KKB-New meeting os (Chapter 1)


Hi this is my first os I hope you all will like it and pls do comment if its nice or not I hope its not too long if its means pls adjust it

‘why me why its always me’ said a girl in crying voice, her lips are like baby’s lips, her cheeks are rosy as snow white, her eyes are beautiful as we will lost in it and yes she is our pragya! it is shown that she is crying as a shining tear can be seen in her eyes “why its always me? What did I do to him? Why he did do this to me Did I did anything bad?’ She was blabbering the same thing again and again ‘I don’t want to live in this cruel earth i just want to die sorry ma and sorry bulbul’ she said she was walking in the middle of the road so she can die by accident and as her wish a truck is about to hit her but a man saves her like a hero!

‘I’m sure that today will be the happiest day in your life and we will get married and dadi also will be so happy’ said a man who was sitting in the car by seeing a ring he has a black studs in his ears, a dog tag chain around his neck and a ball kinda bracelets around his hands and yes he is abhi the rock star! He took his phone and called to someone ‘tanu be ready today will be the best day of your life’ he said in the phone

yes the other person of the call is cruel selfish tanu! ‘Why abhi? Why are saying that? Said tanu ‘just do what I say make some decorations in your house’ said abhi ‘okay as you wish’ said tanu and ended the call then he says to himself today will be his happiest day too then he saw a truck coming towards a girl so he rush to that girl to save her like a hero he pushed her by saving her from the accident

‘Why did you save me?’ said pragya with teary eyes

‘Are you mad? If I didn’t save you means the truck would hit you’ said abhi

‘I was happy that I’m gonna die but you just spoiled it I don’t want to live anymore’ said pragya with anger and teary eyes

‘What you wanna die? Think about your loved ones like your mother, father or your boyfriend’ said abhi

Hearing the word boyfriend pragya started to sob badly by sitting in the ground by blabbering ‘ why did you leave me? What did I do?’

Everyone in that area started got attention on pragya and abhi ‘hey miss everyone are watching us so you pls stop crying’ said abhi by seeing around

But pragya was not in the mood to hear this so she continuously blabbering the same sentences

Abhi don’t know what to do so he took pragya to his car and and started to drive after sometimes he stops his car where no one is there then he say that pragya was still crying ‘why did you leave me?’ Said pragya by crying

‘Who left you?’ Asked abhi

‘It…its Su…sure……suresh said pragya by sobbing but after saying the name she started to sob so bad

‘Hey miss I don’t know what you are saying but I can understand that you are hurt by someone if you don’t mind you can share with me’ asked abhi

Pragya wipes her tears by blinking at abhi ‘hey don’t worry I will not say to anybody’ said abhi pragya laughs at him by seeing his childish behavior ‘finnaly you laughed okay tell me why you was crying’ asked abhi

‘Its okay I will tell you actually me and my best friend Suresh are going to marry I love him a lot and I thought he too loved me but…he loved my sister bulbul today I came to know the truth and tomorrow is our engagement’ said pragya in crying voice

‘What he loves your sister and and he is going toarry you?’ Asked abhi

Pragya nods her head yes ‘how on earth a man could betray his own best friend? I mean you both are best friends and you love him but he doesn’t love you then why he is going to marry? I suggest you to stop the marriage so it will be for you, your sister and for everyone think about it’ said abhi in a caring voice

Pragya has tears in her eyes because no one has cared her so much like abhi do ‘okay I will think’ said pragya ‘don’t think do it’ said abhi ‘well thank you for giving me a solution and sorry for torturing you’ said pragya

‘Hey I accepted you as my friend so you should say thanks nor sorry if you say means I will kill you’ said abhi

Pragya said ‘OK baba I will not’ and they both laughs ‘I think its too late bye’ said pragya ‘wait I will drop you’ said abhi ‘no already you were going somewhere and I have disturbed you so I will go by rickshaw or taxi’ said pragya ‘no you should not go alone it will be dangerous and as a man I will always protect ladies and now you became my friend also so I won’t let you go alone’ said abhi ‘okay I’m coming to protect ladies only you saved me ah?’ Asked pragya ‘Yeah because of that I got a new friend now’ said abhi with a smile in his face ‘Where are you going?’ Asked pragya ‘well I’m going to my girlfriend’s house’ said abhi ‘did I disturbed you? I’m sorry’ said pragya ‘if you say sorry again means I will kill you and you didn’t disturb me’ said abhi

‘Okay I will not’ said pragya ‘actually my dadi had a heart attack yesterday’ said abhi ‘what happened to dadi? How is she now?’ Asked pragya with concern ‘she is fine now but doctor told to make her wish come true’ said abhi ‘yeah you should make her wish come true. You should do whatever dadi says’ said pragya abhi nods his head ‘this is my house bye good night take care’ said pragya ‘bye chashmish’ said abhi ‘chashmish?’ Asked pragya ‘yeah chashmish because I don’t know your name’ said abhi ‘my name is pr_ _’ started pragya suddenly her phone rings ‘ma is calling bye’ said pragya abhi waves his hand and left from that place

Pragya stands infront of her house ‘pragya you should do this or it may spoil Bulbul’s life as well as your life so you must go and say’ say pragya to herself to make her confident that she can do it

She went inside the home and sees everyone are preparing for her marriage ‘pragya where you’ve been? Why didn’t you take my calls? Asked sarla, pragya’s ma

‘Ma I have to tell you one thing’ said pragya ‘but answer my question’ said sarla pragya with loud voice ‘ma hear me I don’t want to marry Suresh’ everybody are shocked by pragya ‘why di you and Suresh jiju love so much Na?’ Asked bulbul, pragya’s sister ‘bulbul he doesn’t love me but he loves you’ said pragya

Abhi reached tanu’s house and went inside the house ‘abhi’ said tanu in exciting voice by hugging him ‘wow you look so beautiful’ said abhi ‘aww.. Thank you you too Mr.handsome’ said tanu ‘tanu do you do whatever I say?’ Asked abhi ‘anything for you my sweetheart’ said tanu ‘tanu you know na my dadi has heart attack she is at her last stage’said abhi ‘so what should I do?’ Asked tanu ‘doctor says that we should make her wish come true’ said abhi and he kneels down and took a ring and said ‘will you marry me?’ Asked abhi

‘Of course I will but not now’ said tanu ‘but why? You also want us to get married but why not now?’ Asked abhi ‘abhi I have signed a contract according to that I should not get married’ said tanu ‘what kind of contract is this?shouted abhi in anger ‘okay choose one either me or your stupid career’ asked abhi ‘abhi try to understand th__’ started tanu ‘I don’t want your damn explanation just tell me or your career?’ Asked abhi ‘of course career because money is all important in life we just need money’ said tanu ‘thank god today I came to know about your reality and tanu I’m breaking all he relationship with you’ said abhi anger in his eyes ‘what!!???’ Asked tanu in shock ‘and yeah I lied you that you are looking beautiful but you are looking like a bhootni(ghost) no no you look scarier than the ghost’ said abhi ‘what are you saying??’ Asked tanu ‘I’m saying the truth and bye forever’ said abhi and left the place ‘abhi abhi abhi!!’ Shouted tanu but its waste of calling him

Abhi went to his house and went to dadi’s room ‘dadi I will marry a girl of your choice’ said abhi and left the room dadi gets elated by hearing this

After two months

‘Pragya the groom’s family is coming get ready fast’ said sarla ‘okay ma’ said pragya and went to her room and grooms family came bulbul sees the groom and she came to the room so fast ‘di the groom is looking so handsome’ said bulbul ‘oh’ pragya replied ‘di if you reject jiju means its okay then he will be your jiju by marrying me’ said bulbul by winking at pragya ‘shut up let’s see whose jiju he is going to be’ said pragya

She came to the living room and sees two children running and a boy is sitting in between two old ladies ‘she is pragya meri beti (my daughter)’ said sarla groom and pragya sees each other and both are shock to see each other because the groom is non other than our abhi! ‘You?’ They shouted at the same time everybody because confused by them ‘beta do you both know each other’ asked dadi ‘yeah dadi I know her’ said abhi ‘I have to talk to you alone’ said pragya ‘okay go to the terrace’ said sarla

They both left to the terrace ‘so you are Ms.pragya arora?’ Asked abhi ‘yes and you are Mr.abhishek prem mehra’said pragya ‘yes its me and chashmish suits you better’said abhi they both laugh ‘come let’s go down and say no’ said pragya abhi holds her wrists and asked ‘why?’ ‘Because we are so different’ said pragya ‘what so different? You know that we both are heart broken and we both care for our family! And you only said that I should do anything for dadi’ said abhi ‘but’ started pragya ‘no buts and ifs you know about my past and I know about your past so what? We could just get married’ said abhi pragya smiled as her reply was yes ‘you mean you said yes to this marriage!?? Oh my god let’s go down and say to everybody’ said abhi

They went down and said to everybody that they both are ready to get married and everyone gets happy and started to arrange their marriage soon AbhiGya gets married and abhi started loving pragya and one day he proposed her and she said yes and they live happily ever after

Sorry for the spelling mistakes I hope you are all not bored and sorry if I bored you and I dedicate this os to my friends and yeah you must be thinking how a stranger can share their personal details to another stranger I know its so illogical in real kkb they are many illogical things and we are adjusting that so like that pls adjust this also and pls let me know by the comment that you like this is or not negative and positive comments are welcome and once again I’m very very sorry if this os was biring and thanks for spending your valuable comments

Take care,

Credit to: sha a

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