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I enter my home and find’s My Atharv is busy with his remote cars….! I smiles and slowly goes to my room..Mom came with coffee and ask about Abhishek..! I explains her that they all r fine and nice..but, still one thought is haunting me..! My Mom notices my face and say’s”Atharv key bareymey sochrahi hunaa?[ Ur thinking about Aatharv isn’t it?]” I turns towards her and hugs her..i don’t understand why tears r flowing from my eyes… Mom cares my hair and say’s”I know about it..Pragya..! but it’s not a good thing to expect from them..!”I broke the hug and turns towards her face and ask’s”What do u mean maa? Atharv mera bacha hai..![ Atharv is my son..!]” Mom sit’s beside me and about to say something…Just then, Atharv comes to me running and sit’s in my lap..he slowly wipes my tears with his li’ll fingers and ask’s ”Mamma! Why r u crying? Nani ney kuch kaha?[Did Nani said something?]” I smiles and wipes my tears and say’s”Nehi bacha![No baby!]”My Mom starts teasing him and say’s”What u will do if I done something to ur mamma?”Atharv stares her and say’s”I will give punshiment[punishment] to u..Nani..! if u make my Mamma crly[cry]..!” I smiles and say’s”No..! nanisey esaa bath nehi kartheyhey?[ don’t talk like this to Nani!]” Atharv downs his head and say’s”Shorry Nani..!”by holding his ears… Mom smiles and kissed his forehead and leaves from there…
Atharv settles in my lap and ask’s ”Mamma! Tell me why r u crying?”I smiles and say’s”Nehi bacha! Im not crying..!” Atharv ask’s”Kk. Tell me why r u shoo muchh late??” I smiles reminding Adhya..! Atharv ask’s me again…I say’s”I saw a li’ll baby today..she’s so cute and innocent..Atharv!!” Atharv smiles and say’s”Mamma! I want to shee[see] her..!I will be her friend[friend]..!”I nodes and say’s”KK I will take u there kk..but not know..i will take u soon..!” Atharv pout’s and nodes kk..and he goes to play

I made Atharv sleep and slowly caring his face..! Mom comes to be and sit’s beside me…I look at her and say’s”Ma..! Atharv mera bhina nehi rahengi…![ Atharv cannot stay with out me]”Mom smiles and say’s”I know pragya!! But still we can’t force them to accept Atharv..!”I shout’s “ what r u talking Maa? They have to accept Atharv with me..or else I will not marry him..!” Mom takes me side by seeing Atharv getting disturb in sleep…She sit’s beside me and say’s”Pragya! Every girl has to leave her family and have to go to other place to start new life..!”I shout’s”I know that, But…This case is different..! I’m going there as a mother to that child..! I’m not interested in their money or their status..!” Mom say’s Try to understand pragya! Atharv is not Abhi’s son…! We can’t force him to accept Atharv..!” I shout’s ”Adhya is not my daughter too..but when I’m ready to accept her then, why can’t Abhi?” Mom places her hand on my shoulder and say’s” See pragya! To be frank…Atharv is not ur child too..! u didn’t gave him birth..!” I stood drum stuck and tears start rolling from my eyes..! she continues ”Though u r feeling bad..but it’s true..! Adhya ‘s case is different..Adhya is Abhi’s daughter…! She have right to live with him…But Atharv is not ur son…then by which point he ‘s having right to live with u?” I shout’s ”Right? Atharv needs right to live with me? No..Ma..he just need love and care…And Maa…Relations are made by Heart not Blood..! “Mom say’s”I know this pragya! Ur thinking like this..what about Abhi’s family…will they think like this? U knows about them?” I get’s angry and say’s ”If he didn’t think like this..then I will be not kk with this..Maa! I’m happy now…I have my own job..I can stand on myself…I can raise Atharv alone..!” Ma say’s ”Then what will u answer him when he ask’s about his father? What will u answer when society ask’s”Who is Atharv’s father”? I became silent….Mom pat’s me gently and say’s”U didn’t have answer for this question pragya..! I know u can stand on ur own…But Atharv? Atharv is small know…he didn’t able to understand the society..but Pragya…he will be happy with me..i can promise u that..! If u want, I will visit ur house with him… If u marry Abhi , Though Atharv will not stay in that house..but he can feel warmth of a family..! He can feel relations..he can find Father in Abhi..and sister in Adhya..! Just he will not live with u in same house..but he can have all relations…! Just think about it Pragya..!!”
Mom leaves saying this…Her words r echoing in my ears…I see’s Atharv sleeping peacefully….and broke down in tears….
I wokes up and finds Atharv is walking behind my Maa by holding her pallu..and keeps on talking with her…while she’s busy in kitchen…I smiles seeing them but Still that thing is haunting me and makes me feel restless…I determines to solve this matter today ! by discussing with Abhi and his family..!

I get’s ready and left to Mehra Mansion..!
I entered inside and find living room is empty..! I slowly seated on sofa and start waiting for all..After waiting some time, Finally a servent came to me and greet me..I enquired about everyone..He say’s ”Adhya bachi is ill so, all is taking nap after taking care of her till late night…”I get’s worried and goes to see Adhya
I entered room and finds Adhya on Bed. Abhi is sleeping in sitting position in a chair beside her bed..! I slowly goes to her and checked her fever..she looks somewhat kk..I slowly wakes up Abhi.. Abhi see’s me and get’s surprise..! We talked about some time…I ask him to get fresh up And I will take care of Adhya..Abhi nodes and moves to his ward room..
After getting Fresh up Abhi came back and we talks for some time about Adhya..! I tries to divert the topic towards Atharv….just then Dadi and choti Dadi enters and we talks for some time..
I was taking care of Adhya.. while Abhi is busy with his phone call’s..It’s seems he is talking about some arrangements…Suddenly, I saw a boy of 5 years running towards Abhi by calling him” Maamu!” Abhi picks him in arms and talks with him..

Suddenly a women of late 20’s enters and greets Abhi and DADI…Dadi hugs her and blesses her..Looks like she is newly wedded..!Dadi introduced her to me..She hugs him and say’s”welcome to our family..bhabhi!”Then only I understood she’s Abhi’s sister Aaliya..! We talks for some time..and she goes to a side to attend a call…Dadi say’s”Pragya beta! she’s Abhi’s sister..Aaliya..! light of our house..She’s very close to Abhi ..pata nehi bagavan ney essa kyu kiya uskey saath .![ don’t lknow why god had done such thing with her?] a tear escapes from her eyes..I casually ask’s”what happen dadi..?”Dadi say’s Aaliya is married long ago but she lost her husband in an Accident..! when she had a baby of 2yrs..After a lot’s of struggle Abhi consoled her and makes her Normal…he involves her in Business to divert her..Soon A man named Vivek , A big business tycoon likes her ..he kept a proposal to marry her…After ABHI Informs everything about Aaliya..Vivek marries her..!”
Just then, I heard Aaliya and Abhi are quarreling about something ..Aaliya tries to take her son with her..but, Abhi resists her and say’s ”he will stay here in this house only..! Did u get that?”Aaliya starts shouting and finally left with tears…I get’s shocked seeing his behavior..that means, He’s not allowing Aaliya’s son to stay with her..! I get’s hurted by seeing this side in him and left Mm by making an excuse…
When I’m about to leave..Adhya starts crying seeing me..I couldn’t able to see her in tears and goes to her..I slowly convinces her and left from there after some time..
I reached my home and straightly went to my Room and locked it..! Abhi’s behavior and his words r still echoing in my ears and that screen keeps on flashing in front of my eyes..! Tears slowly start rolling from my eyes..! Abhi not allowed his own sister’s son to stay with her..! then, hw he will allow Atharv to stay with me..! I can’t able to live without Atharv..! but Aadhya? Pata nehi kyu uss bachey sey bahut gyahara rishtaa bangaya.meraa![ I really don’t know I had connected with her Unconditionally!].Mei uss bachi ka aasu nehi dekhpatihuu![ I can’t able to see her tears!] Kya karu? Mei apni Aatharv ko nehi chodhsakthi..Aadhya ko bhi nehi chodh sakthi..![ What I have to do now? I can’t able to leave my Atharv and Adhya too] Kya karu? Kyaa karu? this question keeps on making my heart in to pieces..! I cries till night..! Suddenly, Some one starts banging my door..i wipes my tears quickly and opens door…I saw My Atharv in worried face..I really don’t know why I felt so weak..i couldn’t able to console myself..Finally, broke down in tears by hugging him…

Slowly I came to sense and see’s him..Atharv wipes my tears and ask’s”mamma! Kya huva? Koie tumjehey paleyshan[pareyshan] kaldiya [kardiyaa]kya?[Mamma! What happen? Anyone troubles u?]”I nodes No..! with tears and again hugs him…My mom came running to me..she see’s me in tears and understood the situation..she see’s me helplessly…

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