So I coun’t post yesterday two epis. I am still quite busy at work so I will be posting either two short epis or one each day. Like BTM today and HTSB tomorrow. So decide short epis daily or long epis every after a day.
Thanks all for comments on HTSB I really missed you guys and am sorryyyyyyy for not letting you know that I had gone….
Now to epi…

So I bit Bulbul to pull her from the demon’s hold and control on her but its not exactly turning out how it was supposed to. I was supposed to bite her then she was supposed to snap out of it and BAM!! We would be fine but now all I am looking at is total blackness. Everything has gone black. And I am being sucked in, in a pit of total darkness and evil. I can even taste the tangy taste on my tongue. At the same time I also realize that what I am going through is the same thing my Bulbul has been going through while I wasted my time fantasizing. I want to kill my self that I even let her o through worse of his simply because I had a dream I wanted fulfilled.
I am so sad that I let her go through all this and what makes me even hate my self more is the fact that she went through way worse than what I am feeling right now. I am in pain for sure, but I can imagine the pain she must have felt that cause her to bleed from her eyes!!
Anyway I am still berating my self in my head when I feel a stirring, a light coming to life amidst the darkness. A light fighting the darkness that is surrounding us. I immediately know that’s our mating bond taking hold. Growing and festering. Fighting the darkness and pain that is threatening to consume us… the fight is slow but definitely sure, it takes for evr but it grows and grows and grows until soon there is only an glowing orange and purple light I am seeing….

Well I can for a certain say I have been to hell and back!! Because this is HELL!! Or was hell because for now, the excruciating pain I have been feeling has been replaced by something sweet and smooth, it feels like a sweet yoghurt down the throat!! I really don’t want to think about the pain I was exposed to by the damn demon and the stupid b*t*h but want I want to feel for sure is the love I feel wrapping around me, a love so pure and full of light, it started the moment I knew and felt Purab bite me, I had been in more darkness that even the slightest bit I light I felt!!
Honestly I can’t wait to wake up and kiss Purab all over his body because, when someone rescues yo from that kind of darkness, mate or no mate he deserves appreciation, but since Purab is my mate, well he serves special attention..like smearing his body with ice cream and caramel and licking it straight off him…that’s appreciation I am going to show, first though we need to get out of this…

I AM FREAKING OUT…OK WHAT THE f**kING HELL!! Ok this is how this shit was supposed to go down…Purab bites Bulbul, Bulbul wakes up ant they live happily ever freaking after!!! Not this shit I am seeing of Purab bites Bulbul and sinks into darkness right along with her….i swear if I get my white paws on that damn demon he will pay!!! He will know what exactly Radha was thinking when she created a white pawed wolf!!…Abhi must have felt my agitation because then he comes to me and hugs me from behind, he rests his head on my shoulder and I release a huge breath and let all my stress flow into him…he hugs me tighter and presses little kisses on my neck while murmuring that Purab and My choti will be ok. I want to belive him I really do but its really hard when you are seeing your sister and your loving mate’s best friend being swallowed up by darkness.. Its hard to believe good word…
Hours and hours pass…honestly it’s just minutes probably not even ten minutes but it feels like freaking hours….and we are standing there and hoping for the best when ….BAM!!

I really have no time to think as I a concentrating on saving my wisp of Pragya…I would say what the hell happened but thing is I was wide awake, when that freaking orange and purple beam of colored swirling light burst from within Bulbul and Purab so hard it literally shook the house and threw around everything in the room!! Including me and Pragya…but I will ask it any way….what the HELLJUST HAPPENED!! ….
Then as if that isn’t confusing enough as I am still wrapping my mind around the whole orange purple bursting light, Bulbul and now completely orange haired BULBUL emerges from the light with Purab hot on her heels and she is sporting this murderous look on her face….and all she is saying in her totally angry voice is
BB; I will kill them, I will kill them!!!
P: Honey you need to relax
Oh oh Purab that is a grave mistake and if I didn’t know that for sure Bulbul spinning on her heel and giving Purab her death glare would have proved it. Ok Purab seriously! We all know you don’t tell a spitting mad woman to calm down let alone a currently orange haired Mad woman!!!! are you mad dude!!
Purab looks like he hasn’t got the memo of Bulbul’s anger he just keeps going near her and telling her to calm down, she whirls on her feet and faces Purab head on, looks into his eyes and makes a very determined slow step forward….

HOLYSHIT….AM DEAD…I just survived the demon only to be killed by my orange haired angry mate!!..hold up..wait what..o..orange hair!!..honestly I can’t help myself! Seeing Bulbul looking pisced and stalking toward me like a lioness and yet she has orange hair is just funny and I can’t help it so I burst and laugh, I laugh sooo hard I bend over only to be kicked in the gut by..BULBUL!!!
Me’; what’s so funny?
Purab; rolling over in pain) your..your hair..its its orange
Me; what do you mean? (what does he mean my hair is orange)
Pu: who is currently battling with crying out in pain or laughing…
AB: ahh Bulbul there is a mirror in the bathroom..
I head straight to the bathroom and then…..WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!
What the f**k..my hair is orange..leave alone a glowing warm orange..noo its..a bright bright orange that makes even my eyes itch!! The laughter coming from the next room is not helping at all and just fuels my anger more, I want to go in there and kill all three of those idiots but I know I should be angry at them..i should be angry at someone else entirely.. and I know just how to make them pay…and they turned my hair orange….THE DEMON AND THE b*t*h AT=RE GOING DOWN!!
I walk back calmly into the room and the moment I step in, Purab, Abhi and my Di try so hard to hide their laughter..they fail, and I honestly understand because my hair is a monstrosity…but I am on a mission now…so I walk straight to Purab…
ME; turn me into a wolf tonight!!
All laughter dies down immediately!! Well that got them to shut up!!!
Pu; WHAT!!
Me: I said turn me into a wolf tonight!!
Pu: Bulbul I can…
Me: don’t even bother thinking of refusing because let me tell you this, if you refuse to turn me, I will ask my sister, or even Abhi to turn me..either way I will turn into a wolf and kill that demon and the b*t*h!!
Pu: But Bulbul….whoaahhh hold up, b*t*h what b*t*h are you talking about, I thought the demon was a man!
Me: yes the demon is a man, the side kick is a woman!!
Ab: Agitated ) describe her
Me: she is tall, short hair, very beautiful,..
Ab: does she have dimples even when she talks
Me: haa
Ab; high pitched voice
Me: yes!!
Pragya: sense of entitlement?..she looks up at Abhi worriedly)
Me; haa why you know how
Pur: you just described Tanu, ..but why?
Me: Tanu, what kind of name is Tanu!
Pr; I keep asking her the same question, but I call her doggie instead!!
Me: listen Up Purab, that woman tortured me and I will not let her be, I WILL KILL HER!!….
Pr:.. (in a low slow murderous voice) dont worry choti, I will join you….guess the bat to the head wasn’t enough…

It has taken us 3 days to reach Pavatri’s layer and as usual, soft and loving Pavatri welcomes us with all the love and kindness. She asks what brings us and we tell her, she looks at me
Pav: Radha Beta, you have never changed, still mischievous as ever! WEREWOLVES Radha really…I like, and here I thought healers were the best!!
Me: healers, what do you mean?
Pav: I mean a human with the ability to harness the earth and mold it to her will, use all it has to offer and make good, strong strong magic. Generally bend the earth to her will!
Me: But Di Pavatri, look my pack has bigger issues, healer Magic will do nothing for me!
Pav: Child, when look at the demon as a wound, darkness is a wound, healer magic makes it go away. Combine it with seer and Aryan Magic and you are indestructible!! …
When Pavatri mentions Aryan Magic, we are all shocked, how did she know that there possibly is Aryan Magic in my pack…
Pav: Too bad you don’t have it, I have heard you dear, and will give you my healer, her and the seer and the magic already present in your pack should make things fine…but be ware, the seer child is strong, the Healer is just as strong and both are not practised a wrong move with their power combined can ruin the entire region, be really careful Radha…..

PRECAP: Mine is Orange, my sister’s is white…what in the hell, why is her hair turning white and what’s with the continued wind around her…

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    I am not angry on u anymore . DC missed her DD soooo much ! ly !

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