KKB – Out of place OS


He saw me as if i am a alien! I saw him as if he is a monster. Yes it was out of place for me to be in a rockstar’s concert. But what to do? I had no choice to escape from the marriage proposal. I don’t want to get married now! So I have to run away from my house and now end up at his concert!

It’s so loud! Why is she screaming like this? Can’t he sing melodiously? My ears will be gone after this but no choice I have to stay here until late night if not Ma will find me!

Why is she not enjoying my performance? And wait! Why is she wearing saree at a rockstar’s concert! And that too in a traditional way! Its so out of place! She is not even listening man! She is keep on trying hard to smile if not keep on using her phone!

Shall i go and ask her? No! How can a rockstar just like that go and ask a random girl! May be i shall ask Purab to talk to her! Ya that’s a better idea! ???

After the concert….

Purab went near her and asked ” Hi Miss!
Rockstar Abhi wants to ask u something. Are u free now to talk to him?” Pragya ” Me? Why? ” Purab ” I am not sure about that but if u mind means its ok!” Pragya thought for a while, she had to kill the time so she just agreed to it.

She went to the green room and saw him very tired. Abhi ” Hi! I just called u to ask something!” Pragya ” Ok….” Abhi ” You are not my fan right?” Pragya ” Yes I am not!” Abhi ” Then y are u here?” Pragya ” To escape!” Abhi ” What? Escape!” Pragya “Its my engagement today and i am not interested so came to ur concert as nobody will think that i will be in a concert!”
Abhi ” So in some way i have helped u!” Pragya ” Oh ya! Thanks for that and bye for now! Its getting late. I think by now all the chaos in my house would have settled down!” Abhi ” Do u want me to drop u?” Pragya ” No thanks! If it happens there may be even more chaos and misunderstandings!” She left from there and Abhi looked at her….Even though she is out of place but it was nice that she came to my place….

Random OS again!

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  1. Nice OS yaar

    1. Maya

      Tks Durga!

  2. Maya

    Note: Pls ignore this OS as it is written by mistake. Thank u!

    1. What was that Miss Suga? ??? Of coarse a lame joke! Who can ignore this OS? Seriously you crack so much funny jokes na that i wonder if you were a comedian ???

      1. Riyashri

        She is one !! I told na …she has various talents….so in that list this too goes……Maya the part time Comedian….Sounds Cool !!1

      2. Maya

        Lol u all make me comedian ah?????but tats wht I am lol!! My family calls tat way! So its not a surprise???

  3. Mistake? But it’s not bad yaar..

    1. Maya

      Really? Haha I find it as a mistake haha. Btw tks Nirmal!

  4. Akka ignoring ur os…no never its really nice???

    1. Maya

      Okok dont ignore it! Tks for the love! ??

  5. super maya…

    1. Maya

      Tks Sugan!

  6. Nice os.

    1. Maya

      Tks Bhoomi!

  7. Riyashri

    Never Ever I would ignore u and your writings………..I know u would never change….Always like this…..But this was randomly a good one !!

    1. Maya

      Haha okok don’t ignore me and my writings! Difficult to change me lol…will try haha

  8. U always making me crazy on ur os or ff you are a awesome writer but ur silly question is highly irritating me how to ignore ur os don’t irritate me like this here after it is request by the way this os is awesome I really loved it

    1. Maya

      Okok! Won’t irritate u all btw it was not a question! It was my opinion now. I just felt that way! Glad that on my OS and ff!

      1. Maya

        Glad that u are crazy on my OS and ff*

  9. Ignoring ur os suga it’s impossible…it’s really superb…

    1. Maya

      Okok point noted and glad that u find it superb!

  10. Awesome and sorry for the late comment

    1. Maya

      Omg no need to be sorry for this Pinky! Glad that u find it awesome!

  11. And i alrdy knew this random OS would be by My Random writer! This is…….no words ???????????????? it’s just that awesome! That in hindi i can say awesomeness ki had!

    1. Maya

      Ya always random! Glad that u find it awesome???????????

  12. Maahi

    yaar IB dfntly I vil kill uuuuu u made me cry by tht note I am sooo angry at uuuu fr dizzz IGNORING UR MAGIC IS IGNORING THE CRAZY ME IN MYSELF SOOO NVR DARE THT Again but yaar dizzzzz was awesome FANTASTIC splendid man keep rocking is there any continuation????HAha idea is tooo gud tht to escape frm engagement gng to rock concert so tht no one could search there lol ur crazyyyy dude

    1. Maya

      Hehe continuation I never thought of tat! If any crazy idea comes up then I shall think of tat! Lol u cried for my note ???? okok i will try not to put any notes hereafter??? glad that u find it awesome??

  13. Hey my dr self analyser u didnt do any mistake in this os but haan u have done a mistake by analysing urself wrong n haan by the way awesome os da sweetu n sry 4 late com dr actually enaku konjam odambu sari ila da adhan late com

    1. Maya

      Take care of ur health first da! Apparama methuva padikalam! Haha yaarume othuka mathiringa ennoda mistakea! ??? seri paravala its ok! I am glad that all liked it!????

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