KKB- love forever episode 5 & 6

Hi its me sharaya and I’m so so so so sorry for the late update I was out of station that’s why couldn’t upload so today I’m gonna update 2 episode hope you all will like it and once again I’m so sorry

The episode starts with all the family members including tanu and purab siting and talking abhi came down and ‘hey purab why are we here come let’s go’ said abhi ‘arey where I have to go’ asked purab ‘hey today is your sangeet come let’s go’ said abhi ‘yesterday you said you will only come for my engagement you will not come for my marriage but what happened?’ Asked purab ‘purab something happened to abhi’ said tanu ‘yeah tanu we have to take him to doctor’ said purab ‘hey I don’t need to go to doctor see I’m fit and fine now come let’s go’ said abhi

They reached the venue ‘hey where is she?’ Asked abhi ‘who’ asked purab ‘my going to be wife’ said abhi ‘what??!?’ Asked purab abhi made a oops expression ‘nothing leave it’ said abhi ‘no tell me who is she’ asked purab ‘do you want to know it’ asked abhi ‘yes tell me who is the girl’ asked purab ‘fuggi’ whispered abhi in purab’s ears ‘fuggi?’ Asked purab and started to laugh ‘hey man why are you laughing? I think I should not told you’ said abhi ‘no no no not like that I laughed by hearing fuggi who is that fuggi?’ Asked purab ‘Fuggi is Bulbul’s sister’ said abhi ‘who gave you permission to love my saali’ said purab ‘she is not your saali yet so don’t over react now help me’ said abhi ‘okay I will’ said purab they hear a cough sound and they turned back and saw bulbul and tanu standing

‘Bulbul?!?’ Asked purab ‘tanu?!’ Asked abhi both tanu and bulbul said ‘yeah its us’ ‘what did you say abhi that you love my sister huh? And purab your too supporting him?’ Asked bulbul ‘no bulbul nothing like that’ said purab ‘what?!? You said you will help me but after your love came you are not helping your friend? And yeah bulbul I love your sister and purab would help me because I know him first’ said abhi ‘arey he is my going to be husband so he will obey me and I didn’t say I will not help you’ said bulbul ‘thank you bulbul’ said abhi and hugged bulbul

‘Hey purab you said Na you won’t help now see bulbul itself accepted helping me’ said abhi ‘no no I will help’ said purab tanu stands confused ‘arey tanu you should also help your best friend’ said abhi ‘sure’ said tanu and bulbul said ‘so mission abhigya starts from here’ then they all shared a HiFi

They hear pragya shouting ‘pragya is coming here’ said tanu ‘yeah act like being normal’ said abhi pragya came and saw abhi seeing up, tanu and bulbul talking and purab sitting in ground and staring at the ground pragya blinks seeing this ‘why you guys are doing some weird things and abhi why are you looking up and jiju why are you sitting down and staring the floor what did it do? And why are you staring at it?’ Asked pragya ‘too many questions? I suggest you to become a CID you are asking questions like them’ said abhi ‘now tell me why are you looking up?’ Asked pragya ‘I was seeing birds’ said abhi ‘you can’t see’ said pragya ‘why?’ Asked abhi ‘because the roof is closed’ said pragya tanu and bulbul laughed at them and they stopped laughing when abhi stare them ‘no I was just kidding’said abhi pragya sees purab staring at the floor she called ‘jiju’ purab ‘hmm’ ‘why are staring at the floor as it did something?’ Asked pragya ‘Aa..acctu..’ Stammered purab ‘actually the floor pushed purab down that’s why he is staring the floor’ said tanu ‘so weird okay come let’s go down’ said pragya and went down ‘thank god she didn’t guess anything’ said abhi while pragya going down she hits a guy ‘oops sorry’ said pragya ‘its okay no problem’ said that guy and he was mesmerized by her beauty ‘hi I’m nikhil purab’s friend you?’ Asks nikhil ‘hi I’m pragya I’m bulbul Didi’s sister’ said pragya ‘nice to meet you ms.pragya’ said nikhil then bulbul came there and pragya saw her ‘I have to go bye’ said pragya and went ‘wow she is so beautiful I want her’ said nikhil like he wants a toy

They all came down and bulbul puts mehendi on her hand and pragya was sitting with her both purab and abhi came there ‘hey fuggi you didn’t put mehendi in your hands?’ Asked abhi

‘Oh I will put’ said pragya ‘whose name you gonna put?’ Asked abhi ‘no one’ said pragya ‘thank god she doesn’t love anyone or she might put their name’ said abhi to himself

Then tanu and pragya sits together to put mehendi ‘hi tanu what name you gonna put?’ Asked pragya ‘no one I don’t have boyfriend’ said tanu ‘thank god abhi is not her boyfriend but why I’m thinking to much about him no pragya you should think he is your sister’s friend he is like your bhaiya’ said pragya to herself

Nikhil bribes the mehendi designer to put his name on pragya’s hands purab
Purab comes to tanu and whispered ‘hey put ab in your hands and it will make pragya jeleous’ said purab ‘hey how can I put his name’ asked tanu ‘hey there lot of people names start with a so don’t worry I will tell the mehendi designer to write a in your hands’ said purab and went to say to the mehendi designer

Mehendi designer gets confused and puts nikhil’s name on tanu’s hand and puts abhi’s name on pragya’s hand ‘what did you did? I didn’t asked to put a in my hands’ said pragya then tanu sees pragya’s hand and thinks ‘really they are tied by destiny may they love forever!!’ Said tanu to herself ‘I’m so sorry mam’ apologies the mehendi designer ‘its okay no problem’ said pragya

What will happen now? Will pragya also love abhi? Will nikhil bring some problem?

Once again I’m so so so so so so sorry for the late update and today my exam result is out And I good mark and thanks for commenting and reading my ff thank you silent readers

Varsha…..shriti……sindhu……reena…..durga…….monesha……di….reshma……abhigya thanks for commenting
Somiya and Nivethitha I won’t say thanks to you both or you would just kill me so no thanks

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  1. Congratulations for getting good marks and I waited for ur ff daily I will check in night also but now I am so happy after reading ur

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  2. super super super

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  3. It was a cool episode sharaya….. btw….d scene were Purab sitting down n stammering n abhi helping him was an LOL scene…loved it

    1. Congrats…..uve scored good marks…do well in ur higher studies….tomorrow my results r gonna come….#fingers crossed#

      1. Thanks varsha and all the best for your result too

  4. Nice episode

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    Congratulations for your result tomorrow my results are coming out and the story was awesome

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  6. congrats sharaya for getng good mrks………….. todys epi was awesome…………………… waitng fr nxt epi………

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  7. Its really nice.. Loved it… Pls include some abhigya scene next tym.. Waiting for next updates..

    1. OK sure in next episode abhigya scenes will be there and thanks for reading it

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    Awesome…. congrats for your results wish for u to get good marks

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  9. Sharoo u r unbelievable yaar.. ???It was a fantastic episode.. U know I thought to ask u about ur ff but u itself uploaded.. And coming to today’s episode it was soo funny and so sweet.. I was laughing when Abhi was looking up and purab was sitting on the floor and staring at it when I imagine about it.. It makes me laugh so much?????????.. And that mehandi part awesome… On the whole the episode was superb superb superb… Again congrats for ur results? and that’s good u didn’t say thank u otherwise u would have admitted in hospital again..?????? Wat u say somi..

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  13. my hilarious bhootni ?????????????????????????? hats off! i loved it so wala much! Thank God,u didn’t said me thanks,but seriously abhi looking at birds ???????? you are amazing Fucha! and that mehndi part was best and i guess full episode was best!

    1. Glad you like it my cute angel ???

  14. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbbb yaar……loved it….

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  15. Awesome episode really sema abhi’s name on pragya’s hand tat too by confusion of mehandhi desiner ohhhh soooo much fun yaar I’m eagerly waiting for next part

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  16. Awesome

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  17. awesome episode dear just lpvrd it u r unbeleovable loved purab staring the floor amd pragyas mehndi was awesome update soon na pls

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