KKB- love forever episode 7


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After all the ladies putting mehendi in their hand purvi, pragya and Bulbul’s cousin came there and said ‘hello ladies and gentleman this is my lovely cousin Bulbul’s sangeet so everybody should so while dancing everybody should change their partner’

Abhi goes near pragya to ask her for dancing with him but its late because nikhil came to her and asked ‘ms.pragya would you like to have a dance with me’ asked nikhil by forwarding his one hand to pragya pragya nods her head and gave her hand to him abhi becomes angry after seeing this tanu came there and said ‘don’t worry abhi come let’s dance’ abhi and tanu dances

All dances in the song of jeena jeena from the movie badlapur

While dancing abhi sees nikhil and pragya together and he gets jeleous ‘how dare he dance with her I’m leaving him because he is purab’s friend’ said abhi ‘don’t worry abhi pragya is all your even destiny wants you both together do you know in her hand she is having your name’ said tanu ‘is it? Wow great thank you tanu for telling me’ said abhi and hugged her

Pragya sees them while dancing and feel jeleous ‘you look beautiful’ said nikhil ‘thank you’ said pragya she feels awkward to dance with him

Then they exchange their partner in dance now pragya dances with abhi pragya feels comfortable dancing with him ‘why I’m feeling comfortable than dancing with nikhil’ thinks pragya ‘hey fuggi you dances very well’ said abhi ‘hey I’m not fuggi stop calling me in that name’ said pragya ‘but that name suits you’ said abhi pragya starts say something but abhi twirls her then dance gets over ‘how am I dancing?’ Asked abhi ‘like an idiot’ said pragya by laughing And runs from there abhi smiles

After dancing everybody pragya, bulbul, purvi and tanu are talking pragya is talk by keeping juice in her hand abhi was crossing that side bulbul sees him and push pragya

Pragya falls on abhi and they have an eye lock (Allah plays at background) bulbul and tanu shares a HiFi purvi looks confused because she don’t know what is happening here

Purab came there and coughs then abhi and pragya came out from the eye lock then pragya realize that she poured the juice which is in her hand ‘oops sorry’ said pragya ‘no problem’ said abhi ‘arey pragya what did you did you poured juice on abhi?’ Asked bulbul ‘I’m sorry di’ said pragya ‘hey bulbul why are you scolding her’ asked abhi by whispering in her ears ‘hey dumbo you will get to know’ said bulbul ‘pragya go take abhi to your room and make his shirt dry’ said bulbul ‘okay di’ said pragya and went ‘thank you bulbul’ said abhi and went behind pragya to her room!

Thanks friends for reading and karthu as you wished I have added abhigya scenes and I have replied to all of them on previous episode if you get time you can check it out as I’m uploading in phone it may be a small update

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Credit to: Sharaya

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