KKB- Rob The Baby!! [ 5 shots]-part-2

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Abhi& Purab reaches their flat with Baby in Bag….! They slowly peeps into their flat with out Anyone’s knowledge…! They slowly turn on the lights…and places the Bag on sofa carefully….Later, they slowly get’s relaxed and starts their preparation for food..But they found no ingredients…. So, Purab say’s” What we will have know?” Abhi thoughts to go out and get’s some thing..Just then, he recall’s Meeting with Pragya..so, he slowly say’s” Purab! i will go out and get something…kk u take care of Baby!!” and starts to leave…Purab holds him and say’s” Abhi! this is cheating yaar…U r thinking to make me alone…here…Hw can i take care of Baby alone?..Abhi say’s” No..yaar not like that..Actually, I have to meet Pragya na..so, just thought to go…” Purab understood and say’s” KK no problem..but Abhi i’m feeling really scare….what happen if Baby Wake’s up? ….I didn’t have any knowledge about this..yaar…plz…” Purab say’s in a very requesting manner..Abhi smiles seeing Purab’s expressions…. and say’s” Hey man! what is this? It’s a small Baby..not a Dragon..! who tries to eat u..just chill yaar..I will come soon….and Relax, Baby won’t wok up up to 2 hrs…!” Purab say’s” But hw u know?” Abhi say’s” Ram Uncle feeds some syrup to Baby….which makes him sleep…! firstly, I got fear by thinking about it’s affect on Baby..but, I checked the dosage..so, no need to worry…!” and leaves from there…Purab feels some relax, but he has no option than to look after the baby..so, he just sit’s beside the baby…and makes him sleep on Sofa carefully….!

Abhi went to Mart to buy some ingredients and food items….He then, msgs Pragya ..that he’s coming home..! Abhi slowly left to his Home….he knocks the door….Pragya opens the door with a bright smile… Abhi slowly goes to his Mom….His Mom turns and hugs him with happy tears…Abhi too feels emotional and slowly console her…Mom ask’s” Abhi! hw ‘s ur work going? have some clients?[ Guys, Abhi lies about his profession as a lawyer…Even Pragya too believes it…] Abhi say’s” Ha..maa.. everything is fine…and talks for some time…. Pragya serves food to Abhi’s Mom and gives her medicines…..Abhi just admiring pragya’s care towards his Mom…

After some time, Abhi and Pragya stood beside each other in their balcony…Slowly Abhi breaks the silence and ask’s” What u want to talk to me..?” .Pragya stood silently..After some time she slowly tell’s” Abhi! i’m pregnant!” Abhi is surprised! he slowly ask’s” What? repeat it once..!” Pragya say’s” Yes! Abhi, I’m expecting..!” Abhi say’s” But….when…this.. Pragya say’s” U got drunken that night..and we consummate our relation….! i’m sry..but it happens..” Abhi stares at her and say’s” Pragya i can’t say yes to this..because, U too know about our Economy status…so, It’s better u should decide this….! Pragya say’s” But Abhi! this is our child…u too have to decide for this..!” Abhi stays silent and say’s” I’m not ready for this….Now it’s ur wish… and leaves from there with teared eyes….Pragya feels disappointed and looks on….

Abhi slowly reaches garden and seated on a bench..He was cursing himself about Ruining Pragya’s life by the name of Love..Now, he’s going to ruin his Baby too… Unknowingly tears rolling from his eyes….but he too can’t say yes to it…By seeing Situation….After some time, he slowly get’s relaxed and leaves to his Flat..!

He enters the Flat…Purab jumps like a small kid seeing him…Abhi smiles and both had their Dinner..!


Baby slowly wakes up and starts crying hardly…being scared…Abhi & Purab tries their best to console..the Baby..but their tries r failing….
Abhi: Hi,… li’ll boy..it’s kk..baby..plz don’t cry…come will u play with me? Ha..and tries to take Baby in hands…and he slowly takes baby and consoles him…
Purab: Abhi! U have any knowledge about this?

Abhi: shut up..! yaar .hw would I know? I just got married..kk! hey..just close the windows..man…if anybody hears baby’s crying..then we will get into problem..!”
Purabh quickly closes all windows and doors….Baby is not at all stop crying…Abhi and Purab starts begging the baby to become calm..and fights each other to make Baby calm….

Suddenly, Purab covers Baby with pillow lightly..Abhi scolds him and fights him…finally purab removes pillow and baby becomes silent..they got an idea and starts to play Hide& Seek with baby….slowly Baby stops crying and enjoys the game….. Suddenly, they heard some one’s knock on door….Abhi goes to see..but, A lady enters the home…! Abhi get’s shocked seeing her and say’s loudly..Hi..Leeza Aunty![ Ram’s wife..mentally unstable..] hw r u? u suddenly here?” Purab get’s scare hearing Abhi’s words and quickly lay’s Baby in Bag….! He slowly picks the Bag in hand and hides it on his Back… He slowly Starts talking with Leeza by signing Abhi! Purab slowly passes Bag into Abhi’s hands..and tries to Divert her with talks…he slowly goes to her and takes her to other room…Abhi quickly runs to Kitchen to hide the Baby..but he didn’t find any space for it…Suddenly Leeza enters kitchen…Abhi signs Purab to hide Baby and takes Leeza with him….Purab takes Baby in hands..and confusingly kept the Baby in Washing Machine..! later, unknowingly Abhi switch on Washing Machine..while Purab makes Leeza leaves from flat….Abhi ask’s” Purab! where’s Baby?” Purab shocks seeing washing machine on..and signs him…Both shouts..OMG………………………………….and pulls the plug….

After 1 hr:
Baby is crying hard….While Abhi and Purab tries their best to console….Finally, Abhi stars to sign a song..by which Baby becomes calm…Purab too joins him and both dances and sings in Funny manner..Baby starts laughing cutely by seeing their Funny expressions..Abhi & Purab feel’s happy seeing Baby’s smile and continues their program . This program continues till early Morning..and Abhi& Purab feels tired and slowly leans on sofa… While Baby calmly starts playing with something….

Abhi& Purab wakes up with a call..and answers it…It’s Ram’s call..he instructs them to on T.v and see news…. Abhi & Purab get’s shocked knowing..THE BABY IS ONLY HEIR OF 600 CRORES MILLIONS…WHICH BELONGS TO A MILLIONAIRE FAMILY…..! Ram continues” Abhi& Purab know, listen to me carefully…Keep the Baby safe with u…I will be back in 1 or 2 weeks…till then, Don’t contact any one ..and take care of BABY well! and cut’s the call……


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    Awesome dii it was awesome I love this movie a lot I was expecting ff from u u gv me double treat awesome dii loved it love u too

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