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the episode starts with bulbul coming out to call sarla ‘ma ma’ shouted bulbul sarla see bulbul and ask ‘arey bulbul there is only 2 hours for engagement but you didn’t get ready what is this? Go and get ready’ said sarla ‘I will ma but come with me’ said bulbul and dragged sarla ‘hey where are you dragging me I have lots of works’ said sarla

They both went to the bed room and see clothes and some stuffs everywhere in the middle pragya is crying like a kid ‘what is this?’ Asked sarla ‘you itself ask what she have done’ said bulbul ‘what happened beta? Why you are crying? And why you both didn’t get ready?’ Asked sarla ‘I don’t have any good dresses to wear’ said pragya and started to cry again hearing this sarla widen her eyes and bulbul hit her hand on her head ‘hey see around you have lots of dresses’ said sarla ‘but they are not good and they are old I want to best in my sister’s engagement’ said pragya ‘wait I will give dress go and get ready’ said sarla and gave her the dress pragya went to wear it ‘This girl Na…uff I really feel sad for her future husband I don’t how he gonna manage this crazy girl’ said bulbul to herself ‘di come and help me’ said pragya so bulbul went

‘Abhi abhi where are you’ shouted purab ‘I’m here bro’ said abhi by coming from the stairs ‘come let’s go’ said purab ‘wait… There is 1 hour more for your engagement why are you rushing? To see bulbul’ asked abhi teasingly ‘of course to see bulbul’ said one girl from behind both abhi and purab see her and shouted ‘tanu!! You are here?’ (In this ff tanu is a good girl and abhi n purab’s best friend) ‘I’m here’ said tanu ‘how you come here’ asked purab ‘hey I will not miss my best friends marriage okay’ said tanu ‘oye hello today is not marriage its engagement’ said abhi ‘so what? I will come to his engagement and every rituals and purab how did you make this dumbo accept to come to your engagement I mean I thought he is not interested in those rituals kinda thing’ asked tanu ‘first he didn’t accept but I made him accept because I’m a superman’ said purab they both laughs hearing I’m a superman from purab ‘you….superman?….oh my god seriously I can’t control my laugh and yeah you only made me to accept but it doesn’t mean I will come to every function’ said abhi ‘its OK come’ said purab

Engagement time

Purab, abhi, tanu, dadi, dasi and other came to the place sarla greets them ‘abhi’ whispered purab ‘what?’ Asked abhi ‘can you help me to find bulbul’ whispered purab ‘okay’ said abhi (bulbul and abhi knows each other but abhi don’t know pragya but pragya knows him because he is a rock star) pragya and bulbul in the room ‘pragya’ called bulbul ‘kya?’ Asked pragya by eating snacks ‘can you go out and see did purab came’ said bulbul ‘okay but after eating my snacks’ said pragya ‘what is their in your food? Pls do it for your sister’ said bulbul ‘but food is my favourite thing I believe in food for life so I’m eating’ said pragya ‘you don’t like your sister Na? Nobody likes me’ said bulbul by acting as crying ‘arey stop you look so bad when you are acting so I will go and find him’ said pragya ‘that’s like my little sister’ said bulbul ‘OK don’t butter me I’m going’ said pragya and went outside

Pragya goes out ‘this di always will not let me enjoy my food I think she is jeleous that’s why she is giving me work’ murmured pragya and stopped murmuring by seeing purab and runs to say to bulbul meanwhile abhi saw bulbul and rushes to say it to purab

Both abhi and pragya bumps each other and pragya is about to fall but abhi holds her then they have an eye lock (Allah wariya plays)

Pragya came out of eye lock and stands and says ‘thank you’ then she sees his face and started to shout ‘you you you!!!!’ ‘Yes its me’ said abhi ‘oh my god I have seen you’ said pragya by jumping abhi became confused by seeing her ‘I have to tell it to di’ said pragya and runs to the room

Thank you so much for supporting and commenting I hope you all enjoyed this episode and tell me how is it? I hope this episode is not boring

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Credit to: sharaya

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  1. wow it was awesome

    1. Thanks monesha

  2. Nice epi??pls continue

    1. Thanks saranya

  3. awwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    super o super

    1. Thanks di

  4. Oooo my god in this bulbul is a elder one good not bad continue Ur ff very nice

    1. Thanks sweatha

  5. Ooohhh mmyy ggooooooddd……suuperrrr

    1. Thanks varsha

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My God its super duper hit yaar! i loved it the way abhi and pragya bumped, and pragya shouted woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i loved it and Food my all time favorite! so pragya is like mee haan? i loved it can’t wait for next episode! love u Fucha!

    1. Hahah will writing ‘food for life’ I was thinking about you and it is so true that food is for life Lol love you too soya

  7. Wow loved it a loooooooottttttt……….. Pls update the next one soon

    1. Thanks ridhi

  8. It’s awesome yaar really soooooo cute pragya it’s not @ all boring

    1. Thanks durga! Glad you liked it!

  9. Pragya soo cute nice

    1. Thanks lol

  10. Wow…really superb yaar…I loved it…interesting….pls continue….update the next episode soon…

    1. Thanks sana and I have updated the next one

  11. so sweet……really cute of innocent of pragya…..i love it.

    1. Thanks emmy

  12. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwwwwww…… Its Awesome yaar…….

    1. Thanks reshma!

  13. hai dr….i loved ur ff…..
    its awesome…
    plzzz update regularly………..

    1. Thanks tharu I will update it daily

  14. Superb

    1. Thanks abhigya

  15. Wow balloon it was amazing yaar when pragya said food is her life I was laughing so much? I think pragya is crazy like u haha?? and abhigya first meeting is good.. And pragya’s response was soo funny? u rocked it teacher ji…. Now I am eagerly waiting for next episode.. Love u balloon??

    1. Hahah glad you like it studentji love you too

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