KKB New FF Teaser 2

Hi everyone,Guys i am not somiya ?.Yr,i am Aytac.U all were considering me somiya from sowmii…????Lets see the second teaser.

Teaser 2
Girl:I really don’t know what to say!I wanted to live a simple life not complicated life means A life which we live for money..
Boy:So,u wanted a simple life.But how suddenly this thought came in ur mind.
Girl:Nothing,Whenever i see them this thought always came in my mind.
So,now u guys r thinking that i have said in my first teaser that this is not a luv story and whom the girl is talking.He is a boy and who she is referring to.?

Next Scene
A girl is sitting near the lake and a cool breeze is blowing.Girl is smiling and blushing.And says how i can i forget u.Just because of u i was happy and now see what happens go me.And then suddenly started laughing.

Why the girl is blushing,smiling and laughing all of a sudden and who she is reffering too….

I will give first episode on 6 aug.Till then wait.And once again yr i am Aytac and don’t ask me why i write sowmii??????Bye..

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  1. Maahi

    srrry i thougt ur somiya but ur amazinggg in ur thoughts superrbbb teaser keeeep rocking

  2. Riyashri

    Yaar ! U r the one who wrote this ah ! ?????
    I loved that teaser soooooooo much …. And now this one too !!????
    Waiting to read your first epi !? I had already told before that this one is soooo different and It is really soo Nice to see My Another Fav Commentor’s Writing !????
    I had read all your comments …. And u r also one of My Fav …. U r just Awesome !! ?????…….???Especially in Surbhi Di’s Updates …. As soon as I read it The next hing I do is to search and read your comments !!?
    Truly speaking I was your Secret Admirer !??? And now is your fan too !?
    Love u ! ?
    And I am waiting to see a lot from u ! ?

    1. Oh yr ??????i am also ur secret fan.U r such a sweet heart.And everyone don’t be sorry.It’s my mistake and u all r saying sorry.I am sorry for the blunder??Luv u riya????

  3. Ohhh i am sry,superb teaser n a diff story waiting for ur 1st epi.

  4. Superb!!

  5. Don’t be sorry guys i am feeling like cheating .????And Sorry to all of u ???

    1. Riyashri

      Y r u feeling like that ! It isn’t your mistake atall !! U know something it not anyone’s mistake ! Ppl thought it to be somiya as she is not active her for quite a long time ! So they thought that she has come back ! No worries ! And don’t feel like this yaar !? This is a Place were u can be happy to the fullest making others too happy ! ??In that case U need to be proud of yourself ! And I proud to be your fan !? And as u are also my sissy now …No Sorry No Thanq here after !! ?

      1. Actually she is on holidays,soon she will be there.And i also miss her??So much..

      2. I mean here

  6. Superb teaser… Waiting for the story to begin…

  7. It’s the best birthday gift ever THANK u for starting it on my birthday??????????

  8. Nice n interesting teaser yaar waiting for your 1st episode

  9. super duper hit and interesting teaser Aytac tussi chha gaye I loved it yr ???

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