KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 9

Abhi said bestfriends keep nicknames too, so what nickname are you gonna give me?
Pragya thinks for sometime and says well, bestfriends keep nicknames at random moments so i can not decide your nickname so soon, you need to do something crazy and then regarding it a nickname will pop up in my mind!
Abhi laughed.
Pragya: Abhi can i ask something?
Abhi: for sure..
Pragya: have you ever loved someone before our meeting?
Abhi kept a smile at his face and said, yes a girl was there…
Pragya: so why didn’t you married her?
Abhi in mind says: I m marrying her and you do not know!
Abhi: well , i dont know so let’s drop this topic…
Pragya smiled but she wasn’t satisfied with the answer abhi gave, abhi knew it so to handle the situation he said Ever had bestfriend?
Pragya: What?
Abhi: i asked you if you ever had best friend..
Pragya thought to herself: Disha…. I…i hate you to the core…
Abhi: Pragya i m asking you something!
Pragya: No i never had one! They were about to continue their convo but stopped as soon as they listened to the music of song kya khoob lagti ho… they looked hear and there and saw Raj coming towards geeta and singing:Kya khoob lagti ho Badi sundar dikhti ho(you look beautiful, you look excellent)
Geeta felt shy and hid her head in raj’s arms…
Suket while coming towards saanvri:kya khoob lagti ho, kitni sundar dikhty ho(You look excellent you look beautiful)
Saanvri while looking at suket: Phir se kaho Kehte raho Achchha lagta hai Jeevan ka har sapna ab sachcha lagta hai
( Say it again Keep on saying It feels good) (Every dream of life seems reality now )

Looking at this, samarth and pragya said Wooooo! Alka and abhi clapped
This time Abhi saw pragya and sang:
Kya khoob lagti ho Badi sundar dikhti ho)
(You look excellent You look beautiful)
Pragya replied back: Taareef karoge kab tak Bolo kab tak
(For how long shall you praise me?)
Abhi said: Mere seene mein saans rahegi jab tak
( As long as there is breath in my chest )
Now geeta questioned Raj: Kab tak main rahoongi mann mein Haan mann mein
(For how long will I be in your heart? )
Raj replied: Sooraj hoga jab tak neel gagan mein (As long as the sun is in the sky )

Geeta said: Phir se kaho Kehte raho Achchha lagta hai Jeevan ka har sapna ab sachcha lagta hai( Say it again Keep on saying It feels good Every dream of life seems reality now)

Suket rounded his arm at saanvri’s shoulder and sang:( Tum pyaar se pyaari ho Tum jaan hamaari ho )
You are more lovely than the love itself You are my life

The music continued, seeing the scenario alka gave rose to saanvri to give it to suket, whereas saanvri was resisting, finally pragya pushed saanvri …

Seeing the rose in saanvri’s hand suket continued: Khush ho na mujhe tum paa kar Mujhe paa kar
(Are you happy by attaining me?)
Saanvri smiled and replied him: Pyaase dil ko aaj mila hai saagar
(It’s as if a thirsty has found ocean)
Suket smiled and just shared hug with saanvri.. seeing this abhi and pragya smiled, then abhi continued:

(Kya dil mein hai aur tamanna Hai tamanna)
Is there any other desire in your heart?

Pragya nodded her head in response and held both of abhi’s hand and sang: Har jeevan mein tum meri hi banana( Be mine in every life )

Then suket saanvri , abhi and pragya did couple dance , alka was clapping and enjoying, aadesh was too enjoying it, samarth then forwarded his hand to alka and said Should we? Alka said surely! Doesn’t matters what the lyrics of the song were but dance steps were purely funny and enjoyable, pragya came to aadesh and continued with him the dance…

Abhi smiled and finally soon everyone got back to their rooms, the next day they were all set to leave for mumbai, like last time abhi sat with samarth, alka with pragya, geeta with raj, saanvri with suket and Aadesh sat alone.. Again the boring scenario continued in bus, aadesh was busy in mobile, samarth and abhi too were busy in their phone, pragya and alka were sitting at very back of bus, so whatever they were talking was just confined to them, no one could hear their convo.. pragya was looking at her ring, alka noticed it and said lucky! Pragya came out of her senses and said Yes? Alka took a chocolate from her bag and said you are lucky to get abhi as your husband, pragya smiled , alka said I m serious, you know he is best son , best brother and would now be best husband and then best…… pragya raised her eyebrow and said then best….? Alka laughed and said best father! Pragya laughed… and said best brother too? Alka said Yes , he has always supported me in every part of my life, years before i was married to a doctor , well our marrige didn’t worked out only because I was commited in abbusive relationship.. Pragya with shocked expressions saw her, alka said he used to beat me, he used to do limitless tortures on me, i did a mistake by not raising voice, one day to surprise me abhi came to my home , at the same time my husband had rod in his hand and was about to me but abhi saw it and then you can imagine what could have happend.. abhi was much angry on me! Pragya questioned On You? Alka smiled and said yes because i used to bear all the tortures and abhi always asked me to say the thing i m hiding from everyone, The day I got divorced i was strong enough to face my husband and was strong enough to see him going to jail, and this change was brought up by abhi into me! Abhi started to ignore me from the day he found out that i was being tortured and i think it was his ignorance that made a change in me, 1 month passed to my divorce and abhi’s ignorance level was getting raised day by day, finally i went to him and slapped him hard, ans i cried as much as i could that was the day when abhi said My Bubble Is back and i can say from that day mine and abhi’s relation got much stronger than before and now if just a pin hurts me i share it with him! He is the only one whom i trust more than myself and that is why i m saying that you are lucky to get him, and even i can say that you are first and last lady of his life, i know the marrige is arranged but it would take no time to change into love marrige, pragya smiled , alka said I think i praised my brother much! Pragya nodded , alka said don’t tell it to him. Pragya asked why? Alka laughed and said because i challanged him that i will share all awkward scenes of his life with you but see now i ended up sharing some beautiful memories.. Pragya laughed and was about to say something but raj stood up and clapped his hand to diverts everyone’s attention..
Raj: dadu, suket, saanvri bhabhi, pragya everyone i need to tell you something important..
Suket: is everything fine?
Raj: Yes but just now i got a call from my fellow business partner that geeta and I have to leave for london next week!
Abhi:next week?
Raj: Yes and that is why we have decided that if you permit then marrige can take place at next tuesday as today it is sunday!
Suket without wasting time asked pragya as it was her life’s decision..
Pragya said I have no problem, i mean if it is much important for dad and mom to go to london so yes we can get married before they leave for london!
Geeta: I already said my daughter in law is best!
Alka said bs iseekee taareef karte raho aap toh (Just praise her)
Geeta in teasing tone: Tujhe koi problem h toh chup kr ke beth ja( if you have any problem just sit silently)
Pragya laughed!
Saanvri: but all functions would take place in sequence!
Raj: without any doubt!
Aadesh: So as soon as we reach at mumbai, ladies should go for shopping, the next day , samarth and abhi should handle Card section i mean whom to invite , raj suket and me would handle all the functions about what should be done, where it should be done!
Suket: Agreed!
Pragya looked at abhi and abhi winked at her, she smiled and looked away.. Soon the same boring scenario of bus continued because still 1 and half our was left to reach at the destination, abhi recieved a message, he opend it and saw unknown number, he clicked it and message was: I want to run away.. abhi laughed and looked at pragya… pragya smiled at him, abhi saved pragya’s number and replied: Take me with you.. pragya clicked the message and smiled
She replied back, Abhi opend it and read: ask mom if we can run away together
Abhi replied wait I will ask her…
Pragya recieved message and opend it, she then saw abhi, abhi saw her but then quickly called Geeta
Geeta: Yes abhi?
Pragya was damn nervous, she messaged abhi: I was joking , please don’t ask it from mom!
Abhi saw her text but didn’t replied to it , he said mom pragya….. pragya Listening to her name got enough nervous while abhi continued: pragya said she wants me to…. geeta questioned to? Pragya was damn nervous , her heartbeat raised.. abhi continued: pragya wants me to ask papa and you about date of our marrige! Listening to it pragya’s expressions were like she got her life back…Geeta smiled and said i know pragya hasn’t asked this stupid question so better you keep quiet abhi! Alka laughed at it.. Abhi looked at pragya , pragya ignored him and looked out of window.. abhi smiled at her and said Mad girl.. screen freezed at pragya and abhi’s smiley face!

Pre recap: you know when she left me she said i will find numerous persons like you in my life, i questioned her why does she wants others like me only why doesn’t she wants someone change from me?
……. …….. …….

I know many of you do not like it when there’s a song in any update but if you will go through expressions, descriptions you guys will find it funny as well as enjoyable..
Riya: i don’t know who is priya , if you have this question please ask from the person who calls you shun! Well why right?
Guys I was enough busy to write the update so i asked my inspirational writer if she could help me out, i told her situation of update and scenes so she perfectly wrote the dialouges over it and yes surbhi Roli and all was her idea and i m glad you enjoyed it, so guys last update was not written by me but by soms, i thought at last she would give the credit to herself but like always she didn’t took credit and mailed me the update and i just submitted the episode without reading it , i just replied to your comments, so abhigya and krisha you were silent readers and only soms have this magic to make silent readers speak up! I can not take the credit so she was Somiya who wrote last update just to help me , the quotaion about life and all were added by her! So thank you so much soms for helping me! Check your insta for once!
And surbhi, im his chashmish, cutevanshu, riya(just ask from soms about priya), hemu sampath, durga, asmitha, abhigya, priyanka, di, krisha (surely krisha i will), ninni, Thank you so much, Thank you all!

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