KKB- love forever intro and episode 1


Hi I’m Sharaya I’m gonna write a ff hope you all will like it


abhishek prem mehra- a rock star and best friend of purab

Pragya arora- a college student and younger sister of bulbul

Purab khanna- a business man, best friend of abhi and going to be husband of bulbul

Bulbul arora- elder sister of pragya and going to be wife of purab

All the other characters are same as in the kkb

Episode 1

It was a bright morning a house is shown decorated its like some function gonna conduct ‘ma where is she? She didn’t come to home yet?’ Said a beautiful bubbly girl yes it is bulbul

‘She said she will come at early morning but she didn’t come yet don’t know when she will come’ said her mother,sarla

Someone closes sarla’s eyes sarla touches the hand which covered her eyes ‘bulbul I know its you don’t play with me’ said sarla

‘Ma I didn’t play anything’ said bulbul then she see the person who covered her eyes ‘pragya!!!’ Shouted bulbul yes its our lovely pragya

Pragya took her hands from sarla’s eyes ‘yes di its me and you find me but ma she didn’t find who am I I think she doesn’t love me’ said pragya ‘arey stop your drama your such a dramebazz okay I’m going I have some work’ said sarla and went while bulbul laughs

‘Di where is jiju?’ Asked pragya ‘today evening you will see him in my engagement’ said bulbul ‘ di tell your love story I really wonder how can somebody love you’ said pragya ‘why not see I’m very beautiful’ said bulbul pragya laughs and said ‘you….beautiful….hahah so funny’

‘Youuuu….I will not leave you this time’ said bulbul and started to chase her ‘you can’t catch me you can’t catch me’ said pragya while running ‘arey stop playing you are not kids to play like this’ said sarla but they are no mood to listen their mom ‘ahhh these girls na always do something like this’ said sarla and went inside the kitchen

A boy is shown who is having a guitar in his hands and playing the guitar it seems he was a great guitar player because the music he plays in his guitar is so nice and he stopped playing when somebody knocks the door and asked ‘may I come in?’ The boy who was playing guitar put down his guitar aside and said ‘purab!! Come in you don’t have to ask permission’ yes the person who knocked the door is purab ‘well abhi you have to attend my engagement today’ said purab

Yes you guessed it right the one who was playing guitar was non other than abhi

‘No no I can’t I have to compose a song so I can’t come’ said abhi ‘abhi please come or bulbul will kill me at least you come for engagement’ said purab abhi laughed while he said bulbul will kill me and said ‘okay I will come’

‘Wow great wait I will say this to bulbul’ said purab and went out of the room ‘silly boy’ said abhi and smiled

Purab called bulbul and said ‘bulbul abhi said he will come’ ‘wow its a great news thanks purab as pragya is fan of abhi she will be so happy’ said bulbul ‘yes I know and did chothi came to home?’ Asked purab ‘yes she came’ said bulbul ‘okay bye see you tonight’ said purab ‘bye’ said bulbul and cuts the call
‘Pragya pragya!!!!!’ Shouted bulbul ‘what di why are you shouting like an idiot I’m here only Na’ said pragya ‘ho oh you said me idiot na so I will not give you the suprise’ said bulbul and turns back ‘surprise?’ Asked pragya and make bulbul face her and asked ‘what surprise?’ ‘You said me idiot Na so I will not say’said bulbul ‘okay sorry you are not idiot now tell me’ said pragya ‘well what you will do when you meet abhi the rock star?’ Asked bulbul ‘this is not gonna happen and first tell me what surprise?’ Asked pragya ‘arey dumbo what if he comes to my engagement?’ Asked bulbul pragya thinks for sometime and shouted ‘what??!?!? He is coming to your engagement? My favourite abhi the rock star is coming??!! Oh my god I can’t believe it this is the best surprise I have had thank you di love you so much’ said pragya by jumping in the bed ‘arey first get down from the bed and yeah first you I’m an idiot now you said you love me what is this?’ Asked bulbul ‘I love you because you are a idiot’ said pragya then she see the time and said ‘oh my god I don’t have enough time I have to do manicure, pedicure,makeup and the main thing I have to select a dress!!’ Said pragya ‘hey girl the engagement is on 6pm but now the time is only 9.30 there is 6hours 30 min to get ready’ said bulbul ‘only 6hrs 30min this time is not enough for me’ said pragya and runs to her bedroom ‘I’m the bride but I’m not showing any importance but she is acting as she is the bride…uff this girl na always doing something crazy’ said bulbul to herself ‘di where is my nailpolish?’ Shouted pragya ‘I’m coming’ said bulbul and went

Precap- AbhiGya eye lock

Hope you all like this episode and tell me whether I have to continue this ff or not and I dedicate this ff to subi (Surbhi) di, soya (Somiya), nitha (Nivethitha) di and all my friends
Take care,

Credit to: sharaya

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    Its Awesome yaar……Superbbbbbbbb Concept………

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