Kkb-the play of destiny 3

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pragya went to her house
Sarala: where is beta? and why you came alone
PRA: I am coming straight from college Maya.he will com
bulb: you went to college ?
PRA: diii
pragya hugged bulbul really bulbul is pragya’s bhabhi
but bulbul told her to call as di
PRA: di I had some work it’s important
Sara: is it more imported then your husband?
bul: maa she standing on door .let her be in. come pragya
pagya go to her room with bulbul
PRA: di you are my saviour after bhai.
and by the way where is bhai?
bul: he goes to market to buy something

that time door bell ringed

PRA: I will look it will be bhai
abh: but to her surprise it was abhi
PRA:what are you doing here
abh: oh I came here to give your bag you forgotted it
PRA: oh thank u
suddenly his phone ringed
ab : dadi tell
dadi: you want to go to my bahu’s house
an: jee dadi where is her house
when abhi say her pragya get suspicious
dadi told about her address
he ended the phone
abh: then OK ditto bye
PRA: bye
she closed the door
bul: who was that ?
PRA: one of my friend

then one more time she heard the door ring
pragya went back to door that time sarala called bulbul so
she went there

PRA: again. what?
abh: ditto I need a help
PRA: tell
abhi give a paper sheet
abh: it had an address do you know?
pragya read it and asked whoes address is this
abh: vo vo my wife’s
pragya taken back
PRA: wha what?
abh: what happen tell me do you know her
PRA: I am your wife
abh: what ?
that time bulbul came
bul: oh abhi it’s you come ,come inside we all are
waiting for you only
abhi came inside
ab: where is purab?
bul: he went to market
that time purab entered
pur: hai abhi where is she?
pra: I am here only bhai
pragya hugged purab abhi looked this with a smile
then they eat together it’s time for sleep

pragya didn’t know how to react to show her original reaction
happy or to feel bad for tanu
abhi came to her room

abh: I didn’t knew that you are my wife
dadi want to saw my marriage
that pragya word really hurted her bad way
PRA: you can call me as ditto
abhi : you can call me as abhi
PRA: no my Maa tought me not to call husband by his name
abhi:then what will you call
PRA: suniye
abhi:OK. I want to tell you some thing you know very well about
my relation. I want some time to recover from that I
don’t know when it will be .I think you understand
PRA: yes
abh:before that movement we will be very good friend OK
prag: OK

that day passed slowly week and month
there is no change but in pragya’s heart
her feelings increased she want to express her feelings to him
tanu didn’t called pragya

after one year

PRA, today was our wedding day.so today is the perfect day to propose him
she eagerly waited him she make so many surprises
pragya heard a door ring so she went to open the door with the expectation
that abhi is on out side

will continued
I thing I am dragging
if I bored any one ,sorry

thank u all for your comment.thanks a lot to all
readers and silent readers.give me your valuable comment
bye all happy Monday today is may day

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