kkb and krpkab – The Fault In Our Stars (Intro)

This Is aditi here…New plot which is almost a true love story…not one but two…you wanna guess who’s is that…ok to be frank…it’s my love story…I thought to share it with you all…so it’s top secret guys…and the doubt is …it’s abhigya’s love story or devakshi’s story…keep guessing…

Characters :

Abhishek Mehra : a spoiled brat who wants to live a luxurious life. He never cares about anyone and most important thing is that ,he is such an annoying person . But to our suprise, all the girls drove over by his craziness. Every girl wants to be his girlfriend as he used to change frequently. He never took any relations serious and according to him money is everything and others are just a part of it. He thinks if one have money the whole world surrender to him. That’s his philosophy and he is son of Ram mehra and Priya mehra.

Pragya Khanna : a cute lovely girl who enjoys every second of her life. She loves her family very much and her two best friends who are their world to her. She can sacrifice anything for them and because of her mistake the trio got seperated and still she feels guilty for her mistake. She is elder sister of nishi and daughter of Neil and ragini.

Dev Dixit : cool , handsome guy who flirts with everyone. His strength is pragya and his weakness too… he can never see her in pain and close buddy of her. He is one of pragya’s friend who is a Punjabi and he loves his mother a lot. He stayed in delhi for many years but she to some reasons , he discontinued his studies and went back to Mumbai.

Sonakshi Bose : She is quite crazy and lovable peson and friend of Dev and pragya. She can’t live without them but now she got sepeeated from them and longing to see them. But her big fat ego is not letting to join with them. She is the only daughter of bijoy and asha. She is basically a Bengali girl and she spend her childhood in Delhi with dev and pragya and currently she shifted to get native.

Ram mehra and priya mehra : abhi’s parents and ram is one of the best businessman in delhi and loves his family very much. Priya is working as a lecturer in one of the reputed college and worried about abhi.

Neil khanna and ragini khanna : their marriage is love marriage and they both are practical in everything. They have two daughters – pragya and nishi and love them unconditionally..

Bijoy bose and asha bose : sonakshi’s parents and pure bengalian. They treat dev and pragya as their children . And sona used to share everything with bijoy.

Ishwari dixit : dev’s mother and cares for him . She wants to give him the best in everything.

Aliya mehra : abhi’s sister and waise hai bhai…jaise uss behen …she is quite over reactive person but have a pure heart.

Nishi khanna : Pragya’s little sister who is a crazy fan of abhi. She wants to spend atleast a day with him. She never hears to anyone’s words and quite jealous of pragya as Neil used to care more for pragya…

So that’s it…hope you will like it…

Waiting for your replies…

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  1. di i am very angry. aapne ek ff shuru kiya tha na kabhi haa kabhi naa. mujhe jaha tak yaad hai aap hi likhti thi. woh kaha gaya???

    anyways it is awesome. as i am angry on u so i will be a silent reader…

  2. Superb episode and intro

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    It’s interesting❤️
    Post soon

  4. Super intro dear…. Pls update dear…..

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    Oh dear. ..ritika…I am so sorry as I lost my account as some one hacked it and could not post it…soon will find some solution …for it…

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  7. super intro n pls conti sweet heart

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    Superrrrrrrrrrr….. I loved it to the core….

  11. Awesome

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  13. Nice intro……

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    Sure….i will continue…soon…

  15. please update soon ur best accidental love ff and this ff i love this so much u are awesome

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