Hey…It’s princess Madhu…Ill take at the end!

I am Pragya…and I am psychologist… I just got recently married…but today it is not about my life…it is about everyone’s life…it is a small message from me to whoever reading this! As I said before I am psychologist, I obviously deal with patients who have “mental problems” – I hate using that word! I don’t want to tell my patients that u have a mental problem? Really? I am here to help them! Not make them worse…by saying u have a mental problem! It’s called life not a problem! Life is not a problem! I don’t know why people become psychologists but the reason why I became psychologist is probably different from the rest…when I was small…I HATED MYSELF! NOTHING IN MY LIFE IS A MIRACLE….EVERYTHING IS PAIN! EVERYTHING IS LIKE A STORM! …. I didn’t wanted to talk to anyone…neither did I wanted to be in this world! It was bad really bad! I don’t know what held me still from going away! but something I realized changed my life…don’t ask me how I became that thoughtful that day but I just thought about life…this is what happened… People in general used to tell me “man! ur amazing! i love u!” , “hey…thank you dear…you made me so happy” I used to hear that from so many people…but never took it seriously… I thought they were lying to make me happy… but someone close to me said it to me again I was like u really do? You know u don’t have to lie…I know the truth!

In reply this said! YEAAH OBVIOUSLY I love you! YOUR THE ONE AND ONLY PEACE IN THIS WORLD! Why do u think I am lying to u… I also have told u the stuff I didn’t like about u obviously because u got me angry!…right…I have yelled at u and gotten angry at u! I couldn’t believe it! She was right…! She has told me the stuff I didn’t like about me! And I AGREED BUT I DON’T KNOW WHY I WAS DISAGREEING WITH NICE THINGS SHE SAID ABOUT ME! But this ii time I wanted to disagree but I couldn’t maybe to the fact that they are my people…why would someone who love me will lie to me! To make me happy? But they have also yelled at me for doing something wrong or acting like a weirdo…! I went home… I straightly went to the bathroom stared at the mirror for a long time… I was looking at my ugly pimples…my disgusting blackheads..i hated it! I was not happy! No matter what others said to me! Even though what she said got me thinking but it soon was escaped form my self-hatred mind! I went out my mum told me that hey… u ok? I was like yeah…mum..I needed to pee…so I rushed..she said ok…by the way…you know wat your aunt said? I was like WHAT? ur eye’s also smile when u smile… and she took my photo and closed my face and looked at my eyes…true rite u have beautiful eyes… I was like I do!? Even my sis…ya I love ur eyes and lips…man they are so pretty… well ur nose is little big to your face 😛 hehe…kidding.. but your beautiful don’t worry…u would u worry…u knw that! I was like I am? How come u never told me! And what she said I think changed my life….she said did u not know that? Obviously u would…y do u need me to tell u that your beautiful… I just smiled and went to the bathroom and said… I love myself…just to see how it feels…and u know wat I felt amazing…probably I was the happiest person in the world! I looked at my face…I was like how come I never noticed my eyes are so beautiful? How come I needed someone else to tell me I am beautiful… !? Why was I lying to myself? Why was I hating myself, why couldn’t I see how beautiful I am! I cared about those what those mean girls in my school told about me but never what ym loved ones did? Then I smiled and said u know wat..until now I was wrong! Now I am telling I actually love myself… but I am I not happy… with my life…I don’t remember being happy  well accept now but I am never happy! I thought! Am I not!? I remembered my whole day…. what I did…and all stuff…then I was like oh haha that was so funny! And what she said made me so happy! I kept thinking about what I did and how people felt about it! So many people laughed at my joke…a stranger smiled at me and said thank you so much for ur help…I had a smile, a real one….i remembered what my mum, sis and aunt said…I was happy but I failed to recognize them all…then I remembered two sayings… that I never cared about…but kept hearing it!

Happiness is something u have to look for and realize…don’t look for how much happiness is there…it is about how u enjoy each tiny bit of happiness in your life…
And another one what Albert Einstein said
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

How much true is that? Well I always thought nothing in my life is a miracle…but now I realized everything in my life is a miracle…
I know I was going through so many problems in my life but how can I fail to recognize and find my happiness…I was looking towards my problems but not my happiness? Not the small miracles happening in my life…the help a stranger did to me…when my umbrella broke in the rain…the help my friend did when I was struggling to complete my work…the help my mum did when I was upset…the help my sister did by teaching me a maths problem… was I happy after all that?! I SURE WAS! BUT I WAS COVERING WITH MY PROBLEMS OF MY LIFE…!! I NEVER REALZIED AFTER EVERY STORM THERE IS A SUNSHINE, THERE IS A RAINBOW, THERE IS CALMNESS! I know I still have problems but now it is over ridden by my happiness…it is a ground and my happiness is at the end of this universe or maybe it doesn’t even have an end! You don’t believe this but I was smiling the whole day… even when someone yelled at me, even when someone said bad news…because I was filled with positives in my mind! IT WAS FLYING AROUND! NO PLACE FOR NEGATIVE! Because I could see the positive in everything! So by now I think you got to know why I wanted to become a psychologist! I want my patients to realize that every second in your life is a miracle…I don’t think everyone believe in god…but let me tell you…there is someone up there who loves you more than you love yourself! That is god! He gives problems to make u stronger! To make u realize you’re a strong person! Believe god…at least…then u will get belief in yourself automatically! And u will understand the reason of being in this world!
Oh..I need to go! Re think about what I said! Maybe you will find a answer to your question! Dear! I love you! I know I am stranger but I know there is something special about yourself! That no one can be! BIG HUG! I have a new patient! TIME TO GET THEM STOP LYING TO THEMSELVES!  Muwahh! Take care! No one wants to lose you! REMEMBER YOU’RE THE ONE AND ONLY PRINCESS/PRINCE WE HAVE! Who cares about what’s on your face…when we already know you’re beautiful! …I care about what’s inside your mind sweetheart!

Guys, I really hope every single of you understand who wonderful you are! And you may not find happiness in your life because you forgot that you have to look for it! I know there are so many people who out there feel depressed, have gone through or going through self-hatred! All I want you guys to do is! Go inside your bathroom, close the door! Look at the mirror and talk…you will get the answer for your thoughts! Because I believe you can’t lie to yourself when you can see yourself! And I recommend watching this video…it has inspired me a lot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFvFEOXkvMA
Because the story I told above in Pragya’s perspective is not made up! It is something kind of I have been through but I am glad and proud to say that I LOVE MYSELF…I love myself of who I am and I have been so stressed lately but my realization on that day…has made me so strong…that nothing can get me down anymore…well unless I do something horrible. But I believe I will never do anything horrible like that! Because when I want someone else to treat me nicely I want to treat them the same way! I love you guys and I want to hear form everyone here…that you guys love yourself because none of us here are perfect…we never should try to be perfect…we should accept as who we are…if you guys don’t trust me! You will miss out on a lot of stuff…you shouldn’t have but it’s never too late! Proudly take a mirror and shout ‘I LOVE MYSELF’! This article is dedicated to someone I love, I really want you to realize that you’re the unique, weird, special, lovely, creative person who is in my life! AND WHO I NEVER ENER WANT TO LOSE! BECUEASUE I LOVE YOU! I LOVE ALL OF YOU! YOU GUYS HAVE MADE ME SO MUCH STRONGER AND I CAN’T THANK ENOUGH! Signing of Princess Madhu, stay smiling, keep loving yourself…because without you the world will not be complete! I want you guys to realize that YOU ARE SPECIAL! BECAUSE THERE IS NO ONE ELSE WHO CAN GIVE ME THE HAPPINESS YOU HAVE GIVEN IN DIFFERENT WAYS! THANK YOU ?? and yes the writing style is inspied by sochana di! Thank you I was wondering how to convey my message…then I read yours! Thank you…

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  1. Princesskrisha

    Superb madhu I love myself.pls update your ss soon waiting dear.

  2. PrincessesMadhu

    I am so happy to hear that Krisha! 🙂 I am so sorry for not updating my ss yet! I am getting stressed about some issues lately and can’t concentrate on anything…but I will try my best to update today itself or I will at least manage for tomorrow. 😀

  3. Anushri

    Nice os da in tis stressful world every one is load with many pbms and depressed we have love ourself first we shouldn’t care abt others words we should believe our love ones ur words r 100 correct i agree with u totally so awesome baby hav a nice day stay happy and make others happy God bless u all

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Sorry for Late reply ? And Thank you…Not for reading my Os it is for understanding my intention and my view…thanks again…stay smiling ????????

  4. Trisha

    Wow! My sweetie Madhu….what a shot! It was was absolutely superb???…I am so proud of you.???
    And of course I love myself. I mean I have alot of flaws but its those flaws that make me who I am. Im far from perfect but i wouldnt trade that for anything else.
    Sometimes life’s struggles takes a toll on us and we end up hating ourselves thinking that we are inadequate but that’s just life’s way of testing us… It tests our strength…our patience…our devotion…our love towards ourselves and those around us….
    Our job is to rise above these challenges and come out stronger and better than ever….
    Wonderful writing dear…good job…
    Love you sooo much????
    Keep smiling and spreading love???

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Yay!!???? not for liking my OS…it is for saying that u love ur self…and now thank you for being proud of me…but my complete intention is to people to understand no matter who u are, how u are…let me tell u are differently amazing…great..superb…extraordinary…because ur the only piece in the world..haha that sounds bit funny..but u know wat I mean right ?? anyway stay smiling ???? lots of love…???

  5. Rithu

    Superb superb superb

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Thank you….Thank you…Thank you… ????

  6. Awesome shot?I have a doubt is this shot about me?As i replied i hate myself..Oh princess i have tried all those things,the mirror thing everything but whenever i see my face i get frustrated and hit the mirror.I want it to hurt me but it just leaves a red mark?Leave about me i dont care about myself but i want everone else to love themselves.There may be some flaws in everybody but i am full of flaws.Give more wonderful shots??

    1. Where is our conversation princess?It is missing.Can someone delete comments?

      1. PrincessesMadhu

        Well…umm…? I told telly to delete…it? I did not want to stress u out…I thought u would get angry on me for forcing u…but I came to know u read it already…I was so scared that I may want to face ur anger now but ??? U SAID U WILL GIVE UR SELF ANOTHER CHANCE…FOR ME..??. I was so happy…THANK YOU ?? and don’t worry you can do it this time ?? and ur NOT a BAD LUCK!! And and talk to your mum when u feel upset she is the best psychologist or councillor u could EVER EVER HAVE!!! U know I can’t survive without talking to my mum…Have to tell her everything…if I don’t I can’t sleep..can’t eat….can’t do anything…so I really suggest u Tok ur mum…she can do magic…and slowly try to get positive in u…if u can’t yet it’s fine but don’t get negative in u…just be like oh ok…like u know be in the middle…I hope u know wat I mean…and u also have us to Tok too…right? We are all happy to listen to u…no hestitation…seriously…I am not at all lying…like I am damn honest right now…u can Tok to us…and waiting for that status change…honestly…again…no pressure…take ur time…as much as u want okay? I am happy to wait
        …but u shud not change it for me…u shud change it for ur self..ok? Luv you Di…have a wonderful sec,min,hour,day,year, life… stay smiling… ?????????

  7. Reshma_Pradeep

    Superb OS !!!!! Great Thought!!!!!

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Thank you…stay smiling ?????

  8. Whoa Princess I Just Love U !? What A Wonderful Thought !? I am Amazed !??? This was Awesome Madhu ! ???
    Yes I do Love me Soooo Much than anyone else !? But then I Love U too yaar !??
    I wish U keep Smiling and Rocking Forever !?? Reach Great Heights Dear !???
    And plsssssssssssssssss update the next part of Terrible Nightmare on My B’Day !
    Do write More OS when free !? Will read them with same interest and love !?
    And I love your way of writing !? It’s Too Good !?
    Thankssssssssssssss For conveying this Amazing Thought in the form of Awesome Os !???
    Love U Princess !? (I hope u don’t mind me calling u that way)

    1. PrincessesMadhu

      Aww…Thank you and YAY??? thanks for understanding my intention…that’s all I wanted to tell u all…that ur EXTRAORDINARY ???? and thank you for wishing me…right now I only wanna climb my exam ladder without falling…so scared ??????? but I have been studying I think I will be not that bad..but scared still…and my FF…??? so sorry… I will try to update today…I think I can do it tonight…??? and I obviously don’t mind getting called as Princess because I am a princess….hehe ??? even u are..everyone is…oh not boys…haha..?? and i will great to be called as princess not because it is like I am princess…they are rich…wealthy…all that stuff…Idk why…when someone calls me princess….I feel like Iike loved and belonged…makes me so happy ????? Anyway stay smiling…lots of love…from princess ???????

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