KKB- Rob The Baby!! [ 5 shots]-part-1


Hi, Guys… Hw r u all my friends…I missed u all very badly…I know i’m late..and Due to my exams My new ff..LOVE LEADS LIFE…will be some what late…I’m so sorry for that…so, I just came with a 5 shot story…

Friends it’s so funny and sweet story… But, i’m sorry i didn’t remembers This Movie name…this is some chineese/japanies Movie which i liked most..so, I’m starting this story on that Movie based ..Hope u will like this..

ABHI: He’s a nice guy by Nature…but does some small robberies to bear his expenditures…becoz, of his unemployment… He’s married to Pragya! He never cares her..becoz, he never realizes his LOVE for her…he stays separately with his friend Purab.!

PURABH: Friend of Abhi… he too does some small Robberies with Abhi..A nice guy in Nature…!

RAM: Boss of Abhi and Purabh…he is the head of robberies …he has Wife who is mentally unstable…so, he plans everything for Robberies..and Abhi and Purabh does it…

PRAGYA: A sweet girl who loves her Husband….she loves Abhi though he never cares her..She take-up some small jobs for her family…she lives with Abhi’s mom and takes care OF HER….
. Guys, I know…i have missed Bulbul..but she will give a cute shocking Appearance in middle of story…Guys and i want to tell u..that RABUL plays a major role in this 5 shots…So, let’s go to story…


Abhi and Purab wakes up and cleans their flat… Suddenly Abhi receives a call from Pragya..and with lot’s of hesitation he attends it..Pragya,” Hi, Abhi! hw r u? is everything fine..?” Abhi get’s irked and say’s” To ask this u called me right?”. Pragya say’s” No..no.. i mean mom is missing u..and Abhi cut’s of and say’s” And? what pragya? Pragya say’s” Abhi! i want to talk to u…plz ..Abhi!” Abhi hearts felts by her request and slowly say’s” Kk.. i will come at evening…I will call u and inform the place..kk!” Pragya feels relieved and say’s” Thank u…” Abhi about to cut the call..but, Pragya say’s” Abhi! mom want to see u..” Abhi say’s” Kk. i will come .”.and ends the call.. Purab see’s this conversation and say’s” Abhi! why r u behaving like this with her..? Why u punishes that innocent girl with ur talks..? Abhi pours out his sorrow and say’s” becoz, i cares her…i’m feeling guilty! she trusts me and loves me..she just came with me by leaving all her loved ones..but, I? i’m not in a position to make her happy…that’s why i’m doing this Robberies…!” Purab understands his pain and slowly pat’s his shoulder ..Just.Then they received a call from their Boss… and came to know that there is a big amount of money waiting for them…..Later, they came to meet their Boss…their Boss explained about money i.e; 3 million dollars…Abhi& Purab behaves like crazy and hurry up’s to do work…They slowly reaches a Big banglow….finally after so much of trying they came inside the house..with out getting into any CC Cameras…. Suddenly their Boss ordered Abhi & Purab to go to another side of house…Abhi& Purab starts searching for money..but they found most of ATM cards…they slowly goes to tell their Boss..and get’s Surprised seeing a Baby in cradle..! RAM is feeding something to the Baby… Abhi get’s Angry and pulls Ram to a side and scolds him….he say’” What r u doing Uncle…? u got us here for KIDNAPPING? “ purabh tries to cool Abhi and argues with Ram….Ram pushes them and goes to Baby…Abhi falls on security Alarm.and it rings.and workers in home get’s Alerted…Ram slowly places Baby in a Bag …and Hurriedly rushes to his Car..While Abhi& Purab runs behind him….

Finally, they came out of the banglow..and Abhi comforts RAM for cheating them..he say’s” Uncle! Hw cheap Is u..we made an Agreement that we will do just robberies…Kidnapping, Murders are banged in our work…!” Ram argues with them and slowly emotionally Blackmails them saying about his poverty and his wife’s ill health…..Soon Purab convinces Abhi and trio get’s into their car..and leaves from there…..
Abhi slowly opens the Bag and see’s Baby sleeping peacefully…While they r driving they get stuck at check post..they hardly tries to manage but Police starts chasing them…they turn off their head lights..to hide from cops…and fells into a pit….Ram get’s struck inside the car…Abhi & Purabh tries to rescue him..Ram stops them and say’s” U just go..take the Baby…keep the baby with u..and never contact any one..till I will be back..”
Abhi & Purab runs with Baby….while police helps Ram ..and arrests him for Rash Driving..!

To be continued….

Guys..plz give ur feed back on this shot..i know it is short..but i want to know ur reactions through ur comments…so, that i can present my story well further…and I’m requesting u silent readers..plz break ur silence and comment my episode..becoz, ur comments are my Big Energy Boaster..plz friends

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  1. Nice begining. I feel like the story has some resemblance of Jackie chan movie Robinhood. But framing of the story is nice

    1. Hey..thank u so much… that’s the name …thank u for remembering me….

  2. Super…

  3. Nice start

  4. Nice and interesting….waiting for your next episode

  5. Awesome yaar..Hey its jacky jhan movie(Robhinhood)…

  6. Superb yaar….continue

  7. Suchitra

    Nice start..plz continue

  8. Saranya24

    Superb diff story dear loved it????

  9. NICE YAAR….




    Superb adhya… please continue it

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  14. nice one upload next part soon

  15. Adhya

    Thanku..my dear friends..Thank u so much for ur support and Love….!

  16. yeah even I think it’s Jackie Chan’s Robinhood………it is an awesome movie

  17. Superb dear

  18. Prathi

    It’s an awesome one Adhya!!

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