KKB- Rob The Baby!! [ 5 shots]-part-4

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Pragya is just recalling morning incident…by recalling.A Smile just came on her face…! For the first time, she can find Love & Care for her in Abhi’s eyes….! which she only expects from him in Life..she slowly places her hand on her tummy and say’s” Baby! did u saw today hw ur papa protected us..! may be he’s changing…I’m happy for him…I know he will come to us..!” and smiles

Now, Abhi & Purab are Busy with Baby! Infact they are enjoying the work and slowly develops Unconditional towards Baby…
One-day, Abhi is playing with Baby while..Purab cleaning kitchen…Abhi generally ask’s” Purab? Do u know his name?”
Purab turns and say’s” What’s the use to know about this..he will go to his home soon na? Abhi see’s sadness in purab’s face..he too starts feeling sad when he reminds the baby will go away from them soon…Abhi just tries to cheer up and say’s” So..what? till then he will be with us right? So, we r like a family now,…so, why won’t we keep a name for him..?” and see’s baby smilingly..Purab too smiles and say’s” Nice Idea!..but what about name?” Abhi say’s” just guess some cute names…! “ Purab starts thinking and say’s” Tittu..tilluu…mmm.. Abhi say’s” What’s this yaar..u r taste is too bad..do u want to name our cutie pie[baby]..this? and slowly rubs nose with baby’s nose…! Purab say’s” Then, can u guess some names..ha? it’s not so easy..!” Abhi starts thinking..and finally say’s” Chotu!” Purab repeats “ chotu!” it’s nice name…! hey buddy..ur genius man..and smiles…Abhi slowly looks at Baby and say’s” So..u r our chotu..from today..! do u like this name?” Chotu giggles cutely..Abhi say’s” Hey..he likes it..so, he’s our chotu..!” Purab too smiles and goes to Abhi and plays with Baby..!

Gradually, Abhi , Purab & Bulbul becomes good friends..Especially, Purab and Bulbul starts feeling something new about Each other….Abhi notices this, and felt very happy that his friend achieves True Love….!

Slowly, Abhi’s thoughts are changing..Especially, his Thoughts and Ideas about Life is now changing…he ‘s becoming Mature and slowly realizing that, Life is beautiful..just Tries to find Happiness by enjoying it….

Soon Abhi& Purab both enjoys their Movements with BABY…!Both starts to prepare their schedule for baby..so that one can do their works and other can manage Baby….For Every 2 days..one have to take Baby to park at early morning while Bulbul accompanies them….

At early Morning, It’s Abhi’s turn today to take Baby out..Abhi get’s fresh up and Is leaving with Baby..Suddenly Purab stop’s him and takes chotu in hands..and say’” Abhi! Today I will take him out..kk u take rest..!” Abhi stares confusingly..and say’” Why soo? Now it’s my turn right? So, it’s kk…” and tries to take chotu..Purab resists becoz, he want to go and want to spend time with Bulbul..…He didn’t know hw to convince abhi so, he just continues to give some lame and silly excuses and say’s” No..yaar ..Actually, I ‘m feeling tired here..so, let me have some fresh air..plz..”Abhi understood his intension and smiles..he’s just want to make purab reveals by his own..so, he just continues to argue and say’s” So what? Even I too want to get some fresh air..come today we both will take chotu out..kk” Purab tries his best to distract Abhi…. After long time, Purab puts chotu in stroller and walks out…When he’s about to leave..Abhi pulls him and say’s” Have a gud time with Bulbul! Man… “ and winks at him and closes door…Purab feels Embarrassing and slowly leaves to Park….

Bulbul and Purab meets at Park… They slowly walks for some time with chotu…and talks so many things unknowingly…! Later, Chotu fall’s asleep in Bulbul’s lap..Purab slowly goes far and call’s Bulbul and say’s” Thank u..so much Bulbul! If u r not there..it will be very hard to handle him..thank u for ur support and help…!” Bulbul smiles listening his words..
Abhi is busy in cleaning the flat while purab is playing with chotu..Suddenly, they heard some screams and goes out to see….Their neighbors are quarrelling with each other..They r couple…Lady is crying while her husband is blaming her for her miscarriage….! All r listening their arguments..Finally, Husband tries to beat his wife …Abhi & purab tries to resists the man..and scolds him …The man starts arguing with them and say’” this is our personal matter…u both stay away from this..kk!” Abhi scolds him and say’” yes, it’s ur personal issue..but, It’s a lady here,….we wont spare u if u tries to hurt her…” Man starts crying and say’” Do u have any idea? Losing own child is not so easy..Just A Father can understand..this!” Purab holds his collar and say’” What’s about Mother….? A Mother has more pain than everybody has..becoz, she is connected with her child by heart…! Understood?..” Abhi get’s shocked by realizing purab’s words….He slowly recall’s his words about his baby….Abhi slowly goes back to flat and sit’s as lifeless body while purab and all settle down the issue of couple..… Abhi just realizes his mistake and feels guilty…Now, he can feel hw much Pragya gets hurt by his words….!

Purab comes back and tells happily about solved issue but finds Abhi is lost some where…he slowly goes to him and ask’s “ What happen? Why u sounds dull?” Abhi just gives some excuses and leaves from there….
Purab finds something fishy..but, get’s busy with chotu….! Abhi goes to park and just thinking about this matter….After 2 hrs he slowly reaches flat and finds purab is cooking with one hand and managing chotu with other hand…Just a smile came on Abhi’s face….! Purab see’s him and signs him to come…

AFTER 1 HR, Abhi & purab get’s fresh up and finishes their Dinner…! Chotu feels sleepy so, Abhi takes chotu in Arms and pat’s him gently….While Purab starts cleaning kitchen….! Slowly purab finishes his work and goes to bed room..He finds Abhi is still in some thoughts and slowly takes him to Bed ..Both r sitting on Bed..Purab slowly ask’s him to share with him..Abhi slowly reveals about his words about Pragya’s pregnancy…and all… Purab listening everything silently…Later, he slowly say’s” Abhi! It’s totally ur personal issue….And As a friend I can suggest u..but I don’t have any right to take decision for u….It’s about ur Baby! Just think once, as a father r u happy with this responsibility.? Or not? Just forget about income, economy ect,,for sometime…just listen to ur heart…Abhi!” and slowly takes chotu from him and sleeps …

Next Morning, Abhi is with chotu..Purab leaves for some work..Abhi call’s pragya with much hesitation..becoz, he couldn’t able to tell his decision… Pragya answers it and say’s” Hello!” Abhi say’s” I’m speaking..pragya, If u don’t wish to done Abortion..i will be kk with ur decision…” and cut’s the call…Chotu seeing him confusingly..Abhi ask’s” chotu! Will I have to tell her directly…?” and again call’s her…but her phone is not reachable..!

Abhi is preparing coffee with Chotu in hand…just then Purab came back to home and sit’s upset….Abhi slowly goes to him and passes him a cup of hot coffee…! He then sit’s beside him with his coffee..and starts to have it…Chotu is in Abhi’s lap ..he’s so busy by playing with Abhi’s shirt buttons..Abhi smiles seeing chotu..slowly kisses his forehead and turns to purab..Purab is still upset…! Abhi ask'” Purab! what happen?”..Purab slowly say’s” Abhi! Ram uncle is out..soon he will come here to take CHOTU!” ..Abhi is hell shocked…!

Screen freezes on their tensed faces…!

Thank u so much friends..i’m trying my best to present the story …nicely…Plz drop ur suggestions and feed backs..plz
Thank u so much..Vaishali, saranya, mukund Bhai, Akshaya Di, durga, maha, shriti, durga,prathi…..

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      Thank u..so much Di.. U r my Inspiration…by seeing ur happiness…Really it’s mean a lot to me…But i will try Di..becoz, According to real movie..it has to be short and sweet! so,I will try to extend…

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