Kkb-The night mare of abhi…. Os


Abhi woke up and search for his chashmish but she is not there so he went out and asked aliyah, ‘hey aliyah do you know where did this chashmish went?’ Aliyah asked questionedly ‘chashmish?’ because she had no idea who is chashmish then abhi asked purab ‘hey purab please tell where is chashmish’ purab also seems to be in no idea who the chashmish is both aliyah and purab looked so confused then a lady come in a red dress which is above her knees she was wearing over make up with red lipstick ‘wow bhabhi you look so elegant’ said Aliyah the lady with red dress replied ‘thank you allu’ ‘bhabhi? Hey why you both are calling tanu as bhabhi?’ asked abhi questionedly yeah that girl with red dress is tanu the supermodel ‘because she is your wife’ answered purab ‘what?! How can she be my wife?’ asked abhi ‘why can’t I be?’ asked tanu that time ‘how can I marry you when I already married my chashmish’ said abhi by pointing his pragya ‘what? When did you marry her? she is just a teacher’ asked tanu in anger ‘you can ask her itself’ answered abhi pragya said ‘what? Me married him? No not at all I never talked to him then how can I marry him?’ asked pragya ‘what? I know you are all doing prank don’t prank me’ said abhi ‘abhi I’m your wife I’m Mrs. Tanu abhishek Mehta!’ said tanu for abhi it’s like somebody stabbed him

He was continously saying ‘no it can’t happen’ then he fell from the bed yes you are correct this dumb abhi was dreaming! ‘what? Am I dreaming? Thank God it’s just a Dream no not dream it’s a nightmare’ said abhi to himself then he shouted for his chashmish ‘why are you shouting like anything?’ asked pragya then abhi hugged her so tight ‘arey leave me’ said pragya ‘no I won’t’ said abhi

The end

I hope you all like this os pls do comment after reading it and tell me if you want me to write another os till that bye bye

Credit to: Pinky

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  1. Arshifan

    Very nice yar…its really a nightmare for abhi..keep on writing..good luck

  2. super……….

  3. Suha

    awsm!! write more

  4. Funny n soooo cute OS yaar

  5. Sabeenia

    Cute pinky……

  6. So cute pinky??

  7. It was awesome I loved it

  8. Vaishali

    awesome pinky so so so cute loved it a lot

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