KKB – My Love From Star ( Episode 1)


Hii friends thank you all for your precious comments and priyanaka yes its the copy the title from korean series my love from star nad i want to say you guys one more thing that my real name is milam and brother of arya(the author of kkb-someone special) actually its his account iam using and he is one who asked me to write this story so iam doing it. lets move to the story

the story begins in todas region in joesons dynasty . All the people in the region was seeing the sky as a ufo flies and comes across the village and lands in the thodas region and the air slowly clams down . a young man is shown coming out and his face is shown he is our alien hero abhi . he goes some where and talks with a old man and ask him to give his daughters hand……..
scene cut into modern era , where a young man is shown waking up from his dream and talks to himselfs “why am i thinking and getting of her dream more frequently now a days “ then his face is shown he is our hero abhi “she died and its almost 400 years she will not come ,its just 7months more to live hear then i will happy in my planet” by saying these words he went and came by getting ready to go some where…….. after an hour abhi is seen in a big company where he is sitting in a interview and answering all questions after a while he came out and said “this is my 70th in this past 5 years” and went out and witnesses a handbag theft on the street. He doesn’t step in, saying, “It’s meaningless to intervene in their lives.”

On to our heroine, top actress pragya ,posting a tweet with a cutesy photo and a quip thanking a famous historical figure.Her poor manager and her agency CEO are used to cleaning up after pragyas mistakes, but it’s still a hassle to deal with.

next day our was working in his old office as its still a month for him join in his nwe office and morethan that he still have a project to slove in his company . in abhi’s department colleagues invite him to a departmental dinner, which he’s always declined. They joke that he doesn’t even know his colleagues’ names, and rather than answer, he excuses himself

at night appartment elevator, at the elevator pragya is joined with abhi, pragya and gives him an interested look up and down. When he doesn’t push a floor button, she assumes he’s a stalker and gets in his face, offering a photo in exchange for him getting lost. She follows him out shouting, only to realize he’s her neighbor. pragya tries to smooth things over and asks if he knows who she is. Blank-faced, abhi wonders, “Do I have to know that?” Then he enters his apartment and leaves pragya confused, asking herself, “How can he not know who I am? Is he from any other planet ? Or an alien?”

a big restaurant is shown , its sweetys(prgyas mom) restaurant , she loves her daughter very much as the same is pragya , she has put up mountains of cash for her mother to run a restaurant into the ground, and an import business, and a diet company…

That night, abhi struggles to fall asleep, thanks to his superhuman hearing powers that pick up dripping faucets and loud neighbors. Next door, pragya is scream-singing into her hair dryer, and abhi who finally can’t take it anymore and heads to her door to complain. Tellingly, she looks more miserable than giddy when she stops singing.

pragya apologizes for the loud singing, but abhi is too annoyed to let it go easily and adds that she’s disturbing the peace, which is a reportable crime, on hearing this pragya widen her eyes and was about to tell something but couldnt as abhi left immediatly after saying what he want to…. this angered pragya and she ewnt to her room and again started to sing but nore loudly this time

next morning sweety goes to pragya’s room to wake her up but she was not there ,sweety got fear and waked purab her little son adn asked him go and search pragya as she is not answering call for which purab in half sleepy state replied that “one person will know where is pragya call that person and ask dont disrub me moom” by saying this again he went to sleep………………………..

who is the girl for whom abhi asked her hands to her father , where did pragya went ,who is that person who knows where she is……………. to get answer for all this questions wait till tomorrow and please dont forget to comment both the positives and negatives of my ff

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  1. nice yaaaaaaa

  2. Superrrr…… But I am in doubt alien live in the earth since 400years, but nobody can identified him… This is my doubt… I am asking anything wrong., pls forgive me…..

    1. Arya

      Hii b.k.maha actually I have kept original story as base so in that there is many hero characters and I made it to single hero and I think it’s the answer for your question and one more thing no need to fell sorry

  3. Very nice

  4. Saranya24

    Nice yaar but i dnt get intro can u pls send the link?

      1. Saranya24

        Thanks its superb?

  5. Superb??..
    eagerly Waiting for next part

  6. Prathi

    Nice one keep writing!!

  7. Keerthi_pratyusha

    Hey even the story is same as my love from star serial and dat girl is young pragna

    1. Arya

      Yes ma as iam keeping the real story as a base and writing the story it will be a bit and mostly same only

  8. it is little bit confusing dear

  9. Arya

    Hi friends thank you all for your comments actually iam here to say you all something that is I can’t update ff till 15th as iam busy with my project works please don’t mistake me iam so sorry but I will try to update ff in between again iam so sorry all please forgive me and byeeeeeee

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