kkb- the play of destiny 5

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These days I am really busy
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let’s enter to the story

PRA: I am going to USA
ab : why sudden?
PRA: I thought to take a break
ab : oh then I will book ticket
PRA: abhishek I want to arrows flight
abh: OK
abh, why she called me as abhishek
she used to call me as suniye and now what happen

abhi and tanu went

at night

ab: ditto where are you
PRA: haa coming
ab : flight is at tomorrow night .this is the ticket
PRA: thanks and divorce paper
ab took divorce paper and gave to her
PRA: first you sigh I will sign later
ab:no you are going to USA so you sigh first
and she signed with lot of worries
then they went to respective rooms

next day
pragya packed her dress she informed about her travel
to purab and bulbul
when pragya about to leave abhi called her
ab: hey ditto you didn’t even say a goodbye to me
PRA: good bye
then she turned to leave she is very sad she didn’t want
to show her sad to him
abh: hey ditto Waite
PRA: now wat? and why are you packed your dress?
abh: I have a concert in USA so I am also coming with you
PRA: with me? no.
abh: why?
PRA: tanu will bad
abh: hey don’t worry about her and I want to talk to
her before leaving to USA. come let’s go
PRA and abh sit in the car they were in back side
when they reach tanu’s home they left from car
and went towards tanu’s home
door bell ringed and tanu opened they entered to the house
tan: hai guys
PRA: hai tans
tan: why are you too sudden here?
abh: we are leaving to USA
tan: why sudden?
PRA: I though to take a leave and …..
abh: I had a concert
PRA: then OK tans I am leaving
she though to give them some private movement
pragya waited in car
after some time abhi went back and car get started tanu waved her hand that
time prag noticed tanu’s eyes are wetted
PRA: abhi , why tanu’s eyes are wetter?
abh: vo vo vo we are sepereating so only
PRA: separating?
abh: yes I am going to USA and she will be here
PRA: ohhhh

then they came to airport and then at lunch time they landed in USA
they travelled through a taxi and they booked a double bed room
and they rest some time during evening
abh: ditto,shall we go an outing and we can eat something from outside
PRA: no I don’t have mood

abh: hey come. please
they went to outing and last they went to dinner
after dinner they went to a special place
that is very special in that place
pragya was standing there that time abhi came to near
abh: beautiful
PRA: ya this is very beautiful
abh: do you know
PRA: what
abh: I am really going to miss you
do you miss me?
PRA : ya
abh: your bak bak and your silly talk. …really I will miss
pragya smiled
abh: I had an idea?
PRA: what?
abh: will you live with me?
as a best friend, as a ……
pra: as a?
abh: wife . I want to tell you
I LOVE YOU DITTO. I know you also love me
pragya thought about tanu and says : no
abh: why are you saying lie I know you
love me . oh you are thinking about tanu
then hear we again break our relation
PRA: what?

will continue

so sorry 1000 times sorry
I am really busy it will end soon .
and thank for all the readers and silend readers
and to writers— sorry guys for not commenting
I am reading so many fan friction
and once again thanks.
bye guys I will try too update. soon


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    Nice twist….update soon your next ff…

  5. Wow superb and awesome update and really fabulous twist and awaiting for next update.

  6. Hmmmm..don’t make her as serial pragya…make her hard to get… Just don’t forgive abhi easily….plz…its just making sad…..

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    Nice twist but what happened to Abhi? I think he got hurt in his head and chose the correct woman for him..

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