kkb- the play of destiny 6 last part

hai guys
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let’s enter to the story

here it I’d

abh: yes we breaked our relation
PRA: when

fb 1 started

when they were in tanu’s house before leaving to USA
pragya went to car
abh: tanu I want to say something
tan: tell
abh: firstly don’t mistaken me as I being selfish
abhi take a deep breath
abh: we should breaks our relationship
tanu became shock
tan: what? why?
abh: I don’t love you
tan: but you say that you love me
abh: yes I said but it was 2 years back
but now I don’t love you and if I marry you I can’t kept you
happy. so better we should breaks up. and I love another girl.
tan became sad her eyes filled with tears
tan: then who…. who is your love?
tan: what ? but pragya…..
abh: yes she loves me


yesterday when they planned to go putting abhi said he will go and
inform pragya..when he went near he heard a sob so he hide and looked
he saw pragya was crying then he enter and asked about her and say about
their outing.

abh, why pragya cryed she didn’t even told me any thing
I want to find out

he being restless
then he thought

abh,yes.. dairy she always wrote dairy about her worries
so I want to find it

on that day pragya went to college and abhi searched her dairy and read it
then he find that pragya loved him before but for her friend she sacrificed
her love now also that was happening

flashback 2 end

abh:…….. hurting her twice is not good
tan: abhi you are loving her
becase of sympathi
abh: no tanu I love her
before I meet you again .some times I had a special feeling
I am missing someone I thought it was you because I loved you
but when we went for outing again I felt that I am missing someone
then I realise that I am in love with pragya ,my ditto
tan: OK abhi I understood yes your’s is right decision
abh: thanks tanu
tan: no…between friends no thanks and no sorry .can we friendsss?
abhi friendly hugged her and says : yes

flashback 1 end

abh: …..and sorry I read your dairy
PRA: its OK
then pragya turn to leave
abh: ditro you didn’t replayed me
PRA: what?
abh: I love you
pragya hugged him tightly and says I love you too

then they went to their hotel
abhi and pragya went to room now there room have double bed
but single bed then they started there life ………………………

the end

finally I ended my ff and thanks. a lot to readers and silend readers
I am really sorry I didn’t get time . 100 times thanks .

to authers= sorry guys I am reading so many ff but I can’t comment
all’s ff are really amazing.

and thanks to all who commented my previous part
comment are my inspiration

I think I didn’t bored you
once again tanks.

I will come back sooooooooonnnnnnn


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  4. So short it’s OK and this is nice.

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