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So I have a really naked man on top of me and by the way he is sooooo HOT yaar. From what I can tell, he dwarfs me. I am 5feet 5 inches which is pretty short but as if that isn’t bad enough, I had to go and be small too. Well he is dwarfing me and stupid me instead of thinking about screaming and running away from a naked man on top of me who could probably rape me…or even thinking about what is more important, which is that is he just changed from a beast to a man, here I am clearly not bothered or concerned about being raped or man beasts….all Iam thinking about is a naked man! On top of me.…who I am very sure has just erected right about now…..but hey senseless Pragya Trouble Arora is not bothered. not at all!! Actually if we think about it, I am bothered but in a totally different way. Like all I want the naked man to do is kiss me. But I am shy and can’t ask and by the way even if I were to ask…do I even know his name?
“What’s your name?” I ask and my voice comes out all airy

“Abhi” he says and his voice is firm and sure and very! Very! Very! s*xy! When he talks all the air runs out of my lungs and that is not only because of his voice but also because his hands are now moving caressingly over my face. His touch is light and it’s like he is worshipping my face and this simply means I am tired and am now totally hallucinating because no one I mean..NO ONE caresses me anywhere!! Nobody! and just I a totally impossible time if they do, it definitely won’t be my face and yet here we are, a totally hot man running his finger all softly over my face and making matters worse just now he has began caressing my neck and my brain has just stopped working my body though is working overtime….I just decide to keep dreaming because actually after being chased by beasts, and breaking Usain Bolt’s record in running, well I deserve this dream!! This dream is my gold medal!!
Wasn’t I supposed to be asking this missy why she was out at 1am in the morning? I actually was but clearly I am not doing that now, my mouth, which was supposed to be doing the asking is very busy is doing no talking or rebuking whatsoever to a stupid mad girl who laughs when being chased by a damn huge wolf! NOOO! Instead though my hands are the ones talking right now, they are busy moving over the tiny mad girl’s face. I think I have just spent the whole time since I first clearly saw her admiring her and thinking she is the most beautiful mad girl I have ever seen. My wolf eyes can see in the dark like human eyes can see in the day which means I can clearly see her and man don’t I love what I see!!

Another thing, I didn’t mean to shift from wolf to man before her like that and scare that dead scream out of her, I was actually planning to chase her and put some fear in her, you know teach her a lesson about being out alone at this time of the night in deserted places and then back off and shift then come and save her from the wolf “still chasing” her, however I was still enjoying the chase when she just fell down and started laughing, it was so sudden and unexpected, I couldn’t stop in time, I was above her before I knew it and totally worried about her. Then her scent hit me real good and all I wanted to do was eat her but in a totally good way. Not like dinner more like lick all over her and absorb her scent! She smelled like all the things that I love which are like Sunshine and rain at the same time, all natural earth and strawberries and oranges and roses. I swear I am not exaggerating but she honestly smelled like all those things AT THE SAME TIME!! And she still does! So honestly, I don’t blame my hands when they tentatively move over her face in worship, she is clearly shocked and just looks at me stupidly. If she weren’t mad she would punch me in the face, but she is mad and my hands are taking advantage of the situation and they just keep moving all over her face.

right now though, they are on her neck and moving even lower. She closes her eyes and sighs very softly. I have to say that little sigh is the s*xiest thing I have ever heard. Her hands come up and begin slowly caressing my back. Then they are moving to my chest and then her hands and are becoming more bolder and the touch is becoming firmer and confident. I am soo turned on and I think I am beyond the point of no return! All I want is to kiss her and truthfully I don’t see why I can’t so, he lips are like a breath away from mine and are slightly open, ready to receive my kiss! So I do the only thing any redblooded wolf or man will do, I dip my lips and take hers firmly, she kisses me right back and now am on her fully, I am very aware that I am naked and more than that I have the biggest hardest erection I have ever had! I have literally never been this turned on and I just don’t want it to stop. I kiss her more deeper an harder and urgently, she replies with a sigh and increases her pressure on my lips too. I have to say I am shocked, for such a tiny little thing, she has got fire and energy and she is sooo damn brave which is also turning me on more.

Normally girls in her situation would be running and screaming murder, but her? Please!!…here she is kissing me just as hard as I am kissing her. She is taking everything I am giving her and giving it right back in equal measure and so help me Krishna but this is the damn s*xiest thing I have ever and will ever see. And that is saying something considering I am already three hundred years old (jut so we are clear, I am 300 years old and don’t look a day over 30. I love wolf genes!!) and I could live for 700 more but I can swear I have never seen or will ever see anything more s*xier than this.

I know if I don’t stop I will definitely take her on this woods floor and that is not what I want, I am an Alpha known for control and so I pull on that control but it doesn’t come as easy as it normally does. I literally have to fight all my instincts to stop and it is hard. It is also so not helping my situation at all that this little missy holds me sooo tight and even wraps her s*xy legs around me to stop me from moving away from her. I swear I just saw my new s*xiest thing and that’s even funny considering I just said I will never see anything s*xier… I have clearly been over ruled. Her legs wrapped around me are soo s*xy I quit moving away from her and I just kiss her more. She kisses me back, matching my favor. I am on a slippery slope and I know it, but please there is honestly so much even this Alpha can take! Her hands begin moving lower they are on my stomach and going lower…oh shit and oh DAMN but shit noooo. I jump off her like I have been burnt! I am breathing sooo hard. The f**k!! I have never lost control like that. But shit and damn!
Me on the other side, well it is safe to say that I am embarrassed. I am a virgin, but you cannot tell that I am from the way I am acting. I have never done this in my life. Hell I have never been kissed but here I am!! I just went all the way and even wrapped my legs around him so yeah I am embarrassed andI am looking at my god stupidly. Guys seriously and quite honestly, for him to be that hot, he just has to be a god! So Pragya well done you almost lost your virginity to a beast god in the middle of the woods! Hahaha. YAY to Me!! I would like to see those b*t*hes who said I was ugly, they should tell me if they have ever got it on with a beastly god in the middle of the woods!!!!
I forget my embarrassment and break into a huge smile. He looks at me like am mad. He then drags me up and I am standing looking up at him. More like looking at his chest. My eyes are seriously at his chest…which is sooo broad, my hands can’t resist they just go up and start caressing his chest. He groans, more like growls in his chest but he holds my hands and stops their progress, he looks down at me and asks:
“What’s your name?” his voie comes ouy in more of a growl, have to strain to hear what he says.

“Your name?”
“Oh my name? ahh my name?…wait what’s my name? oh yeah..PRAGYA!”
“Haan, but I got a new name today…trouble so my name is Pragya Trouble Arora”
He looks at me like am mad and then he bursts and begins to laugh sooo hard. He bends over and holds his knees and laughs
I can’t help myself I start laughing too. We laugh soo hard. But I am still laughing one moment and the next I am being dragged through the woods, I am confused, we were enjoying the laugh, and since I am not exactly one to hide what I am thinking, I go and say

“Hey what is your problem? you were laughing hard and now why are you dragging me…ABHI!!”
“Listen Missy I am sure it’s coming to three in the morning and I have a bed, I have issues to cater to tomorrow so if you can kindly tell me where to take you, then I can get you there faster!”
“ just so we are clear, dude you are naked na how do you think you are going to get me to my home which is 15miles form here naked??” I look up at him with a sarcastic look on my face which I soon regret because one moment am on the ground looking up at him and the next I am being swung up in his naked human back and the following moment and am seated on a very furry beastly back and the beast is literally zooming through the forest sooo fast all I am seeing is blurry things, and I am becoming dizzy, I close my eyes to stop the dizziness and I lay on the beasts back.
Now that my brain is kinda working I believe the beast is a wolf but I can’t be sure since he is like three times larger than the normal wolf.
When I next open my eyes I am again on Abhi’s naked back and I am being led up the most magnificent house I have ever seen. IT IS HUGE. I didn’t know people this side owned these houses. I don’t have enough time to appreciate the house cause then I am dragged to the inside which is even more magnificent, there are people around and no one seems to care about the fact that he is naked, they are busy staring at me! Seriouly? What the hell guys he is the naked one. I am perfectly descent and he is not! so look at him! not me!!!
Another thing, I think I am in hot men land because seriously every man I am seeing is hot.
A hot man comes and gives Abhi is cloths, he is slightly shorter than Abhi and he comes to say hi to me. Abhi growls at him before he even gets 4 feet in my direction, the man is shocked! scratch that not the man, every single person, which includes, two girls, two Dadis, four older people but not as old as Dadis and about twenty other guys.
The hot guy looks at Abhi, gets a skeptical look, then ignores him and comes closer to me, Abhi growls again saying “Puraaabb!!” so I figure the hot guy is called Purab, well Purab just ignores Abhi and stretches out his hand in greeting… “hi am Pur…” the words die on his lips as he goes flying across the room being thrown off his feet by Abhi. Everyone is shocked but that’s not what gets my attention. Its Abhi, he has a look of utter shock and wonder on his face. He is looking me like he has never seen me before, which is not true considering we were doing things in the woods ..very s*xy things.

Then the next thing, all Abhi is saying is f**k! f**k! f**k! SHIT. He looks at me and does his cursing thing again. Purab, who has been thrown across the room in now standing next to Abhi and dying of laughter. Like he isn’t in pain after the way he hit the wall! I slap him on the back and ask him what the f**k is soo funny. Purab looks at me shocked I just stare back at him, waiting for an answer, he just laughs even more and pats Abhi on the back. More like slaps, and he joins the others. Who are all smiling.

See on top of being trouble and stupid, I don’t control my mouth. I say exactly what I think and right now it is “why the f**k are you all smiling like idiots, someone fill me in!!” that is what I am thinking, and that is exactly what I am said. The women are shocked. The younger Dadi though is laughing right along with the men who are all laughing so hard tears are falling out of their eyes. I am just looking at them and anger is slowly boiling….oh by the way I don’t exactly know how to control my anger…if this goes on I am going to pluck out someone’s eyes soon, reallll soon!

Remember that whole think about true mates, well I think I just found mine, hell not think, I know for sure. After the first 100 years of my life, I searched for my mate, I traveled to all regions and visited all wolf packs, I came up short, as a future alpha, you know being the first born son of my father who was the Alpha, well I figured I needed to be a well set alpha with a mate by the time I took over as Alpha but my search well didn’t end well. All I had were she wolves struggling and fighting and actually killing each other to mate the Hot alpha of the Mehra claw pack. Me! By the time I was 130 I realized this shit wasn’t going to happen after 30 years, I had traveled the whole world and still found no mate and by the end of those 30 years I was pisced as hell, frustrated and not to mention extremely disgusted by \all she wolves. On the night of my giving up, Tanu comforted me and well one thing led to another, and for the past 170 years we have been together, though truth be told I never really committed to her, Tanu is the strongest female wolf I know, she is a dominant wolf, many she wolves came after her trying to fight her form me and she managed to beat all of them and make them submit, this included Alpha’s daughters but Tanu, she beat all of them, hell she can hold her own with male wolves so you would think after 170 years with a she wolf that strong all an alpha can wish for is marry them and have some baby pups by now but no, not this Alpha, I actually went to all extreme lengths to make sure she never got pregnant, and I never really decided to marry her, guess I was subconsciously waiting for my mate, thing is now that I have found her she is HUMAN ..so fate either really sucks or it just has a twisted sense of humour.
Ok I need a conversation with Radha and Krishna so they can explain to me why exactly they thought Pragya could be my mate, she is HUMAN!! For the love of god and a very tiny human girl at that!! Folklore says once a wolf finds their mate, they cannot live without her, it hurts for them to be apart, and if she dies, then unless a wolf is still willing to live, they die too a little time after due to loss of will to live, I guess this simply means that unless I do something, I am going to die within the week, coz truth be told I don’t want to live life without my mate and this tiny thing is not surviving the week!! Seriously can someone, that is Krishna and Radha to be exact explain how tiny Human Pragya Arora is going to survive all the she wolves that are vying for my attention. The moment they know I have a human mate, they will come crawling in numbers and she will be dead! And I don’t even want to know what is going to happen to her if Tanu finds out, I have been with Tanu for 170 years and known her for about 242 years, she is one strong vindictive b*t*h and honestly if it wasn’t scaring the guts out of me already, it would actually be funny thinking about Pragya facing Tanu!!

Without realizing I have been moving close to Pragya in my fear, I have moved close to her and now I have my arms wrapped so tightly round her she is complaining about pain…and as if fate just has it out for me today…that’s when Tanu decides to walk into my house…..

Precap: remember when I said I was trouble, well I just courted more of it when I punched a very jealous she wolf in the face for calling me a ugly human weakling…she is turning into a wolf right NOW…well it was nice knowing you Abhi but I think I am dead!

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