Well after causing every one a lot of pain I can very ashamedly say I am embarrassed, but Pragya is still holding me. she is human and she doesn’t know what she is doing but she is doing it, she is holding me and offering me comfort, it is what a mate does, they make sure they offer comfort to their partner and it is inbuilt, Pragya’s every instinct is telling her to do so and she is doing it without even knowing what she is doing.
Purab managed to get to Bulbul and the moment he touched her and dragged her into his arms, their pain clearly decreased, now they just look uncomfortable…
I don’t know what happens but one moment I am being held and comfoortated by Pragya and the next I am being pushed away from her, I turn to look at her and she looks at me with anger,
P: (with anger and pointing at Bulbul) you did this, I don’t know what you did but you did this, you hurt my sister and your family simply because of your stupid pride. Look, I cannot let my sister stay in this your world for her to get hurt like this so we are leaving..NOW!!
Me: I rush to her and try to hold her arms, she jerks away from me, that simple rejection hurts soo much more that someone actually stabbing me in the gut. When she jerks her hands away from me, all my energy drains from the rejection, I try to hide the pain tearing through me at her rejection but I am too weak I can’t even stand any more…I just nod to her yes and tell Purab who looks marginally better to take them away…
My dadi tries to say something but I silence her with a look. You see the problem with mating is, you are inclined to give your mate what she wants despite what you want, and at this moment what my mate wants is to leave with her sister form our world, what I want at this moment is to beg her to stay but I can’t because I have to give her what she needs. So I shut up and ask Purab to take them.
I look at Pragya one more time and I turn my back to her and look away, if I look at her am afraid I will not let her go, I can feel her confusion and is that a slight bit of hurt? But what should I do this is what she wants! I hear her pull away and leave with her sister….i immediately begin to hurt

I asked to leave with my sister and truth is I want her to leave, I don’t want her mixed in this world, I don’t even understand the damn wolf world my self so I want her gone but when I said I wanted to leave with her I knew Abhi would ask me to stay and when he came to ask me, I was still angry so I jerked my hands away from him, I saw the pain on his face, I saw the pain in his eyes, I felt it and for a moment I actually re thought my leaving, however when he simply nodded his head and asked Purab to take us away I was HURT!! I wanted him to ask me to stay, call it a girl thing but I wanted him to show that he wanted me there. And as if that is not bad enough he actually turned his back to me without so much as a good bye, I felt like someone just ripped me apart when he did that, but I can’t complain! I asked to leave after all
I head to the car with Purab and Bulbul. Purab is now feeling way better and Bulbul looks fine too. A bit shaken but fine, she is slowly walking behind Purab. We get to the car, I first stand outside and look at the house, I hope Abhi is going to come out of there running to stop me but five minutes pass and he has not come out, Bulbul is already seated in the car and is resting her head on the headrest, I look at her and then at the house one last time and I get in the car, Purab looks sorry at me but gets in the car too and drives away, I look at the house through my window and keep hoping for Abhi to come out, he doesn’t.
Now we have left the house behind and I can’t see it anymore, the thing is though I am beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable in my stomach like someone is pulling at something that doesn’t want to be pulled. I place my hand on my stomach and ignore the pain, I have Abhi to think about.
However the pain doesn’t stop it gets worse, the further away we drive from the house the worse it becomes. It is begging to really hurt. Like someone has lit a fire in my stomach. I try to hold on but I fail, it is getting worse by the second, I boil over and fall on bulbul, my face is twisted in a sign that I am in explicable pain. Soon I start moaning. Bulbul asks what is wrong with me but I can’t even explain or talk….

Iam still driving and am now looking behind too, I am confused, like what the hell is going on? The pain Pragya is in is getting worse, she is now screaming in pain. Its like no pain scream I have ever heard and I have been to many pack wars and seen things but non of them have ever been in this much pain! Bulbul is also screaming at me asking what we did to her sister! Like seriously?? I am absolutely confused and the only thing I could think about is taking her to a hospital ASAP! Then I get a phone call…Its Dadi..
P: (winded and agitated) hello Dadi..
Dd: Purab I don’t care what that girl says drive her back here or we shall not have an alpha by the end of today..
P: dadi I can’t I have to go to hospital..but why did you say that?
Dd; hospital? Why?
P: I don’t know dadi but Pragya is is terrible pain, it’s a wonder you can’t hear her screaming.
Dd: don’t waste time Purab, drive her back here now!
P: but Dadi she needs a hospital or a healer..we don’t have a healer, so hospital it is!
Dd: listen child, Abhi is in pain as well, the one Pragya is feeling, Purab she is human and she is feeling it that much now can you just imagine what Abhi is feeling right now? Him as a wolf should feel it twice Pragya’s so just imagine that!!
P; but what is going on Dadi
Dd: I can’t explain now but all you should know is that the pain will stop once Pragya is in Abhi’s arms…get her back here NOW!!
I don’t need to be told twice, I swerve the car on the road and head back to the den, I am driving at 180km/hr. but I don’t care!!

Ok what the hell is going on, I am in an abyss of pain, this kind of pain I have never felt before, they say pain inflicted by an Alpha’s power is the worst kind, but they have never felt this. This is not pain, this is something else!! I am writhing and it’s like someone is tearing something from me. You see it all started when Pragya went out and the car setoff, it started small and then It grew gradually, now its at the peak and getting worse..whoever said a peak was the highest point clearly didn’t know what they were talking about because this pain is past a peak!
I want to undress, but then I can’t I am hot all over and totally uncomfortable….I think I have even passed out because now I cannot hear my family worry anymore all I hear is the wolf in my head, its in pain too and it has passed out too!

We are back at Abhi’s house, the moment we reach the house, Purab jumps out of the car before it is even fully packed, he opens pries the door open and grabs my sister and runs with her to the house, he is too fast, too fast for a human carrring a person but I don’t really care about that at this moment, all I care about is Pragya. I follow Purab and he heads upstairs to a bed room. I am on the stairs and I can feel grunts of pain, real pain like my sister is in right now, I hurry and catch up with Purab just as he enters the room. It is Abhi, on the bed and he is in pain too. Ok what the hell is going on?? Abhi is writhing, and its disconcerting seeing a strong and agile man like Abhi be like this.
Dadi hurries to Purab and tells him to place Pragya down on the bed next to Abhi, he does so and immediately they stop writhing I pain, as if on instinct…more like remote control, Abhi rolls over and Pulls Pragya closer to him? My sister breathes a sigh of utmost relief and cuddles him tighter….the PAIN IS GONE JUST LIKE THAT!! saying I am in shock is an understatement!!
I can tell I have been put on a bed and then the moment I touch it, someone holds me in his arms there and then, I know 100% it is Abhi, and the moment he touches me, my pain marginally disappears!! Its not all gone, I can still feel it, but the excruciating killing pain is gone. At the moment also all I want to do is cuddle so deep into Abhi I get lost in him, so I move closer and literally wrap myself around him. The more we stay closer together touching, the more the pain disappears and soon I feel nothing at all.
Thing is I don’t want to leave Abhi’s arms he feels sooo good. I can’t even think of moving. After the pain I have been in, this feeling is pure heaven!
However I need answers like what the hell just happened? So I open my eyes to find a rugged looking Abhi stating down at me. he looks like he has been to hell and back and then I know he felt it too
“you felt it? The pain?” I ask. “yes” he says
What happened, what caused it?” I ask “you left” he answers
Wait what? this happened because I left..
“But how?” I ask. He looks at me as if contemplating something and then says “we need to talk.”

Precap! I didn’t see them coming, now iam wolf food!!

Sorry if epi is short and boring. I am quite busy today so I posted what I could. And about by the moon, this is part five of Abhigya…which I have taken to 7 parts instead of initial 5. The story with other couples is related though. I will be posting like for Rabul, but we shall still see what goes on in Abhigya’s life and so on. its one big connected story but with different parts. Thinks of it as a novel with sequels

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