Hello guys…thanks sooo much for previous comments and today’s comments in advance! I Have to tell you I feel uninspired today and very busy. I will not post my other FF….HOW IT SHOULD BE! But I promise I will post double episode of it tomorrow and also this one. Or if not, I will post today very late. Like at 7pm. AM SORRY!!
Sorry if I bored you with this one today but I wrote when I am sooo not inspired and I feel I did poor job. So sorry for boring you!!
So to our Episode
I wake up and I am sooooo confused..like where the hell am I? I am 1000% sure this ain’t my damn bed!! This is soft and comfy and ohhhhh can I stay in for like forever and ever and eveeer!!! my bed is hard and small!! I am soo comfy I just have to enjoy this bed!! You see if I am dreaming about it, then I just have to enjoy it before I wake the hell up!! so I turn on my back spread myself on the bed like spread eagle style…and I begin moving by arms and I legs in all directions on the bed….on like the sixth time, I hit something, and then the something holds my leg and it doesn’t come back, that something is warm and the something holding my leg is fingers, of a hand, a human hand….wait why do I have a human hand in my dream bed??….i then sit bolt upright and look around, my head turns to the right and my eyes land on the most handsome face I have ever seen, he looks at me and cocks his eyebrows up twice and that’s when it hits me!! HOLY SHIT THIS IS NOT A DREAM! All the memories from last night come rushing back in a storm…being fired, then wolves, HUGE WOLVES, being almost eaten, being chased, then almost being killed again, then kissing a hot man, this hot man, I can feel my eyes grow, bigger and bigger and my heart is pumping faster and faster…then I can’t take it anymore, it is too much information and I need an outlet so I .WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

“Are you f**king shitting me right now?? and for the love of Kanha can you SHUT UP, shut the hell up!!”
This is what I am trying to get this girl to listen too, but in vain, she is still letting loose an ear splitting scream. Ok like seriously, she is just remembering to do this now? She was supposed to do this last night, I mean she managed not to scream the night before, after all she saw, hell she didn’t scream when she was being chased by a wolf intent on killing her but she is just remembering to do this now?!! And BTW she is still screaming her lungs out, her tinie tiny lungs and for a wolf with super sensitive hearing, I can assure you my ears are going to suffer from temporary deafness and that is something quite serious considering we have accelerated healing!!
I do the only thing I can think of to save myself permanent deafness. I roll on top of her and put my hand over her mouth! She shuts up and opens her eyes!! She sees me, her eyes open wider and then she screams again thankfully into my hand! So no deafening noise, trust me, with a scream, more like a screech like that I am very glad, extremely glad she didn’t scream last night!!

She finally shuts up, I guess she has realized it is not helping at all! Thing is now there are several people banging down my door, I can hear Raj’s deep voice “Abhi I swear if you don’t open this door in three seconds, I am gonna break it down, 1..2..”
“Oh Dude relax, am coming, don’t break my damn door!” after saying this I can hear about 6 sighs from the other side, I rush and open the door, my entire family, that is Dadi, Dasi, Aaliya, Raj, Akash and Purab come rushing into my room, Aaliya makes a beeline for Pragya, only for her to say..

“Arey, hold it I won’t harm you!” I turn around only to see Pragya has jumped out of bed and is now wielding a dress hanger at my sister like she is holding a sword, ok! Where the hell did she get the damn thing and secondly, seriously? a hanger? on a wolf? I have nothing to do I just burst and laugh!! She turns to me and gives me a stink eye which just makes me laugh more, she then pushes her mouth in her nose and promptly ignores me!
“Stay away from me!!” she says, in her version of a menacing voice, it’s actually convincing, and all I am thinking is damn, she is going make a very interesting wolf and a formidable Alpha b*t*h! Like really she is brave, just look at her, facing down the head family of the Mehra clan with a hanger!!

Raj despite being all menacing and grumpy looking with that scar on his face, is actually a sweetheart! He trains pups and molds them into fierce warriors, for someone to be able to do that, he need to know how to deal with timid and scared people, and to say Pragya is timid and scared right now is the perfect description of the word, understatement!! Anyway Raj pulls out his skills of training timid people and steps forward and extends his arm to her, she is still wielding the hanger and moving it from side to side pointing it at every one, Raj smiles adoringly at her and I have to say, I am dying of jealousy! I should be the one comforting her and making her calm down, she is my damn mate!! It takes everything in me not to knock raj over the head and take over, but I know, if anyone is going to calm her down, it is him so I control my damn wolf urges and reign in my temper!

Raj has now stopped like 2 feet away from her and she is concentrating on him alone, he extends his hand and says
“give me the hanger little one, no one is going to harm you, if we wanted that we could have done it last night, but you slept here and you are still fine and besides, if any of us tried, Abhi over here will kill us before the minute is even up!”
“Well I didn’t see him protecting me from doggie last night!” she says through clenched teeth and then raises her eyebrows. I am shocked, and my mouth is open, this tiny this practically promised to Maul me if I help her, fine I know she can’t actually maul me, but I had to respect her wishes and that’s what I did, so why is she complaining!! WOMEN!!
Dadi smiles and tells her “Beta we all remember you particularly telling him not to fight for you because you would maul him after you maul doggie”
Everyone smiles at this. She too looks sheepish and smiles a little she then says “I said that, didn’t I?”
Everyone nods in affirmative

She then relaxes and drops the arm wielding the hanger to her side but she stays holding the hanger, she says “I guess you all would have had me for dinner by now if you wanted too, huh?”
Dasi laughs and says “Haan, we could have, but human meat is not nice for us beta”
Raj now smiles at her and steps closer to take the hanger, she immediately goes back to her defensive position and points at Raj with the hanger, Raj just cocks an eyebrow at her and says “really?”
She looks at the hanger then at raj , then the hanger then at Raj, this time sheepishly, guess she has realized that hanger cannot do anything against Raj, she extends her hand slowly and gives it Raj. He takes it and says “Good girl” and gives her his award winning smile, she smiles back timidly..
Thing is where I am, I am sooo pisced and Jealous at Raj, I have seen wolves act irrationally when it comes to their mates, hell my Father used to punch anything male that came next to my mum, I found it soo stupid and senseless and used to tell my daa so, he always just told me, wait till you find your mate, you will know why I act like that.
One time I was messing with my Uncle, Tau ji, because he was acting same way about my Aunt Tai ji, he simply looked at me and He asked a simple question, he said “son, if someone came cut off your breath, or even threatened to do so what would you do?”
“I would kill him!” I said
He nodded his head thoughtfully saying “uhhm uhhm, another thing beta, if someone tried to still some of that breath, what would you do?”
“Uncle, my breath is just enough for me, if you steal some of it then you are trying to kill me so I kill you first!”
“ok last thing beta, someone comes so close to your breath and then your breath decides it wants to be their breath and not yours anymore, then what ”
“Tau ji, that’s stupid question, but my breath is mine, I wouldn’t let anyone get close to it, I cannot give it the chance to become someone else’s breath”

My uncle then smiled at me and said “son, your mate is your breath!” and then he left from there. I dismissed my uncle then because I thought he was just a sentimental old man. Now though I totally understand, from the way I wanted to kill Raj right now trust me I understood!
Oh and also I now have a whole room of people looking at me like I am mad, Raj is looking at me cockily, Purab and Akash have big shit eating grins on their faces, Dadi Dasi and Aaliya are looking at me like am mad and the Pragya..she is looking at me from under her eyelashes like she wants me on her right now…I can smell her arousal from where I am and it is so intoxicating…
That’s when I realize the reason, due to my jealousy I was growling at raj, the rest found it funny and Pragya found it HOT!! All in want to do is go to her and give her what she wants!!
That’s when my stupid sister shouts disgustedly while looking at me and Pragya..”OH GUYS COME ON!!” and leaves the room, everyone follows her and I am left alone with Pragya.

Ok I am in a room alone, with a very hot man, thank Krishna he is not naked!! But I still want him. I am a virgin, I know from what I have been doing with this man that is unbelievable but it is true, so that is why I am very confused right now, I shouldn’t be so s*xually active, I shouldn’t feel these feelings for a man I met last night, LAST NIGHT!! But I do and I am frustrated, but what should I do?
“why were you out last night that late?”
“uhh? What?” I look at him confused!
“Last night, why were you out so late at that ungodly hour?” he isnow looking at me like a father looks a child he is scolding.
“Oh last night, yeah I got fired from my job, took me hours to pack up, and then I walked around feeling sorry for myself and I missed the train, I decided to walk home?
“you mean your 15miles away home?” he put arms Akimbo and raised his eyebrows
“haan, that one!” I raised one eyebrow
“and what time exactly where you going to reach there?” raised eyebrow too
“I would have been there by now if a damn beast hadn’t interrupted my peaceful walking and pity party!”
“Damn girl, it was past midnight, were you going to walk for the whole night?” he is now clearly frustrated…so am I.
“sure why not, it is what I was already doing before I got interrupted?”
“interrupted, you call that INTERUPTED!! You were almost turned into a rogue wolf’s road kill! ” he is flailing his arms infront of him now
“soo? I am totally fine and what is your problem why are you all screwed up!!”
“OHH! Help me Kanha! You totally don’t see the harm in what you were doing, you could be DEAD! And you don’t care don’t you have a family that cares whether you are dead or alive, or are you just selfish you only care for yourself and not your family??! ”
“first of all, you are not my family or husband, so don’t you dare shout at me again, and secondly I have family…family..HOLY SHIT I HAVE A FAMILY!!”
OK CRAP CRAP CRAP, how did I forget, atleast I could have called, but seriously how could I, BUT with what was going on..shit..BULBUL!! I stay with her, she should be worried sick!! I am now rushing and throwing things over, I cannot find my bag, I turn to Abhi,
“where is my hand bag?”
“you had one?”he looks confused
“yeah I did and it had my damn phone!!”
“well we definitely didn’t bring one so if you say u had one, then it’s in the woods!”
“Shit shit shit! Give me your phone. Please tell me wolves keep phones!”
He cocks an eyebrow but walks to the dresser and gives me his phone.

I grab it and dial my sister….thank God she picks immediately
“Bulbul, Bulbul”
“Bulbul, I am fine, I swear, I just got fired, then then I got lost and I got Att..” I look at Abhi and he has a don’t say anything look on his face. I guess being a werewolf is not something to tell the whole world huh!
“Hold up Di, you what, you got fired?”
“why? Was it that Saira b*t*h, I swear I will pull out her hair!”
“yeah it was her, she said I was a lazy bones! Anyway just know I am fine I will come back soon and tell you the rest like at…”
I don’t complete my sentence when the phone is grabbed and I turn to see Abhi is talking to my sister….shit I am dead, I don’t come home for the night and then a man talks to my sister, crap I will never hear the end of this from Bulbul!


Pragya is talking on phone and I realize she is telling her sister she has to go see her, which means she is going to leave me and thinking about it, my heart literally feels like it’s being torn out. This is when I realize how hard this mate thing can hit someone, now I understand why my Da and ma never stayed apart for even 2hours. It is because it literally hurts being away. Just even thinking about it is painful. Pragya may not know this yet, but by fact that she is my mate, if she even steps away from me and leaves, she will be in pain!! I can’t hurt us both not if I have something to do about it!!

So I grab her phone and talk to her sister. Bulbul is at first shocked when she hears a man’s voice say hello. first she screams and goes into a if you have harmed my sister I will kill you tirade, I am glad that at least one of them has some self preservation sense! However I calm her down and explain how I found her lost and I was kind enough to take her home since she was very tired, it was 3am and I stay near and with my family that has 4 females. This calms her and then she breaks into a high pitched girly squeal. I have to hold the phone away from my ear and I look at Pragya, she just shrugs her shoulders in a way of saying…you grabbed the phone so deal with it! guess she knows her sister quiet well huh!

When the squealing stops I put back the phone and say, your sister is fine but very tired, I honestly can’t have her moving right now….i can literally feel her go stiff on the other side of the line and I am quick to correct her telling her I promise I never did anything inappropriate with her sister! She relaxes and I ask her if she is ok with coming to see her sister. She says ok and I tell her I will send a guy named Purab to pick her up. I give her Purab’s number and tell her he will call her I tell her to bring extra cloths for her sister too!! She says ok and hangs up.
I turn to Pragya who is looking at me then says…. “I am leaving with my sister…no way I am leaving her in a den of werewolves!! Get that!!”


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