KKB New FF Teaser 1

Hi everyone,i am going to start a new ff soon this is the first teaser. 😊.Make sure guys this is not related to love story.😃Because i think there r many more things to be notice than love☺As luv matters only in reel life not in real life.This story will contain real life antics not reel life things.So,if u r interested u r most welcome otherwise i will not force u to read this.So,let’s see the first teaser

Teaser 1
Everything changes with time.Firstly our thinking,our huge box of thoughts are changed.According to our thoughts we r the best,we r the most loving and caring person and no one can in this world never ever help,care or love the way we do.And then our second thought we love our parents more than they love and they didn’t even understand us.After parent’s it’s come to our other relations i.e our friends,cousin,grand parents.e.t.c.After that it comes to justice,equality,status e.t.c and again we say that we r the best.And many more things r there we itself very well knows😉
Now we have to see that just like us does this girl also thought the same.Does she live her life just like the way we live?

For this u guys have to wait for up coming updates.😉If u guys wants so i will continue it.😃Stay tuned for the next teaser 😊.Till then Bye 😃

Credit to: Sowmii


  1. Riyashri


    |Registered Member

    Hello Sowmii ! Good Teaser yaar ! Nice Concept !! Hmm ….. Things other than love ….. Different one ! Keep Going !! And do continue !
    Waiting for your next teaser ! Good Luck for your new FF !
    And r u from India ???

  2. Maahi


    |Registered Member

    omg omg omg omg SS is backkkkkkkkkkk with a bangggggggg missed u a lottt evrywhere dr nd u always eock the floor sia uuu always think differently nd nd thts yyyyy ur UNIQUE NOT ANTIQUE MAN!!!!!u just rule our hearts nd wat kind of a questin is dizz tht u shld continue haa???u sillly girl v r longing to hv uu nd uuuu nvr undrstand tht awsome thoughts again keep rocking dr sooooooo excited

  3. Sandhya

    OMG!!! sowmi di only u can think differently di such a wonderful teaser di waiting for ur nxt teaser n for 1st epi.pls continue di.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.