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The episode starts with pragya running to bulbul room to tell her that she her favourite abhi the rockstar ‘di di di’ shouted pragya ‘tell me where is purab?’ Asked bulbul ‘di I have met him’ said pragya ‘so tell me where is he?’ Asked bulbul ‘di we both bump each other and he hold me like this’ said pragya by doing some actions bulbul misunderstood abhi as purab and gets angry ‘how dare he do like this? He always said that he loves me but here he is flirting with my sister itself niw its time to show him who I am pragya come with me’ said bulbul in anger and they both goes out of room but some guest stop them and started talking

Abhi goes to purab ‘did you find bulbul?’ Asked purab ‘no’ said abhi then he see pragya and bulbul talking to some guest ‘she is so beautiful na?’ Asked abhi by pointing pragya purab sees it and misunderstood that is bulbul ‘no no abhi she is your bhabhi you should not say like this’ said purab ‘hey dumbo I know she is bulbul the girl next to her is beautiful’ said abhi purab gets relaxed ‘who is she?’ Asked abhi ‘she is Bulbul’s sister’ said purab ‘what is her name?’ Asked abhi ‘hey bro why are asking this much questions?’ Asked purab ‘just for general knowledge’ said abhi then purab see the guest who was talking to bulbul is going ‘abhi wait I will come in 5 min’ said purab and went to bulbul

‘Hi my sweetheart hi pragya’ said purab ‘hi jiju’ Said pragya bulbul gets angry purab gestures something ‘OK jiju I’m leaving’ said pragya by leaving her jiju and di alone ‘hey pragya where are going wait I will also come’ said bulbul purab holds her wrist ‘leave me I don’t want to marry you’ said bulbul ‘what? What are you saying’ asked purab ‘pragya told me everything don’t act as innocent boy now leave me’ said bulbul ‘what did she said?’ Asked purab ‘how you flirt with her you cheated me I don’t want to talk with you idiot’ said bulbul and went purab goes behind her ‘hey bulbul I swear I didn’t do anything’ said purab by going behind her ‘so you are stalling me I’m wrong’ said bulbul and went

Abhi see pragya alone and goes to her ‘hey miss’ said abhi ‘wow again I saw you this is my best day ever’ said pragya ‘chashmish at least now don’t jump’ said abhi pragya becomes angry by hearing chashmish word ‘chashmish me?’ Asked pragya ‘yeah its you don’t get angry you look like a red balloon so I should call you fuggi’ said abhi ‘fuggi!!???’ Asked pragya in anger ‘yeah’ said abhi ‘how dare you to call me fuggi’ asked pragya ‘because I’m a rockstar’ said abhi ‘youu..’ Started pragya but purab came ‘Pragya what did you say to bulbul?’ Asked purab ‘what happened jiju?’ Asked pragya ‘bulbul is angry with me’ said purab ‘I’m sure you must have done something’ said abhi ‘shut up your mouth abhi’ said purab

Hope you all like this episode I know its little short because I’m little busy today

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Credit to: sharaya

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  1. hey that’s so cute! lol purab’s reaction hahahaha 😀 Mind blowing episode…its so brilliant I loveddd it chashmish and fuggy 😀 Both names an han i loved it

  2. Wow it was awesome I waited for ur ff now I m relaxed after seeing ur ff thank u so much for giving nice episode

    1. Actually monesha I have to thank you for your sweet comment thank you so much ???

  3. Its great . loved every scene but its very very short ?????

    1. Thank you and sorry Zara for short episode

  4. It’s sooooooooo cute episode yaar especially abhigya soooooo cute yaar

    1. Thanks durga

  5. awesome….simply its rocking

    1. Thanks emmy

  6. Loved ur episode….

    1. Thanks varsha

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow……Its Superbbbbbbbb……. Poor Purab…………???????

    1. Thanks reshma

  8. Soooo cute

    1. Thanks akka??

  9. sssuuupppeeerrrbbbb

    1. Thanks shriti

    1. Thanks tharu

  10. Such a cute and lovely epi!! ????

    1. Glad you like it Maya!!

  11. Superb

    1. Thanks abhigya

  12. nice yaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Thanks di

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