KKB-love story ff (episode 1)

hi its pinky again thank you so much those who read my intro thank you sandy, Trisha, sethidisha, rose, durga, pratheba, Sugan, di, asmithaa, abhigya

the episode starts with one hoy and girl running
girl:today I’ll be 1st
boy: no I will be 1st
they started to run and they reach canteen the girl entered the canteen first
girl: yepii I’m 1st
boy:pragya its not fare you cheated me
(yup the girl is non other than our pragz let’s see who the boy is)
pragya: what? what did I do? how can u tell I cheat
boy: I know you cheated me

pragya: uff abhi stop your blabbering tell me what did I do
(the boy is abhi)
abhi: u did some magic that’s why I came slow or else I’ll be the 1st one to enter the canteen
pragya: don’t be illogical
abhi: what? you are saying me as illogical?
pragya: yes I’m saying u r illogical and u r so dumb
abhi: now u r calling me dumb? how dare u call me
pragya: I dare to call u

purab,tanu,bulbul and purvi came there
purab: ugghh can u guys stop fighting for at least today?
pragya:he only started
abhi: what me?
bulbul: abhi pragya pls stop
tanu: let’s go to canteen
purvi: ya I’m so hungry

while they were sitting purab said
purab: I can’t understand that you are best friends or enemies
tanu: yeah even I have that doubt because always fighting
abhi & pragya: of course we are best friends
they all started to eat and abhi was seeing pragya lovingly while she eats her food this is noticed by purvi
purvi thinks: I have a doubt on abhi because he is behaving strangely and always staring at pragya I have to ask him
pragya sees abhi and ask
pragya: y r u staring at me like this?

abhi realized what he is doing
pragya: wat r u looking?
abhi: nothing I was seeing your monkey face
everyone laughs except tanu
pragya: hey abhi can u sit with me on the class because bulbul wants to sit with purab as they both are doing some projects
abhi: sure
tanh become jealous of tis so she acted to fall down
all comes to her
abhi: tanu what happen are you okay?
tanu: I’m fine abhi can you take me to class and can you sit with me today?
purvi: tanu I’ll bring u to class and sit with u
tanu: no its okay I will sit with abhi
abhi: but
he sees pragya and she nods her head

abhi: okay
tanu gave a evil smile to pragya

precap- abhi says pragya how can you do like this can’t you think what will happen to me?

so why abhi is telling like that to pragya? let’s see in next episode and once again thank ubso much those comment on my intro and forgot to mention that tanu don’t like pragya as well as pragz to don’t like tanu but they both are friends for abhi

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