Kkb-the play of destiny 4

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pragya happily opened the door
but it was not abhi
person: surprise
PRA: t tanu

yes it was tanu. pragya didn’t understand what to do now
and what to talk

tan: hey parts where you lost?
she waved her hand
pragya come back to sense
PRA: nothing
tan: pargs I am out side
PRA: oh sorry come

tanu held her hand when she began to

tan: prags what happens?
PRA: nothing come inside
pragya and tanu went inside that time
dadi came there
PRA: dadi this is tanu my college mate
tan: nameste dadi
then tanu take blessings from dadi
dadi: nameste beta
that time abhi entered
dadi : abhi came

tanu and pragya look back
tanu and abhi became hell shock
abhi began to say something that time pragya sigh him “no”
because there is dadi

PRA: suniye ye my friend tank and tanu he is my husband abhi
dadi: OK beta you talk I have some work I am leaving

when dadi left abhi dragged tanu to room

abh: why you came here?
to spoil my life ?
on that day you said that you don’t want
to meet me then you, why you came back

pragya tried into say because tanu is her friend
she don’t like any one will scrol her friend without
understanding what was happened

PRA: suniye she didn’t done…….

without completing her word abhi interfered

abh: oh that means its your plan
what you you want ? don’t you see
how I am suffering due to my past relation
or are you being my wife ?dopn’t you remember
we are just friends .

abhi angrily go out tanu also leave there
pragya became very sad she went to guest room and cried
cried a lot her best friend and her love misunderstood
her it was very pain fuel for every one
she want explain to them ,she understand that if she Cried things will
not change she went to do something she know why a hi talk like that
he was in anger .when his anger became less she can explain so now
she want to go near tanu so she went to meet tanu

before some days tanu sent a letter to pragya in that letter she said the address
she will leave when she went back to India from USA

so pragya went there ,she ring the bell
a maide opened the door
PRA: where is tanu
maid: she is in room
PRA: I am her friend can I enter
mai: yes and she is crying

pragya went to tanu’s room there tanu is
badly crying

PRA: tanu
tanu lift her face and asked
ta: why you came here I don’t want to see
you oh you want to see my worry then see it
pra also became sad
PRA: what are you saying I am your friend
tan: friend what the hell ? get friend’s love is this friend
PRA: tanu that is not true really I didn’t knew that he is my husband
and we are only friends try to understand.do you know I
had a fear how it will be when you hear abhi is my husband
please tamu try to understand I didn’t cheet you it was
all fate and the PLAY OF DESTINY
tan: I am sorry
tanu hugged pragya they tightly hug each other
then tanu break the hug
tan: where Is abhi I want to meet him.
PRA: come

they went to pragya’s house

PRA: dadi where is he?
dadfi: he is at room is every thing OK?
PRA: yes dadi
dadi: pragya, indu is calling me I though to say at her home for some days
so I am leaving say this to abhi
PRA: OK dadi
pragya and abhi went to room then first pragya entered
PRA: suniye
abh: what?
PRA: vo ……..

pragya explained why tanu come there

PRA:…………….and she is out side. tanu come inside
tanu come inside
tan: prags I want to talk him privately
pragy left from there for making coffee for them
then she came back
tan: I am leaving prags abhi will tell you all matters
PRA: take this coffe

tanu took the coffee and left from there

PRA: suniye what the matter?
abh: I want divorce I and tanu going to get married
our problem s get solved it was just misunderstanding
I think you don’t have problem and by the way
we are friends so I think there is no problem right?

pragya really shocked her eyes became wet she tried to
stop and says: yes

them she left to guest room and cryed a lot
she cried very much then she went to near the
picture of god and asked

PRA: why god why you….I really tried had to forget him when my sad became less
again you show him to me when I thout to propose him again to take him from
me then why god why let him to meet me again why you married me to him
what wrong I did to gave me this much pain

at night she went to their room

abh: pragya that I am going to marry tanu so it is not to good to share bed and
PRA: yes I am leaving to guest room
ab : then dadi
PRA: she went to dasi’s home
ab: OK

that night pragya couldn’t sleep properly
she cryed a lot

next day

tanu came to their house
tan: hai prags
and hugged her
tan: do you know how much I am happy I am really
pragya tried to smile
tan: what happened to you do you have Amy fever?
prag: no
tan: where is abhi?
PRA: he is at room . I will wake him
tan: no I will wake him

pragya came back to kitchen and cried
that time she heard
abhi ‘s sound so she wiped her tear

abhi : pragya don’t make coffee we are going for an putting
hey what happened
PRA: nothing

when abhi began to go

PRA: and abhishek if you can bring divorce paper today
I will sigh
tomarrow I am leaving to USA.

“I am going to USA”

“I love u ditto”.

will continue

thanks for all your comment .thanks for all readers and silent readers
and thank u once more bye guys

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