HI, GUYS….I’m so blessed to have many loved one’s like u all..Thanks a lot..so sorry for not replies to ur comments…!! Now,I’m Back with A short story…Most probably it will be TS!![THREE SHOTS]


I’m pragya Shrivastav..! An ordinary Assistant Manager in a Company..! My world is so small and simple…I’m happy with what I had in my life….! I’m still 32 yrs..Unmarried..! But I have achieved my goals and leads a happy and simple life and have fulfilled my biggest responsibility..!
Suddenly, A li’ll boy of 3 yrs runs to me by calling me Mamma! He hugs me tightly and smiles at me..! He’s Atharv..My son..! Don’t take me wrong..! I said I’m Unmarried..! But Atharv is my son..! he’s more than a son to me..he’s my World..! Soon, I took him in Arms and kissed him…! Atharv smiles and starts to explain me something by expanding his li’ll hands..! I just get busy in admiring his cute expressions..!
Suddenly, My Mom shout’s”Pragya ! where’s is Atharv?”By listening her voice Atharv get’s down and hides at my back…! I know surely he has done something..! he’s very naughty..! I smiles and casually ask’s “What happen Maa?”My mom comes to me and say’s”U know what Atharv has done?” I nodes No innocently by controlling my smile…! Mom starts explaining “U know what he done ? he had broken the window glass of Malini aunty..!Atharv peeps out and say’s”I ddn’t do anything wrong..![ I didn’t done anything wrong]”and again hides at my back..! Mom angrily say’s “It’s ur mistake..Atharv! And pragya, this is all becoz of ur pampering..!” Atharv comes to my front and say’s”Naani! Don’t shold [scold]my Mamma! And What I did was correst[correct] with that Malini Aunty..!”I stops Atharv and signs him No..! Mom say’s”Acha! Then tell me what she has done?”Atharv say’s”Aunty is shoo[so] bad..she always badtalking[badmouthing] about My mamma..she always sholds[scolds] my Mamma! and I will sphare[spare] any one when they shouts [scolds]my Mamma!”I get’s touched with his words and kneels down in front of him..Atharv lay’s his li’ll hands around my Neck and turns to my mom and say’s”Naani! My mamma is best..!” Mom cools down and see’s him lovingly..

I make him sleep and starts to write my dairy..!
“Dear Dairy! U r the one with whom I can share everything..! When children does something for parents..that’s the best thing for them ..Like this, Today I too have this great feeling Now..! My Atharv has grown this much big..he has become a great protection for his Mom.! U know today she has broken Malini Aunty’s window…! Though Atharv is not my blood..but he has become my everything..! “
Soon I drifted to my past..!!!
We r two children for our parents…Priya and Pragya..! My elder sister was Priya..! she’s a best friend to me..! She is a mother, best friend and mostly well wisher for me..Our sister bonding is limitless..! Soon, My sister loves Anvesh and marries him..I felt very sad for going to separate from my sister..But, My jiju is such a nice person he always treats me as his own sister and has given me my freedom..We sisters used to spend lots of time with each other..!
After 2 yrs, We receives a great news..My lovely sister is pregnant..I’m the worlds happiest person..I starts to take utmost care of her.! Soon she delivers A baby Boy..! I named him Atharv.,.! I have become everything for Atharv.. in fact, Atharv used to be very comfortable with me than with his parents..!
One day, My sister and Jiju left to attend a function..by leaving Atharv under my super vision..! Our bad fate starts haunts us..We came to know they met with an Accident..! and was No more..! I felt broken..! My world turns dark..! Lastly, I realize What about Atharv? A child who loss his parents at a very small age ..! At a age, where he can’t understood what had happen to his parents!! he has no one than me…On that day, I have become his Mother..! His father..! his Best friend .!Everything..!…fb ends..
Suddenly, I came back to present by hearing My Mom’s voice..! Mom comes towards me and cares my hair…she slowly say’s”Pragya! Till when u will be alone like this? U wants a partner..!”I smiles and say’s ”Who said I’m alone Maa? Mera Atharv hei na mera saath..! tho mei akeli kysey hogaya hu?[my Atharv is with me..then, hw I become alone?]”While seeing my Atharv’s face lovingly. Mom smiles and say’s”I know..! Atharv is more than a son to u..! but still u have to think about ur life beta..!”I smiles and ignore her..! Mom slowly say’s”I have a proposal for u..!”He’s a well settled..Great businessman..! His name is Abhishek Mehta!!” I stares my Mom with some frustration..Mom say’s”Pragya! Jiss tarah Atharv ko Tumhari zarurath hai….Vaha ek nanhey jan ko bhi tumhara zarurat hai..!”I stares her with surprise and ask’s”What do u mean..Maa?”Mom say’s”Yes, Abhi has a daughter !Adhya ! 1 yrs old..! His wife left him with months baby and marries another person for money… Suddenly, Abhi becomes alone..but Now, He wants A Mother to his child…not his Wife.!
I really don’t know why I felt very concern about that baby…I said” I want some time maa!” mom goes and I lays’ beside Atharv and cares his face lovingly…soon I asked my Mom “Can I go to see Adhya?”

I entered MEHTA MANISON, and found a li’ll girl is crying alone in Garden..! I runs to her and took her in Arms…and starts console her..Suddenly, A tall man turns me by twisting my Hand and shout’s”Who the hell r u?” I turns to him with Angry face…! That man losses his grip and frees my hand…I shouted” Who the hell r u? R the people in this house r deaf/ blind..They don’t know hw to take care of a Baby..! See! hw’s she crying!! U all left her alone? “I keeps on shouting him and scolding him..He didn’t utter a word just stares me…After some time, I became somewhat cool and say’s ”Ï want to meet Mr.Abhishek Mehta..!”While patting li’ll girls back to console her…That baby slowly leans to my chest and encircle her li’ll hands around my neck..I smiles seeing her and again ask’s him..! Just then li’ll baby slowly turns to that man and say’s”Pa..pa!”and goes to him…I get’s shocked…That means He’s Mr.ABHISHEK MEHTA..!! I Still standing in SHOCK..And didn’t have any Idea hw to face him..?? Abhishek took Adhya in Arms and pecked her forehead and looks at me with a smile..!
I slowly smiles but still feels very Awkward ..! He say’s ”Hello Ms..pragya! plz come inside..!”by showing me the path…I gave a fake smile and follows him…
We entered a big Mansion..!! There r so many servants doing their works..Abhi slowly seated in sofa by putting Adhya in his lap and gestures me to have a seat…Servant came and serves coffee to us..!
Abhi slowly say’s ”So…Ur ms.pragya..! Dadi ney batayatha mujhey..apki barey mei..![ my Dadi! Told me about u.]”I smiles and say’s”whoo…i’m very sry..Actually meiney appki photo nehi dekhithi..isliyeh pehachannehi paaya..![ Actually, I didn’t saw ur photo that’s why couldn’t able to Identify U] sry for that..!” Abhi cuts and say’s ”Not a problem..Infact I’m so happy that ur so caring towards kids..!”with a smile… I too smiles and looks at Adhya..she’s sleeping..I signs him ..he smiles and say’s”Just a movement..! I will lay her on her bed..!”and leaves with Adhya…! I’m still Admiring that li’ll girl’s innocent face and felt happy Unknowingly.
Later, Abhi came with his Dadi and choti Dadi..! I took their blessings..and we talked for sometime…while Abhi is very busy with his phone…I thought why he’s behaving like a machine.??

After 1 hr:
I slowly tries to leave and slowly get’s up…Suddenly we heard Adhya’s cry and Abhi runs to get her..! after a while, Abhi enters with Adhya in Arms and tries his best to control her..! But,. Adhya is crying badly…! I couldn’t resist myself so I went to him and Took her in Arms and started to console her…I find she’s sweating completely..so, I slowly soothes her and make her have water..! After 2 min, Adhya becomes cool and stops crying..but she cligs to me . I slowly came back to senses and see’s All r smiling looking at me..! I feels nervous and say’s”Whoo..! shayedh unko buraa sapna ayahoga..isiliyeh..![whoo! May be she had a bad dream!]
Lastly, I gave Adhya to Abhi and about to leave but Adya hold my chunni and see’s me..I smiles and peaked her forehead and say’s”I will come soon ..we will play a lot kk?”and slowly kisses her li’ll palms I waves bye to her and left that place….

Thanku..guys…Hope u will like this….plz drop ur comments…

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  1. Abiya

    Nice story dr keep going

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  3. tooo sweet dear plzzzz I wish u could make it as an ff I mean long one plzzz

    1. Thank u..Lopez. ..Actually I just thought just for an TS. ..but I will try dear…

  4. welcome back dear sis…missed you so much….awesome intro and nice story line…. pls continue…

    1. HI Akshaya, Thank u so much for ur warm welcome…miss u too dear…stay tube for next part darling…love u loads

  5. Wow its so cute…

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  6. Vaishali

    Yaaaaay adhya dii is back….. super episode just cant even. Explain how I feel it was awesome pragya taking care of her nephew as her own and my sweetheart abhi is having daughter wow can’t wait try to update faster did love u take care dii keep smiling..

    1. I’m so happy Choti. ..hw r u my dear? ? I too miss u so much…thank u so much for ur sweet comment..love u loads dear..

  7. Aditiroy

    Wow ….really amazing ..want more updates

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  8. B_Ani

    haa….back with a pretty story again. first part is itself damn good. lovely it was.
    btw. i missed u so much. u even didnt cmnt in CD : ( but tis k…
    i hope u r fine dear.
    and take care…love u❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hey Ani darling…miss u so much dear. ..Thank you so much for ur sweet comment..I’m really very happy. ..Always Keep Smiling darling..love u loads..


    Wow.. so cute and lovely story dear… want to see more from you..

    1. Adhya

      Thanku..so much Harithaa..! Stay tune dear

  10. wow awesome storyline loved it good to see u again missed you can much waiting for the next episode

    1. Adhya

      Thanku..Minu.. miss u too dear..so happy by seeing ur comment..

  11. Reshma_Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbb Story!!!Loved it Soooo Muchhhhh!!!!!!!!!Welcome Back Dear………..Missed uuuuu………..

    1. Adhya

      Thanku..Reshmaa..! miss u too dear…Love u loads..

  12. Superb dear…i loved it to the core…
    Pls update nxt part soon…

    1. Thank u..Priyanka…I have uploaded it dear. .Stay tune

  13. Wow super touching story…..

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