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So our next episode!


I am still trying to get over the fact that I am going to be dead with in the week simply because the very clever and well meaning Kanha and Radha gave me a human mate! Fact is Pragya will be dead in a day, and by now I have come up with all possible ways in my head of how she is going to be mauled by she wolves. Hell some will travel from American packs just to see the human who has the audacity to think she can mate the Mehra Claw pack Alpha, oh that is me by the way…
So I am still holding Pragya very tightly, though I have lessened my grip because, well I am a werewolf Alpha and she a tiny wee human girl I could break into two if a squeeze hard enough. Anyway am still holding her protectively and that is when my one day ex Tanu, the former soon to be Alpha b*t*h decide to come in. Like guys seriously! Fate sure hates me, by now every wolf in the room has figured it out that Pragya is my mate, my very human mate, it is has never happened before fo a wolf to mate a human, wolves who never found their true mates always settled down with other wolves and lived a happy life despite not being true mates, no one had even ever thought of looking for their mates from the humans, however now that I think about it, there are a bunch of written laws on wolves, as future Alpha I was taught these from a tender age and so by now I have read them all and none of them ever mentions anything against a wolf taking a human mate. They don’t say anything for it, but they neither say anything against it! But it’s new and I am the first person to enter into this unchartered and formerly forbidden territory which totally doesn’t help matters that I am the Alpha!

So when Tanu walks in and I am Holding Pragya, let’s just say, I cannot begin to explain how stiff everyone went and how much tension was built up in less than a second. The tension should also be attributed to the fact that every single wolf in this room knows how vindictive Tanu can be, they also know how strong she is and I am actually wondering how I spent 170 years with her granted she is hot as hell, tall curves in all the right places, but she is a terrible and mean person.
So at the moment, Tanu has just seen me holding my wispy Pragya and saying she has murder in her eyes is the understatement of the year. Tanu makes a bee line straight for where I am Standing, I feel Pragya go stiff and I guess she has realized that Tanu is not happy. I rub circles on her stomach trying to calm her down, her reaction to my touch is actually humbling because she calms down immediately.
“Abhi, who the hell is this?” asks Tanu in her cool icy voice who is standing infront of us now and looking at Pragya like she is roadside dog shit.
For some reason this pisces me off so much so I am seeing red! I have to actually shut up for a minute to control my anger coz if I open my mouth I am going to call Tanu the one thing on my mind which is a cheating whore, but I am a nice guy and my Family is here so I can’t call her that!

Tanu stands there looking all haughty and self important, she doesn’t repeat her question and so help me Krishna but I am not answering it either! I don’t f**king answer to her. Pragya is tense again and honestly her comfort is more important to me than Tanu’s anger so instead of answering her question, I just rub Pragya’s stomach to calm her down, the action draws Tanu’s attention and she gets more furious. She shouts now, “Who the hell are you?” she directs the question to Pragya. Pragya gets stiff but this time not from being anxious, the feeling Iam smelling off of her is pure red hot Anger. For a human, her anger is strong, just as strong as Tanu’s and Tanu is a wolf. From the hours I have spent with this girl, I think I know a thing or two about her now so I hold her tighter and to prove me right, she pulls her lips over her teeth in a typical wolf move and snarls at Tanu! LIKE SERIOUSLY! Girl you are human so first of all you have no business snarling and secondly don’t antagonize a b*t*hy she wolf you clearly see is pisced, you could get dead, EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT!! well, CLEARLY NOT HER!! I am going to die a mad man if I have to live with Pragya for the rest of my life!

You know what, I believe this girl needs a healthy dose of fear, I have seen she wolves hell even male ones run from Tanu when she gets like this, Pragya though thinks the best way to treat a murderous jealous she wolf is to snarl at her, it is just safe to say Tanu is very extremely angry right now and then she mimics Pragya’s action but with her, her fangs have protruded and her eyes are glowing gold and she bears her fangs at Pragya, this girl though just makes a humph sound from her nose and says.
“Listen wolfie, I am not scared of you I have seen far worse tonight than a couple of cute girl wolf fangs so tuck those back in your mouth and cool your anger coz honestly it don’t match your pretty girl picture!”
oh and by the way Pragya says all this without a single feeling of fear, but with all the command and dismissal she can pull from her tiny body. Ok truth be told, every minute that passes I am beginning to understand Kanha and Radha’s decision to make Pragya my mate! Girl has got spunk and is brave as hell!


So I have been attacked by a clearly jealous she wolf, I am now very sure I am in a den of werewolves and it is becoming very clear to me that Abhi is the Alpha. This girl though…and by girl I mean a smocking hot beautiful woman…has it out for me, at first I am nervous and scared, Abhi keeps rubbing my stomach which calms my nerves and I am all calm and nice until this wolf girl shouts at me asking who the hell iam. Everyone in this world knows the one rule in my life, “don’t shout at me!” hell even my ex boss Saira knew that so when wolfie shouts at me, I lose it completely and if not for Abhi holding me back…Bless his heart…I would be all over this dog girl right about now! Instead I settle for what I can do, I raise my lips and snarl…this gets every one’s attention. They smile and when I tell the wolf girl to tuck in her cute girl fangs, they all laugh. At the rate these people have laughed at me today, I would make a very successful career being a clown.
Wolf girl though is now irked at the fact that everyone is laughing at her, she turns to me ..
“how dare you snarl at me, I am the future Alpha b*t*h of this Pack so you human rubbish have to respect me!”
I look at her and I am sure her being the Alpha b*t*h of this pack is never gonna happen. I just look at her with pity instead coz I do honestly feel sorry for her. She turns to Purab and asks him. “Purab what the hell is going on here and who the hell is the human thing?” HOOLD UP! and WAIT WHAT? Did she just call me a thing?! First she called me rubbish; I swallowed that one but now thing, a thing! I am even not as big as a thing, I am a ka thing!! I seriously want to gouge out her eyes but Abhi senses this too and holds me tighter! Purab looks at Dog girl and he clearly doesn’t want to see her, he however tells her “Tanu, if you can use your nose, your killer instinct and all the wolf lessons you ever got you will know what is going on, it’s also not my place to explain MY alpha’s business to anyone and even if he did give me the right to do so, I honestly don’t want to tell you and wouldn’t tell you. So I am going to kindly ask you to leave and go from here.”

Dog girl who is now Tanu, ok I have to say this, what were her parents thinking, why on earth would I name my child Tanu, were all the names over…I swear how did they come up with that!…anyway dog girl, who I will never ever call Tanu…is pisced at Purab, she turns to another really hot guy, who seems slightly older than Abhi, and has a huge scar down the side of his jaw down to his neck that disappears into his chest, for some reason, the scar adds to his hotness…Abhi is still hotter though…anyways Tanu…arrggghhh I mean dog girl, opens her mouth to talk, this guy however gives her a murderous glare and a full blown snarl with four huge fangs..haa now those are fangs… and Dog girl shuts up like someone has stapled her lips together! I swear I love this guy!! He is going to be my new best friend I don’t care what I have to do but he will be!!

Abhi has not said a single word since Tanu came in, and I don’t know how I know but I am 120% sure he is quiet because he is trying to control his anger. Actually now that I think about it, I can feel Abhi, like really feel him in the inside, I can feel his emotions and right now all he is feeling is a white hot anger that he is holding in control sooo tight that if I passed a paper edge on that control surface, the paper will cut it through! I also feel that the only reason he is even controlling it I because he is holding me, like I am all the control he is using!! HA!! This is awesome yaar! I Pragya I am the Alpha’s control. I am dancing a jig in my head and if I were not being held, I would actually dance…this is SOOO FLATTERING YAAR!!
My internal celebration however doesn’t last long coz then I see dog girl get a look like she is considering something, she then steps back, sniffs the air, cocks her head to the side and looks at Abhi and I. then her eyes glow yellow. And she is looking at me, younger Dadi says “guess Tanu remembered her lessons and has figured out the lovely human is Abhi’s mate.” Abhi behind me says a quiet “shit” and holds me tighter, then he moves me behind him with a silent command of stay there!

I have to tell you I am pisced!! I know I am human but I am not so week I can’t defend myself from a dog girl!! FIIINEE maybe I can’t but still I am pisced, I am boiling over. Dog girl then chooses that moment to come and stand infront of Abhi, she hold his face and Abhi makes fists at his side. Meanwhile me, I am getting more pisced, and don’t forget I cannot control my anger, and that anger is rising degree by degree, if we are to talk in terms of temperature, am like at 160 degrees right now. Dog girl, touches Abhi’s face…i go up to 170 degrees, she comes close to him and is standing with no distance in between…180degrees, then she rubs herself on him like a cat in heat…. 230 degrees, now I am beginning to snarl like a wolves I am in! Then she runs her hands on his chest, his neck …260 degrees and then while still running her hands seductively all over Abhi she says:
“Abhi you honestly cannot choose that (she sticks her nose in my direction like in disgust) over me, I know you Abhi, better than anyone, I am also hot, beautiful, can fulfill your desires and I can make you the best Alpha b*t*h, so I honestly don’t think you can choose that ugly human weakling over me!!”

Two things happen at once after Dog girl’s b*t*hy words, first Abhi growls so loud and shoves Tanu away from him, second, a punch lands on Dog girl’s nose!! MY PUNCH!! So remember when I said I can’t control my anger yeah, this b*t*h’s words got me at 360 degrees of anger and that was f**king it, how dare she call me a UGLY HUMAN WEAKLING!! Yeah I know I am all those three things but Bullshit, I ain’t taking those from a spoiled entitled dog girl!! I am still raging I don’t realize the whole room has gone quiet, and when I do I also realize I am standing over dog girl who landed on her ass after Abhi’s shove and my punch, I am standing over her feet braced apart, arms on my side and fingers rolled into fists. I am looking down at dog girl with all the anger in me and my upper lip is turned up at the corner! After a moment dog girl’s mind settles and she understands what has happened, next I know she is shimmering and is shifting to her wolf…..well it was nice knowing you Abhi but I am pretty sure my anger pushed me too far and now I am dead!

You know stupid me again, instead of running and seeking cover, I keep my position, you know the one with feet braced, arms on sides, fingers in fists and lip snarled, yeah that position, I keep it right in front of dog girl who is now a beautiful huge grey wolf. But I have to say after seeing Abhi as a wolf, I am not intimidated, this wolf infront of me right now is bigger than the normal wolf, but way way way smaller than Abhi’s wolf so blaaah bring it b*t*h I have seen far worse.

That’s when dog girl, now wolf, leaps and charges at me!! I don’t know where this comes from but when this girl leaps in the air, I duck to the ground and slide on the floor under her, she lands where I have been and I am now in her position, when I look behind her I see that Abhi and all the men have changed to their wolves too, the ladies are screaming and Abhi is charging Doggie that’s dog girl by the way! All other wolves are all heading on my side, guess to protect me while Abhi fights for me, for some reason, this just annoys me even more coz it proves what doggie said about me being a human weakling and that, I don’t like! Also I guess I am still pisced and more vengeful than I thought so I shout to Abhi
“I swear on Kanha Abhi if you dare fight this dog girl on my behalf, I will maul you right after I maul her!”

This sends a dead silence into the room everything stops and doggie then turns too, she looks at me then she charges immediately, I only have a split second to register the action, Doggie’s tongue is lolling out of her mouth and saliva is dropping from it and am thinking I really should take a picture of this coz that is some ugly shit for you beautiful doggie! more of the action is Abhi chasing after Doggie and one of the girls shifting to wolf too! I see all these in a split second before I turn and run, am heading out and doggie is hot on my heels, I am 100% sure I am dead, I have no plan of action whatsoever but I better die protecting myself than die proving am a human weakling! I run and reach the door that leads to the front yard and that’s when I see it, a cricket bat, it is just there leaning on the door frame waiting for me to use it, yay!! Thanks Radha! I quickly grab it and I spin around swinging it, it hits Doggie square on the nose snout and then she goes skidding across the floor and Lands at Abhi’s feet, passed out like a light! I knocked her OUT! BAM! “TAKE THAT DOGGIE”
All action ceases there and then and I have about 20 wolf eyes looking at me, the wolves have stupid looks and I guess that is wolf shock! Abhi’s wolf looks at me then at Doggie’s slumped body at his feet the looks at me again and he shimmers, the next minute I have a hot naked human Abhi jumping over Tanu’s body and running towards me and the following second I have my legs wrapped around his waist and he is kissing me silly!! YAY!!!


THIS GIRL IS GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME! But one thing is for sure, I will not die within the week and neither will she! I have mentioned that Tanu has fought with all she wolves, and she has beat all of them right? Well this Human tiny thing knocked her out cold under a minute, WITH A CRICKET BAT!! I am kissing my tiny mate but I pry my lips away from her because I have to laugh I laugh soo hard and then all the wolves around are laughing too. I take her lips and kiss her again, then pry them away and laugh, I think I have run mad too. I do this for like five minutes and set her down and turn around, my Dadi and Dasi, who is the younger cousin to my dadi and insists we call her dasi coz she is the fun one, are seated and are laughing like hell. The men that include my best friend of all time Purab, who is the Beta (second in charge) of the pack, my elder cousin Raj who is the enforcer of the pack, and third in charge, he got that position because he is a beast when he fights, he has won so many pack wars and that is how he got the huge scar down his jaw. He easily could have been beta, but refused to fight Purab for it, he also hates diplomatic things, and according to him, that is all a beta ever does! Women both human and wolves tend to fear him because he looks menacing and scary with the scar and that makes him sad and lonely all the time, I really hope he meet his mate soon, only she will help him. And then there is Akash, he is Raj’s younger brother, and very formidable in fighting too, he is worse in an argument and when the pack needs diplomatic help, he is the guy for it. He can solve a riddle under a second and a damn district economic crisis over a cup of tea!! Needles to say I admire the boy, yeah he is a boy he is 179 years old and as far as we are concerned he is a boy! He is forth in command after Raj and since none of us have had any sons yet, he is forth in line for Alpha too! Then there is my sister Aaliya, she is the second strongest wolf next to Tanu, but I think that is because she is way, way! younger than that Tanu’s 256 years, Aaliya is just 136 years, but a darling and a sweet heart

Anyway all the men that is my family and about twenty other pack members are in awe of the human girl who bested Tanu, they are looking at her like, she is a goddess. And it doesn’t help matters that they all hate Tanu!! The women are ecstatic! Aaliya comes to Tanu’s fainted body and kicks her in the shins, she then drags her away and throws her in the front yard, that is bound to get everybody’s attention and for a pack of over 1000 wolves, word travels way too fast, I can assure you in about five minutes, a group of wolves will be in my front yard begging to see the person that bested Tanu, thing is she is human and all she wolves would want to swing at her, so the best thing to do is get her to safety fast, before my wolves request something I cannot give them.
I carry Pragya on my Dadi’s request and take her upstairs, though instead of the guest room that Dadi requested I take her to, I take her to my room. There is no way I am letting her stay away from me, and she also has some explaining to do, but that will be tomorrow when she has rested. I just like the convenience of not having to leave my bed when questioning her!

We reach my bedroom and I can tell that the adrenaline or whatever this girl has going for her is going down and fatigue is taking over, I drag her to the bathroom and place her under the shower, I don’t know if she will feel comfortable me bathing her but she clearly need it as I am sure she is numb right now, however I cannot do so, so I rush and come back with my sister, she steps in and bathes Pragya and then carries her out like she weighs nothing, I get it wolves are strong, very strong, but seeing my baby sister Aaliya carry Pragya out like nothing makes me realize how vulnerable she really is, that is when it hit me what I have to do to protect her, I HAVE TO TURN HER INTO A WOLF!!

Precap: I have to take you somewhere but tell me…how brave and secretive are you and also tell me WHO THE HELL NAMES THEIR DAUGHTER BULBUL!

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