KKB- love forever episode 4


The episode starts with purab and pragya going to meet bulbul ‘bulbul’ called purab ‘don’t talk to me’ said bulbul ‘di why are you saying like that?’ Asked pragya bulbul tells what she misunderstood by hearing pragya burst out into laughing bulbul looks confused ‘di you have misunderstood it is not jiju but its abhi’ said pragya ‘hey bulbul how can I think of another girl when you are here’ said purab bulbul feel embraced ‘sorry purab I will never doubt you hereafter’ said bulbul and they both hug at that time tanu and abhi enters the room ‘hey stop your romance you can romance after marriage’ said abhi ‘if you want to marry means come down dadi is calling’ said tanu pragya sees tanu holding abhi’s hand ‘who is this white ghost? Don’t she have manners? Don’t she knows how to behave at public? She looks like a white ghost and holding abhi’s hand….wait pragya where are you becoming angry abhi is a rock star so she may be her girlfriend so you should not scold her’ said pragya to herself ‘tanuuuu!!!! You are here’ shouted bulbul and hugged tanu (abhi, purab, tanu and bulbul studied in same collage so they know each other) ‘how can I miss my Chatterbox’s marriage’ said tanu and she looked at pragya ‘she is my sister’ said bulbul ‘oh hello’ said tanu by forwarding her hand pragya doesn’t want to shake hands with so she said ‘nameste’ by folding her hands ‘oh namaste you are so traditional’ said tanu pragya said ‘yeah I love traditional items’ in anger

‘Okay come let’s go down’ said abhi everybody went down pragya was staring both abhi and tanu in the engagement finnaly the engagement finished all went to their respective houses

It is night time everyone are sleeping abhi thinks about pragya ‘how cute she is she is di childish even though she has 4 eyes I like her eyes its sparkling like a diamond for me I can see my future in her eyes yes I love her and yes now I believe in love at first sight this feeling is new for me but I like this feeling tomorrow at purab’s mehendi+ sangeet function I’m gonna propose her’ said abhi and started to sleep (hamari adhuri kahani plays in background)

Abhi goes to pragya’s room through the balcony ‘fuggi fuggi wake up’ said abhi by making her wake ‘abhi! Why you are at midnight if anyone see means what they will think’ asked pragya ‘I don’t mind what they say but hear me’ said abhi ‘okay tell’ said pragya ‘I love you’ said abhi ‘what!??’ Asked pragya by widening her eyes ‘yeah I really love you’ said abhi ‘but bhaiya’ said pragya abhi feels like someone stab his heart by hearing the word bhaiya from his love, fuggi’s mouth ‘don’t say it again’ said abhi ‘but bhaiya I love someone’ said pragya after hearing those words abhi feels like somebody has stab his heart twice he fell down ‘no no this should not happen’ shouted abhi

Abhi opens his eyes and sees around he was in his house, in his bedroom and sleeping in his bed ‘thank god its just a dream this dream should never happen’ said abhi to himself then he drinks water ‘I will not propose her tomorrow I will make her propose me but before that I have to know do she have any boyfriend? Okay abhi mission love starts from tomorrow’ said abhi to himself and again dozed off
Meanwhile in pragya’s house pragya only thinks about abhi ‘is that white ghost is abhi’s boyfriend? But in newspaper it says he is single or media is fooling me. Is that bhootni is not his girlfriend means do he have any girlfriend?…..uggghhh pragya stop thinking like this why you are curious about him di said that he will come only today no tomorrow so I will not meet him ever if he come means I will find do he have girlfriend or not but…’ Pragya came to reality by her sister’s voice ‘pragya where are you lost do you know how many tomes I’m calling you switch off that light and we can sleep’said bulbul ‘okay di’ said pragya by switching the light off then she also dozed off

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  1. Loved ur episode…..u tc too…..good episode too

  2. awesome superbbbb first sight love wowwww

  3. Dream was awesome… I can’t stop my laughing … Superb

  4. Fantastic episode dear.. I loved it.. Pragya’s jealousy and Abhi’s dream was too good!! Pls update soon!!

  5. Awesome episode yaar

  6. Omg god when I saw ur ff automatically in my face smile came thank u so so so much I love ur ff so much take care sahraya waiting for ur next one

  7. good one n also funny ya………. wait 4 next one…….

  8. Wowwwww! That scene bahiya ???????? but abhi realized his love ?????? this episode is cute+hilarious ,i loved it so much, this episode is besttttt!

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AWESOME…….???

  10. Amazing balloon… Superb?????

  11. Superb

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