His Her is HERE! KKB (One shot)

This is a silly shot, I am so sorry for wasting all your time ?? I got bored while waiting at the checkpoint and scribbled this in a hurry not thinking what I am typing?? Pls don’t hate me for this.

His Her is here only…..

A lady is seen waiting to receive someone in the airport. She is holding onto the sign board to receive the Rockstar.

He looks around and finally see his name on the signboard.

“ Lovely Lady! Here I am!” He said looking at her.

She looked puzzled but never showed that on her face and just smiled pleasantly.

She asked her assistants to carry his luggages to the car as she briefly explained his schedule for the day.

“ Hold on! I am already feeling tired lady! By the way what’s your lovely name?” He asked.

“ Pragya!” She said.

“ You would have known me, I am Abhi the Rockstar!” He said winking at her.

She never reacted to his wink and gestured to him politely to head towards the car.

“ How rude is that? She never respond to my wink?” He thought and mentally scolded her.

Abhi sat beside her in the car and she was not even trying to engage with him in a talk.

All her replies were one word answers if not just nodding her head as if she is not interested in a conversation with him.

“ I will show who I am in the hotel!” He said to himself with a proud look.

They reached the hotel and she passed him the room keys to him.

Along the way to the room, lots of ladies and men swarmed around him for autographs and selfies but she looked least interested on all this.

Her attention was asking the bouncers to make sure his fans are not disturbing him more than once.

Abhi noticed all this and looked at her tensed expression.

Finally his fans were slowly dispersed from the area and Pragya followed him.

“ Always into work ah?” He asked softly.

She nodded in response.

“ May I know, how do you fully focus on work?” He asked politely.

“ Focus is the only thing that I can follow now. And it is the only thing that follows me!” She said with an expressionless face.

“ Hmm…Great thought!” He said and opened his door.

Pragya stood outside until he went inside.
A while later, he rushed behind her and hugged her from back.

Pragya was taken aback of his sudden hug and he pulled her to his room.

She sighed looking at him locking the door.

“ What are you doing?” She questioned him looking fiercely.

“ I am dying here Pragya!” He moaned.

She gave a sickening look as he tried to hug her again.

“ Fuggy! Leave this bet! I can’t handle this anymore!” He said by making faces.

“ Mr Rockstar! Be in your limits!” She told him strictly.

“ Fuggy, I know I had been wrong that day! For that how can you ignore me like this?” He said by hugging her.

Pragya tried to move away from his hug but he was not letting her to do so.

“ You are the one asked me bet me on being focused! I just accidentally hugged you during your meetings, I know it’s wrong to do that in front of your producers but for that you ignored me for a week!” She blurted out.

“ In return you are ignoring me for a month! This is not fair Fuggy!” He said by giving a pout.

“ Let me go!” She protested in his hug and he too was getting angry for her behaviour.

Letting her off, he said “ This is your decision?”

“ Yes! Focusing on ignoring u until we are married!” She said confidently.

“ Well, then I have to go and see her!” He said by removing his shirt.

Pragya looking at him shirtless turned away and asked “ Who are u meeting?”

“ That’s not your problem right as u are ignoring me!” He said as he headed towards the bathroom still wondering whether his words are working in her mind.

“ Wait! You mean HER???” She alarmed and ran towards him.

He was about to open the bathroom’s door when she back hugged her and was weeping continuously.

Abhi enjoying her hug thought of teasing her for a while.

“ She does Thai massage as well…such a mesmerizing massage….” He said with eyes closed in pleasure.

Pragya making him face her “ What the hell? You get massages from HER?? How dare she and that to after knowing I am engaged to u!!” She yelled and crying at the same time.

“ Calm down! Relax!!!” He said by trying to calm her down and she hugged him as he patted her back.

By stopping her cries, she said “ I will do massage for you…you don’t have to go to HER!” She said having her head against his chest.

“ Okay Fuggy, just give me two minutes and I will be back after my shower!” He said and went to the bathroom.

Pragya smiled wiping her tears.

She knew he is not telling the truth but she can’t bear to hear HER coming in their lives again.

Pragya left a message to his phone and left his room.

After coming out of the bathroom, he was disappointed to see Pragya missing.

He checked his phone and there was Pragya’s message.

He read it and smiled as he collapsed on the bed.

Pragya’s message:
Never ever think about HER! Never ever talk about HER! Your only her is HERE at the lift lobby waiting for you! Come fast!

“ I know she is very protective of me until she is doing security guard duty for me at the lift lobby!” He said that and chuckled by getting ready to see her.


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