KKB- Rob The Baby!! [ 5 shots]-part-3


Hi, friends…I’m including some crazy and random thoughts of mine..so, plz bear my thoughts…


Abhi and Purab determines to take care of Baby…Abhi say’s” Purab! We have get some things for him…fastly…!” Purab nodes and both get’s ready and goes to Mart with Baby…
Baby starts crying hard…Abhi and Purab didn’t know how to console..and what to do? So, they both took 2 trolleys..and Purab goes to one edge while, Abhi goes another side with Baby….
Abhi and Purab hurriedly does shopping… While Abhi tries hard to console Baby…but all his tries are going vain… Soon Abhi and Purabh hurriedly finishes their shopping by filling their trolleys with Lot’s of Items…Lastly, They both reaches counter…Abhi say’s” Purab! I really don’t know what’s happenings..he’s not calming down..see hw’s he crying hard..i’m getting worried.! Purab say’s” Hw would I know Abhi!.i too didn’t know why is he crying? Lady in counters hears their convo and say’s” Excuse me! How old is ur Baby?
Abhi looks confusingly ..While purab tries to cover up and say’s” Miss. Will U plz guess…!” Lady say’s” May be 3 months…?” Purabh laughs and excitedly say’s” Wow! Ur so intelligent…! It’s absolutely right..! u r genius..!” Abhi pinches him and say’s” Now shut up…!” Lady smiles seeing them While purab places all items in counter..Abhi tries his best to console baby…Lady Saw all those bought by abhi & Purab which was not at all coinciding with the age she told
lady : Put this back.
abhi : What?
Yes, Mr.. he’s so small..he didn’t had teeth to have this all… ! Abhi and Purab looks at each others with full confusion… Lady packs some require items..for Baby and gives them…she then gives a visiting card..and say’s” If u r having any confusing over this..just go there…they will teach u hw to handle Baby..!”

Abhi and Purab hurriedly runs to different places to search for address… Lastly, Abhi ask’s “ Purab! U go this side…I will go that side…if u found anything…give me a call..kk ? and pics the shopping bags..Purab takes Baby in hands and runs to other side…He lastly, found the Address….! Slowly he peeps inside a room with Baby.. and stand helplessly… Suddenly, he found A charming lady of 22 yrs..yes that’s Bulbul…he comes to her and say’s” Excuse me.!” Bulbul turns to him…Purab just starts Admiring her beauty…Bulbul say’s” Hello! What happen?” Purab slowly came into senses and say” Hi…b..a…b.y..i..s…c..r..y..i..n.g..plz…! he just say’s lost in her Beauty…! Bulbul looks confusingly..and slowly takes Baby in hands and signs him to take a seat… Purab do’s so still admiring her….!

Bulbul came to purab back with Baby..she’s feeding Baby with bottle and slowly handover’s to him…Purab takes Baby and say’s” Thank..u so much!” Bulbul say’s” he’s hungry..that’s why crying hard..don’t worry!” Purab nodes and say’s” Will u plz teach us…I mean hw to handle Baby…!” Bulbul stares him..Purab say’s” please! “ in a requesting manner…Bubul smiles and say’s kk..fine..!
Abhi starts searching at various places but didn’t find address..he still searching for it but suddenly, saw Pragya! He slowly goes to her..Pragya is working and pleads her boss…while Her boss scolds her about pending work…Yes, Pragya works as a receptionist! Abhi just listening their conversation…
Pragya: so sry sir..i’m really very sorry…I will complete the work with in 1 hr..plz excuse me this time..plz sir!
Boss: Just shut up! What the hell is this..hw careless r u? why u didn’t complete the work?
Prag: sir..Actually, My mom is not well sry for that..
Boss: hell with u r reasons…Hw careless u r…! It’s completely ur personal problem..! hw can u be so careless about professional work?
Prag: sir..plz sir..I won’t repeat it again.. But her Boss is crossing all his limits and insulting her….
By listening all , Abhi couldn’t control his anger..he Goes to Pragya’s boss and Immediately pulls Pragya towards him and slowly placed his protective Arms around her shoulders and say’s” Mr..i really don’t know what’s ur position but, I’m sure about One thing i.e; U r a cheap man who doesn’t know hw to respect Women..! And I’m telling u though she is ur employ but She is my Wife. .and don’t dare to insult her Again! If u done so..u can’t except what I can do with u..understood? By saying this, He slowly walks out by taking Pragya….Pragya just Admiring him…He slowly takes out and took a taxi and say’s” Don’t worry…go home..if there any problem..give me a call..kk?” and leaves from there…..While pragya nodes kk and leaves in taxi still Admiring Abhi!

He just get’s confused regarding his Action …Just then, he receives a call..yes, It’s Purab’s call…Purab say’s” He got Address..and talked to them… Abhi ask’s” KK fine..but, hw’s Baby now?” Purab say’s” He’s kk..man don’t worry..come let’s leave…!” Abhi say’s” KK..” and leaves from there…..
Abhi and Purab reaches their Flat…Abhi explains everything to purab….Purab can see his love towards Pragya and slowly tries to make him realize….! But Abhi is not able to accept this, he ignores the topic and say’s” Purab! Now, we have think about Baby..kk! from tomorrow we have to join classes..” Purab nodes kk..
From Next day, onward.. Abhi and Purab attends classes and slowly learns lot’s of thing…Know, their thoughts are slowly changing about Baby..Firstly, they feels it’s so hard to handle..but, gradually they starts enjoying the work..and get’s Habitual with Baby…
Now, there are Busy with Baby! In-fact they are enjoying the work and slowly develops Unconditional towards Baby…

Sry guys..i know it’s so small..but i promise next episode will be longer…Promise…Thanku

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  1. Stupidstarakshaya

    Awwww it was so cute
    Please update soon
    I loved abhigya part

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      Thank u..Mukund bhai

  3. Superrrrr……???? But give baby’s cute fun moment with abhi and purab also….. Waiting for next episode…..

  4. Awesome

  5. Saranya24

    Cho chweet darlu?????

  6. Awesome episode yaar

  7. Prathi

    So cute Adhya!! Waiting for the next update.. Abhigaya scene was rocking

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