KKB- love forever episode 8

Sorry for the late update


The episode starts with abhigya going to pragya’s room ‘give your shirt’ said pragya ‘why do you wanna see me? Naughty fuggy’ said abhi ‘oh hello I’m asking your shirt because it is wet’ said pragya ‘oh yeah here take it’ said abhi and removed his shirt while pragya turns opposite ‘why I know you I’m so hot and you don’t have to act like a good girl’ said abhi ‘eeeewww I’m not those types of girls you think’ said pragya and gave him his shirt abhi took that shirt put pragya closes her eyes and tighten her grip in his shirt so abhi pulled the shirt but pragya also came along with the shirt and falls but abhi holds her and they had an eyelock ishq bulava plays Pragya came from eye lock then she runs from the room and abhi smiles

It is night all are sleeping but pragya is not sleeping she thinks all her moment with abhi ‘why I’m thinking about him? Maybe i love him no no pragya you should not but why I’m thinking about him always yes I love him I love him so much’ said pragya to herself and smiles ‘tomorrow I’m gonna propose him and say my past but what if that white bhootni come I don’t care I will tell him and he can decide whether he wants this angel or that bhootni okay pragya you should now then only you will look so beautiful tomorrow’ said pragya to herself and started to sleep

Next day pragya woke up so early because it is Bulbul’s haldi but bulbul is sleeping ‘di di wake up today is your marriage come and put haldi’ said pragya ‘ho oh pragya today how you woke so early its not good you sleep and let me also sleep’ said bulbul and covered her face inside the bed sheet pragya gets angry and goes outside ‘arey pragya wake your sister up’ said sarla ‘but she is not in the mood to listen me’ said pragya ‘today is her haldi go and wake her up’ said sarla pragya thinks what to do then she gets an idea and went to bathroom and brought a bucket full of water then she poured that water on bulbul! ‘Uggghh.. Pragya I won’t leave you’ said bulbul and started to chase her ‘if you can catch me’ said pragya by running they both slipped in the water and falls on the bed

‘Di I’m not jiju to romance with and just wait today from today night he is all yours’ said pragya ‘pragya you are becoming naughty day by day’ said bulbul and again started to chase her ‘always fighting I don’t when you girls gonna be mature’ said sarla

Sorry for the late update I thought that my ff is so boring so I thought not to write it but when I saw all your comments I thought to write at least for you guys so how was the episode? Please tell me do you want me to continue or not

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  1. Episode was gud yaar ??? .. pls continue writing …

  2. Hey not boring just amazing and waiting for next pragya’s proposing moment

  3. Do not over think sharaya…..don’t know abt others…..I loved to each n everyones ff……pls dont think lyk these….also todays episode was….was….ws..really really lovely cause Prags realised her love

  4. Of course dear u must continue its really awesome tat too abhigya scene???

  5. it is really nice yaar uploap your next part soon

  6. all i want is long epi from you… nice n superb

  7. ahm.ahm sharu well.well.well.I know I am commenting first time but believe me I have read ur each and every episode dear and u r superb ??? I will sure gift u teddy bear ????????till then have them ?

  8. Plz kind request don’t think ur ff was boring u know when I am seeing ur ff in telly update my face is glowing immediately I will read ur ff so plz don’t stop then really I will broke down

  9. Nice episode.

  10. Conti, nice but give long epi ya..

  11. Nice episode really soooooo cute pragya yaar

  12. Its not at all boring its so cute and lively! Just continue pls…???

  13. it was awesome please give long episode

  14. Nice episode. Abhigya moment is superb

  15. Varsha you can call me keeks and aastha can I know the name of ur ff

  16. Episode was good but I felt it to be a bit short but Abhigya’s moments were extraordinary loved it waiting for the next

  17. hey….pls continue….really great……I expected a lot n too longed for ur episodes….

  18. i think Abhi will choose bhootni ????? not any angel! Seriously Amazingggggggggggggggg! And Yes I will kill you for sure and you know the reason but this update was surprise for me so i won’t stab you ???

  19. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Superbbbbbbbbb yaar…….

  20. Hey what happened year…plzzz continue it r else I won’t leave u kkk ??plzz go ahead v r here to support u….and today’s epi s nice waiting for the next……

  21. Plzzzz continue it’s awesome

  22. Slient reader

    Plz dont stop uploading……..

  23. Superb

  24. Hi I’m ur silent reader pls don’t stop I love this ff a lot pls don’t stop 2days episode awesome

  25. Awesome awesome but pls don’t end this ff this is one of my favourite

  26. Hey I’m your big fan pls don’t end it

  27. Awesome man don’t stop

  28. U no stop vary gud

  29. Amazing pls don’t stop

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