So hello guys. First of all I spent the whole weekend reading a series of novels by Carrie ann Ryan about well….WEREWOLVES…and sometimes I wish I was a werewolf..so I decided to turn it into a ff for my favourite couple ABHI and PRAGYA… SO I really hope you enjoy this ff.

Alpha……………..head of a pack
Alpha b*t*h……….wife to alpha and female head of the pack
True mate……….one’s partner fated by Lord Krishna and Radha to be together
Demon………….dark spirit from hell. Attracted by evil and can take the form of a hum being.
Demon wolf ………….a wolf that lets darkness take over.
Demon spawn….child of a demon wolf

First of all I hate mornings. I hate Monday mornings even more. Problem is I have a lecture at the college at 8am…ON A MONDAY MORNING!!! but yu know what I ahte more..being fired ..on a Monday? Why because I am Lazy!! Well I am tired and more annoying I lost track of time..as usual and now I can’t get an auto. So I have to walk to the train station so I can get a train to my small town where I stay. I am late which means I am definitely missing the train….well its safe to say ..I AM SCREWED. I am the laziest person probably they were right to fire me for this one and to make it worse I hate WALKING..i can’t climb one flight of stairs without breathing…hard so how am I to walk ..15miles to my damn town!!

And I think all gods hate me coz they have chose now to make it RAIN!! I am on the verge of tears and please don’t judge me because if you were me and in my situation, which is tired sore soaked through, swollen feet, alone and with no hopes of getting to your 15 mile away home…and not forgetting JOBLESS you would be on the verge of tears…problem is I hate crying. I may be lazy but I am not weak!! I refused to cry when my stupid boss Saira called me a lazy ass b*t*h they couldn’t have at the university anymore..well she is the b*t*h! Thing is I didn’t cry for that I will not cry for this.

Well am still feeling sorry for my self so I don’t hear the rattle of claws on the pavement until I am being knocked up into the air like a rugdoll and I am falling back own face first into the biggest mouth with the sharpest teeth I have ever seen. I mean this mouth is really opened huge and ready to met me in its warm confines. Well I am soaked and called and it could be really warm in that stomach. And It so doesn’t help facts that I am small and will slide right through those jaws. I really don’t want to die but what to do!!

I have never known such fear….never in my life. But I figured if iam going to die well atleast I went out dramatically. Not every dead person can say they were tossed into the air by a furry beast and then landed head first into the beasts’ mouth….
Problem is though…were I expected a comfortable cushion of a beast’s mouth well I got a hard floor pavement and I think I broke some bones…but why am I shocked nothing works out for me anymore…nothing whatsoever! And the other thing is I don’t care anymore cause right now I am seeing two huge ..really huge beasts fighting and going at each other like…well beasts!! But I have just survived being some beast’s minced dinner so I will not be for two, but in my twisted mind all am feeling at this moment is pride. I am sooo proud that two really huge beasts think poor eventless Pragya me is worth being fought for!! Talk about an ego boost….

my meat must be really nice if two beasts want to eat me….i am sitting there looking at two huge fighting beasts until one breaks away long enough to look at me with its very very very hungry/angry eyes..i really can’t tell which it is hungry or angry but whatever it is I will not be the receptionist of it…I stand up and run sooo fast Usain Bolt has nothing on me. Who ever thought I was Lazy….well take that SAIRA…I am running sooo fast I am even proud of myself…well I don’t see I am heading in a very wrong direction…not home but the woods…but I mean it’s me Pragya trouble literally follows me everywhere I go, my middle name should be trouble. Like PRAGYA TROUBLE ARORA ….so why am I shocked??

I am leaving the bar at 1am and I have literally just drank 20 litres of alcohol but well I fell nothing. I will soon drink a hundred and feel nothing. Today I am particularly pisced at my inability to get drunk. Don’t get me wrong, as the Alpha of the Mehra claw pack the biggest and strongest pack in all of the middle and Far East it’s a good thing because you need your head to be working all the time not fogged over by Alcohol. But today, today I needed to get drank, I just found my long time girlfriend Tanu in bed with my former best friend Nikhil. I don’t know how long it has been going on but I feel stupid, not for being cheated on but this was a direct blow to my Alpha power and prowess. As Alpha I should have the strongest and kinnest of senses but what does it say about me that I couldn’t smell another man on my damn girlfriend! And making matters even worse it is not the first time, after I made Tanu and Nikhil bow under my Alpha power, they were helpless and had to confess all. Nikhil held out longer. We have been friends since child hood so he knows me well enough to resist, but Tanu couldn’t Alpha power even little of it is pain to a wolf on which is released. With my anger I couldn’t control how much I released on Tanu and soon she was on the floor writhing with pain and confessing how she and one of my best friends were fooling me for 4 years 4 f**kING YEARS!! The more she talked, the angrier I became and the more power I realesed and soon Nikhil was with her on the ground too and Tanu and shifted to her wolf form and soon passed out!

Truth be told, if she had died from it well I wouldn’t care but the Gods thought it cool to make sure Alpha power can’t kill. It sure can make you know all kinds of pain but it can’t kill. Well too bad. I WANTED NIKHIL AND TANU DEAD. Its not like Tanu was my true mate, I mean I don’t even believe in that shit, but I expected loyalty. I was going to turn her into my Alpha b*t*h. I had commanded everyone to respect her as their future Alpha b*t*h but this is how she repays me, I did love her, not all consuming like my parents had for each other just normal real love but then again they were “true mates” Tanu and I weren’t and it’s true partner who are not true mates are bound to cheat. So well if I had any doubt about Tanu being my true mate, it is cleared now…SHE IS NOT!!

As for alcohol well I hate you more now..and whats more I hate the gods for making my nose sharp at his moment as I am smelling the most pungent smell of fear I have ever smelled and whats worse, most of the time I can resist it and go my way or send someone to look into it, but this one I just cannot resist it, even before I know what I am doing I am already calling onto my inner wolf and I am hitting the ground on all fours and off into a sprint before anyone says soo fast..faster than I can say wolf!! I run towards the smell and the closer I go the harder the stech is. I hate smelling fear, and I hate causing it, its smell is like a three month old dead rat carcase that was thrown in a bog full of all kinds of wet body waste and then someone poured Ammonia in there for good measure..and I also still think that is an understatement. This is I HATE the smell of fear. This one though has an underlying smell of Sunshine…sunshine has a smell right? Cause if it doesn’t then I think I just found it! I get under a minute and I am sure I have just run 3 miles.

Well not to be cocky but I am the fasted wolf I know, I have competed with all seven Alphas in the middle and Far East ad beat all of them, they are the fastest in their packs and I am the fastest in mine meaning I am the fastest wolf in this region. I get there only to see a very tiny girl. Well compared to my 6feet 4 inches height, muscle and broad shoulders and all together agility, she is tiny and right now she is about to land in the teeth of a rogue wolf. I leap into the air and Knock her off course, she falls at a safe distance and I land and tackle the wolf immediately, I hate killing but I have to kill rogues, they are a nuisance and if it has set its eyes on this girl, it will track her and kill her it won’t stop until it does so to save my self future saving excursions I have to kill it now.

You know when you are about to be eaten and you are saved, the first thing that comes to your head is run, wll not this one, the best she could do was sit there and have a huge stupid smile on her face, so either I have saved a simpleteon or a down right mad girl and honestly why did I bother…oh year I couldn’t refuse because her fear smelled like sunshine!!! I hit the wolf and throw it away, I am way bigger than the damn wolf and definitely way stronger, I am on the top of the power chain and him being a rogue he is at the bottom of it…worse than an Omega o if I wasn’t so much thinking about the mad girl I could kill the wolf in a second!! But I am distracted and I also have to give the wolf some time to think it can fight back so that he I kill it, very easily for it to die in shame. I knock the wolf off and turn to look at mad girl with all the anger at the situation in my eyes. Well she isn’t so mad as she stands up and runs soooo fast like she is being chased by wolves…which in truth she is because after this I am going after her to explain to me very well what she is doing on a lonely road at ONE f**kING AM!!

After she leaves, I kill the wolf and take drag it to the woods I reach for a high spot and bury it, and howl over it. He may be a rogue but he is a wolf, and we all want to die and be buried in honor. It is also the responsibility of a wolf who kills another to bury the dead in honour. So Alpha or not, I obey the general laws set in place by Lord Krishna when he formed the first wolves!

With this running I should have qualified for Olympics. I wonder why I didn’t see this calling faster I would be living the good life other than being fired and running from BEASTS! Well truth be told, I can’t breath and my poor tiny body is about to drop dead. I stop and end over to breath, that’s when I hear it, a growl and it is getting closer and gaining on me fast!! I set off again and the female Indian Usain Bolt is doing her thing. I feel like am flying and if it wasn’t for the biting fear of becoming human mince to a beast I would be enjoying this. Well one good thing has come from this, if I come out alive I will take up running..new hobbie yay!!! Or If I am eaten… I will practice may new found running skills by giving the damn beast a running stomach. The thought of me being a beast’s watery stool is too much I just burst out and start laughing which makes me lose my balance and I fall. Instead of continuing to run I just stay on the ground, roll over and laugh soooo hard.

Did I inform you I have a very weird sense of humour. I laugh at the most in opportune of time, one time I laughed at the Dean of the university because he had an erection and his fly was open he was also addressing the school assembly. now while everyone else including all students managed to control their laughter, well I didn’t and two weeks later here I am deep into the Mehra woods jobless, about to become human mince to a beast and laughing at the thought of being a beast’s running stool!! Well Pragya atleast you will die laughing.

Am still laughing and the next thing I know I am rolled over by the biggest paw I have ever seen, I look up into the yellowest glowing eyes I have ever seen. For some reason looking in those eyes all my fear vanishes. I still know I am dead but atleast am not soo afraid anymore and I know this beast will kill me kindly. I also know it’s the second beast as I can see it is marginally bigger than the last one. Am still staring in the beasts eyes when it starts to shimmer and change. I scream loudly but a while later my mouth is held over by big hand. Very big human hands!! I open my eyes thinking am saved, thing is right above me were the wolf was hovering over me is a man lying on top of me. A VERY HOT HANDSOME NAKED MAN……

Precap….i think I just found my true mate and she is HUMAN…..So fate either really sucks. Or it just has a very twisted sense of humour…

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  1. very intrstng story..suprb intro. like twilight…suprb..keep writing..update regularly..

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks dear….i will definately updaate regulary

  2. Wow nice n unique one ff, love u dear…

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      thanks Di. and i love you more

  3. Interesting yaar unique idea waiting for the next update

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      update posted. thanks Minu

  4. Nice..

  5. SavitaVidya

    thanks Priyanka dear

  6. U Rock DD. Awesome Start. I kinda interested in this plot.Amazingly Written.Go on my Girl.Waiting for lots more. Lastly I am Extremely sorry for the late comment. I wished that I should comment first in your this new start.But My works… It really….. Urghhh! Leave it.I am now only using pc after a Longggg tiring day.Sorry na.

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks DC. and you don’t have to be sorry. i get being busy. i also miss commenting on peopl’e ff. and i jus catch up later.

  7. Saranya24

    Wow so diff stry dii loved it????

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks dear. how are you choti

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