KKB….. Journey of Souls….. Teaser 1

Hey Beautiful Souls, I am so sorry for not updating as i have loads of works , but i promise i will update next part at 28-10-16 till then read this treaser and drop your comments below………….
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scene 1: (between alka and pragya)
Pragya while cooking something was huming a song , Alka came there and kept her hand at pragya’s shoulder, pragya turned to her. Alka smiled and said: Still, i can not believe that abhi just married you.
Pragya: Why it is so unbelievable?
Alka: Because, he is 29 this time and all 5 years he kept regecting the girls only because of his “College Love”
Pragya: What?
Alka: Yes, you know he used to love a girl in college, i do not know who is she but he always used to Write “M and P” at his note books, when he came back from london after completing his university, mum asked him to get married but he said”I won’t marry until and unless i do not find her”
Pragya: then why did he married me if he wanted to marry his college love?
Alka: I too do not know pragya but when Dad talked with abhi about you, abhi gave him a bone crushing hug and agreed for marrige.
Pragya with confused expressions stood there.
Alka: wait, i think Mum is calling me , I will be back, alka leaves after saying this…
Pragya gets confused and questions: Why he married me?……………

Scene 2: (Abhi )
Abhi was combing his hairs when he got a call at his mobile, he looked at screen but the number was unknown, he attended call..
Abhi: Hello
Person: Abhi, how can you marry her?
Abhi: What? Who is speaking?
Person: Meera, Meera aggarwaal.
Abhi smiles, they had a conversion which was muted…
Abhi got tensed and ended the call,
Abhi with stammering voice: Ho…..how….w can she do this? I love her and again losing her would be my greatest mistake..

…………………….. .. .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . ..
If abhi wanted to marry his college love whose name letters were “M and P” then why did he married pragya? What meera told abhi that gave him tension? He loves meera or pragya? And why abhi can not lose her? So many questions and only one answer stay connected to next part… i will submit it by friday’s night .hope so till then

Minu: Thanks for complementing my writing styles and for reading update.
Lucky: Thanks.
Di: Thanka for the excitment.
Asmitha: Thank you so much dear.
Shanu: Surely just after this treaser i would reveal truth till then Thanks…
Sabeenia: Of coarse..Thank you.
Rithu: Thank you so much..
Durga: i would update next part asap.. Thank you so much…
Sugan: Thanks.
Hemu Sampath: Thanks , i am glad you are enjoying it.
Sandy: Surely, just wait for few more updates. Thanks for the thought.
Surbhi: Haha, I too love bollywood songs even here my friends , they also love them even when they do not know meaning of lyrics.well i didn’t got your wari jawan soniyo , even i asked mom but she couldn’t explain it to me . But Thanks for the comment.
Lakshmi: oh yeah i got it, well thanks for commenting even in busy schedules, and i would surely get next update longer. THANKS.
Priyanka:: Thank you so much, well what does chellam mean?
Savita: Thanks for the comment.
Maha: Thank you so much dear..
Abhigya: Thank you so much
Somya: Thanks soms.
Prathi: Thank you so much.
Haritha: haha junior abhi, that was cute , Thanks for the comment..

Okay , Thank you so much beautiful souls…

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  1. Again I am telling u increasing my curiosity day by day waiting for next episode

  2. Just now thought about you Elsa as usual awesome!!! teaser your good at keeping suspense the name “extraordinary elsa” really suits well


    Abhi loves pragya.. that’s the truth.. and me era calls and inform their meeting… and abhi got tensed as what he did.. actually for that fake drama.. it’s all my thoughts.. as I like the teaser.. so soon all truth will reveal.. thanks junior abhi… for such a beautiful story.. and rocking teaser

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    very confusing

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  6. This time i am not late . I am once again sorry just now left a comment on your pre update and then read this . whatever my work load is I am gonna comment for sure but then pls do forgive me for late comments !
    Teaser was Sooo Best and Tooo Amazing and is making me so exited to read your next part ???! So My Goal is to Stay Connected with My Wonderful Writer’s Soulful ff ?????! Awesome !??? So got a nickname for u ! U are My (Myna’s) WW !? Love U !?

  7. wow nice n excited teaser dear waiting 4 it………..

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    Chellam means dear

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