabh! Hw it’s possible man? I mean for Rash Driving…charges will be heavy ..right? They will be in remind for 3 weeks approximately..then, hw can uncle came out with in 2 weeks?…Something is fishy..yaar?” Purab say’s” Even I too though same…Uncle informed me..About A powerful Person …who helped him to get Bail…! But who can do this favor to him…We know Uncle very well..he don’t have that type of connections with Any one…! Abhi say’s “ we have to find out..about it..May be it’s a favor to get Chotu?” Purab and both sit’s thinking about this up to Midnight….Abhi slowly say’s” Purab! I think we r just getting Excited…let’s calm down..Man!” by saying he slowly pat’s on purab’s shoulders and slowly see’s Chotu..who falls asleep in Abhi’s lap by clutching his shirt tightly…! Abhi smiles seeing Chotu..and slowly cares his hairs..And turns to Purab and say’” Purab! Let’s don’t think about this matter…! Till Chotu will be with us..we have to be happy ..we have to enjoy our time with him..right?” Purab see’s Chotu and nodes Yes..! Both smiles and side hugs each other..Later, they slowly get’s into sleep while caring Chotu..!

Everything is fine..Abhi & Purab just keep a side their fear of losing Chotu..In fact Now, they r enjoying their every movement with him…! But Abhi feels still uncomfortable…and want to say his final decision about their Baby to Pragya! Purab slowly Boost ups him and finally get’s succeed in it…Abhi agrees to meet Pragya! And say directly about his decision….! Later, Abhi call’s Pragya and asks her to meet at park tomorrow…!
Early Morning, Abhi, Purab with Chotu leaves to Park…They find Pragya is waiting for Abhi….! Purab takes chotu with him and signs Abhi to go…Abhi slowly goes to Pragya ..Pragya sees and wished him both r standing …There’s A long silence…..Abhi broke the silence and slowly say’” Pragya! Have u thought anything about Baby?” Pragya looks surprisingly and nodes No…Abhi slowly gathers courage and say’” Pragya! I want Our Baby!” Pragya looks at him and say’” U will be kk with this responsibility?” Abhi nodes yes…! Pragya say’s” But u have told me that ur not ready yet…then, why this sudden change ..Abhi?” Abhi senses some Angry and hurt in her words..he understand hw much she hurted by his words…He say’s” I’m happy with this Responsibility!” Pragya ask’s “ But why Abhi? U will not care for anybody right? U just say like this..but this time too u will run away from this responsibility.. like u doing know!” Abhi pulls her to him and say’” Now, I’m really Happy becoz, I LOVE U..!” Pragya looks surprisingly and looks into his eyes…Abhi continues” Yes! I realized my love for u…That’s why I want to have Our Baby..Who is symbol of our Love..! Tears r slowly rolling in Pragya’s eyes… Abhi continues” Till Today, I always want to run away from My Responsibility becoz, Of My trust on u.. at least u will handle it…! U never broke my Trust Pragya…but I have broken ur Trust many times…I always regrets for ruined ur Life by giving it name as LOVE..! But u..u never fail to handle this Responsibilities…! I Love U…Pragya! I love u so much…plz forgive me for my mistakes..plz…Pragya just utter a word..she just keeps on looking into his eyes..and slowly say’s” U said that.. we r economically unstable..then..Abhi cupped her face and say’s” Now onwards our economy will get stable..by our earned money…! Pragya slowly say’” U will not leave me alone ..na?” she innocently asked like a child Abhi nodes No…and say’s” Never….Till my last breath …I will be with u…!” . by saying this Abhi slowly wipes her tears and hugs her..Pragya broke down in tears and hugs him tightly…she know hw much she waited for this day! For getting her Abhi back whom she loved…! She just crying by keeping her head on Abhi’s shoulder like a li’’l girl does…

Purab feels so happy seeing them…. And slowly goes to them…Abhi broke the hug and kisses pragya’s forehead…Pragya slowly wipes her happy tears and looks lovingly at Abhi…Purab comes to them and say’” Congrats….Abhi! finally u done it…” Abhigya smiles….Pragya slowly see’s Chotu in Purab’s hand and ask’s “ Who’s baby is this..?” Purab tries to cover up and say’s” My sister’s son..!” Pragya sharply say’s” Say me truth! I know Purab didn’t have any sister..!” Abhi stops Purab and say’s” I love u..That’s why I don’t want to hide anything from u ..Now…!” He slowly tells everything about Baby and about their Kidnap..! Pragya silently Listens everything…Abhi told everything and say’s” This Baby is a Boon to us…Just he made us to know the Importance of Life…..He makes us better and MATURE…He only made us realize our mistakes…! I Must say’” he came as Angle into our Life’s and makes us Humans…!” Pragya didn’t utter anything she just goes to Abhi and gave him a heavy slap….! Abhi & Purab get’s shocked…. Pragya say’” I hate u…Abhi! Chi I’m getting angry on myself for loving such a Animal like u…! Have u think once about this Baby?

U told that he makes u Human…he’s a Boon to u..But u ..U just snatched his mother’s Love…can u imagine his Parent’s pain? Eh pita ka dardh nehi samjnehiparehu..tum apney app koo eh pita samajteh hu? U don’t feel what a father’s pain but u r saying u will be a good father to our Child? How? Shame on u…! Tum ek bhar bhi iss bachakey bharey mei nehi sochata..? Now, u told me..Agat kal koie bhi hamarey bhachey ko kidnap kiya hotaa..Tab tum kya karti ho..? Ha..kya kartiho..javabh dooh..! Abhi stares Pragya with tears….Pragya continues… U just done this for Money…That’s Money is a sin…and u r ensuring that u will set everything with that Money which u didn’t earned by ur hard work..That money is just resembles this Baby pain…! This baby’s parents pain..! Chi…I really don’t want that sinful money for my Baby….It’s better me & my Baby will die.. Abhi shouts Pragya! Pragya stares him and say’s” U don’t have any right to speak..chi ! I’m getting hate on my self For loving and married u….She slowly takes Chotu from purab and say’s” Sorry Beta! I’m just responsible for ur pain..bacha.! becoz, if I had never loved & Married him.!…he would never done this all for Money…! I’m sorry…if possible plz forgive me…I become responsible for u r Pain & Ur Mother’s pain…! I can’t forgive myself for this…I’m sorry bacha….” She said while crying…and slowly kissed chotu’s forehead and slowly places him in stroller and leaves from there…….

Abhi still has tears in eyes..sit’s as lifeless body…Pragya’s words are Echoing in his ears….He slowly realizing what he had done…Purab to feels bad…and agrees to Pragya’s words…They sit like that for some time..later slowly reaches home…
Abhi is still in confusion whether they r doing correct or wrong…? Just then his heavy thoughts are broken by a call…It’s Ram’s call he say’” Abhi ! I’m free know..i just met our dealer…and got details about Person for whom we have to handover baby..so be ready I will come soon with in 2 days…till then Take care of Baby.”.and cut’s the call..
Abhi frustration and Angry levels peeked and throws the phone and say’” I will not handover Chotu..to anyone…He will be with us…! Purab get’s shocked by his reaction and slowly tries to calm down…

Chotu is feeling bore…he want to play with Abhi& Purab..he slowly makes some sounds to grab their attention..But Abhi& Purab were not at all in normal mood..they r just in busy with their pain…becoz, They develops an Un conditional Bond with Chotu..they can’t even think how to live without Chotu..? Chotu tries his best to grab they attention but his tries are failing…he get’s sad and starts crying….Abhi& Purab just came to senses and runs to him..They slowly consoles him and makes him sleep..But they can’t able to out of this thoughts…!

Abhi & Purab get’s fresh up and involves in some works..becoz they can’t able to come out of these thoughts…
Abhi slowly goes to Chotu..he’s sleeping peacefully…Abhi felt some thing strange..becoz, Chotu never sleeps upto this time ..he slowly cares his hair..and finds he is having Fever…! Abhi get’s panicked and shouts Purab..Later they both rushed to hospital…

After 1 hr:
Doc examines Chotu and say’s “ It’s just normal fever..May be he’s having any fear? Or missing his mother..! Abhi & Purab feels guilty and looks at each other..Later, Abhi goes out to buy some medicines While Purab is with Chotu…Suddenly Bulbul comes in and talks to Doctor…Purab looks surprisingly..Bulbul smiles at him and took chotu in hands…They both leaves Doc cabin and walks ..Bulbul informs she is working here…Purab smiles and nodes..He tries to explain her something..But she say’s”Purab! U don’t have to explain me anything…becoz, I trusts u…What U will do will be right…!” Purab feels guilty hearing her words and just gives a fake smile…! Bulbul slowly handover’s Chotu to him and say’s” I will get prescription..u go to room no.204” and leaves Purab nodes and stares at her..Helplessly…
Abhi went to buy medicines and see’s Pragya! At a distance..she’s busy in some work…Abhi recalls her words and feels she is saying True..he slowly call’s her and say’s” Pragya! I know I had done wrong..But I will try my level best to make everything fine…!” and cut’s the call..Pragya slowly wpes her tears and prays Chotu should reach to his parents..!
Purab get’s Ram’s call and answers it…he informes chotu has fever so they were in Hospital…!

After some time,
Abhi slowly reaches hospital and goes to room..he get’s shocked seeing Ram there…Purab sit’s sadly caring Chotu..
Ram excitedly stands and say’s” Abhi! U came..come I will show u something interesting and shows a briefcase having 3 millions..! Abhi & Purab not at all looking Excitedly ..they just begins to talk about Chotu…Ram slowly comes tyo them and say’s” What happen to u both? R u not happy with this Money? I know u both get’s attached with this baby..but he has to go to his home..Today we r taking him to his Grand father. U know who’s his granmd Father? The Great Top most Bussiness man VIJAYENDRA MALHOTRA[imaginary].! kk..come on cheer up boys…He tries to cheer up..Just then they saw in T.v where chotu’s parents are begging to give back their Son..! Abhi & Purab can feels their pain and get’s sad…
Ram tries to distract them and say’s” Just stop becoming senti..kk It’s our job ..we have to do it..! Abhi & Purab starts arguing about giving chotu to his parents..But Ram slowly emotionally blackmails them about his poor state and his wife’s ill health..Abhi & Purab becomes silent… They really don’t understand what to do…Ram leaves for some work..Purab slkolwy places his hand on Abhi’s shoulder and say’” Abhi! May be Pragya di is correct…we r doing wrong..yaar..Chotu have to go to his Parents…! Abhi see’s him helplessly..

Abhi, Purab & Ram with chotu reaches place where they have to handover Chotu…Abhi& purab were not willing to do so..but Ram emotionally pleads them…
Later, Malhotra’s people takes Chotu forcefully from Abhi& Purab…Chotu cries hard seeing Purab& Abhi…! Purab and Abhi having tears and slowly recalls all movements with Chotu….Finally, they can’t able to see Chotu in that state and runs to him..They fight with Malhotra’s men and get’s chotu and runs out..But The men surrenders them and takes Chotu to Malhotra…! Abhi and Purab comforts him and say’s” He don’t need ur Money..he just Need his Mother! “ Malhotra laughs and say’s” Due to that blo*dy women..my son is in this state and shows his son who’s’ lying on a bed…he say’s” My son got paralysis attack…he‘s my only son…! Doctor declares that to make him Normal… Bone marrow transplantation is just a solution..so I decided to take this baby’s bone marrow for my son…! So that My son will be alright and leads my Business..and By killing this Baby I will Punish his mother for ruining my son’s life…and laughs evilly… Abhi & Purab can’t control their Angry and starts to Attack him..But Malhotra’s men starts fights with them..Malhotra slowly takes chotu to lab and done his blood test…Finally he came to know Chotu is not his grand son…! He just can’t take it and laughs madly….and tries to kill Chotu.. He takes Chotu inside a icy room and locked him in it..Slowly chotu fall’s unconscious due to not having Oxygen supply…Pu7rab see’s this and shouts Abhi! Both runs to wards room and finds it’s locked…Finally they beat Malhotra brutally and get it’s keys and unlocked the door…They hurriedly takes Chotu to hospital and Informs Chotu’s parents….!

Chotu health get’s stable and get’s conscious…. Chotu’s parents takes him and hugs to their hearts..Abhi & purab have happy tears…Finally they reached Chotu to his Parents…Soon Chotu’s parents thanked Abhi& Purab for their favor and offers a big positions in their Company….Ram & Malhotra men get arrested and sent to jail

After 3 yrs:
Abhi & Pragya .. Purab & Bulbul came for a picnic sit’s on grass and enjoys seeing Chotu, Akshaya [Abhi& Pragya’s daughter]and Ria [Purab& Bulbul’s daughter]were playing and enjoying with each other…Now, Chotu sry.. ADARSH KUNDRA! really becomes a part in Abhi& Purab ‘s life… They treats chotu as their Son..Even Chotu’s family becomes close to them… Chotu is of 3 yrs…He treats Akshaya & Ria’s as his sisters and enjoys their company very well ……. They just pose Like A Happy Family…
**************THE SCREEN FREEZES ON THEIR HAPPY FACES…*********************

Thank U so much my dear Friends…I’m so blessed to have Friends like u…Guys, as u all know some climax scenes in this Movie really hurts us[Baby kept in Icy room] so i tried my level best to present this story….Neatly and lovely….Sry if I made any mistake….! And plz don’t worry ..My FF ” LOVE LEADS LIFE ” will be in 2 days..Hope u will like that too..Keep Smiling and stay blessed My Dear Friends….Thank u…

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