KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 8

It was next day , engagement was going to take place at 7 pm, but it was still 10 am in the morning, everyone had their breakfast, the engagement was just confined to family members so they asked manager of the resort about booking the small hall which was already in resort, pragya was with alka and aadesh, saanvri and geeta were busy in themselves, abhi saw samarth and decided to talk to him so they both went and continued their convo in garden where as raj and suket were busy in prepration of engagement…
abhi: Samarth can I ask you something?
Samarth said Yes go on..
Abhi: previous day when Dad announced that today is pragya and my engagement their were unknown expressions at your face , i mean aren’t you happy? Or you have fear that you will lose pragya…
Samarth slightly smiled and said Abhi, you know i was just 2 when pearl came to this world, she is my angel my princess my helper and my everything i can never afford to lose her, thou she is younger but sometimes she used to act like mom, she used to scold me and her scoldings are always so sweet that i enjoy them, yesterday when uncle announced about engagement , the first thing that came in my mind was that after 3 weeks she would leave me! I…(samarth smiled a bit) I never imagined that she would leave me, i mean yes i was the one who asked her to meet you but now i m feeling like whole life pearl should be with me.. you know why i call her pearl? Because of her inner beauty.. Years before i got married to a selfish lady, pragya told me that i shouldn’t marry her but i married her because i was in love with her, but the girl only used me and always just manipulated me against my family… it was one day that she was going to slap pearl and i couldn’t see it and slapped her back and that was the day when i got to know the true face of my love and now for me love is nothing but a wasteful thing, now again loving someone would be my greatest mistake (abhi was listening to all this silently) pearl is the only one whom I could trust, with whom i could share my grief, sorrows, secrets , happiness, for you all she is my sister but for me she is my best friend who knows when to act like mother and when to act like sister…. after i got divorced i always remained Lost somewhere and i was about to lose myself somewhere too but at that time pearl came and found a new being in me, she scolded me for punishing myself for the mistake i never commited, losing my love was really a painful thing for me but pearl supported me at every point of my painful situation and see the change in me when ever my ex wife Ronita comes infront of me i ignore her without hurting myslef… This change was not easy for me but pearl made it so….

There was a minute of silence after samarth spoke everything he had in his heart..they both had their heads down, after a while samarth smiled and comtinued:
You know abhi pearl said me.. a little happiness and a tinge of sadness, overwhelming joy and sudden fears, heartwarming surprises and sudden losses, it is all a part of life’s conspiracy, afterall(written by priya parburam) …. and you know its both blessing and curse to feel everything so very deeply… and pearl has always been a pillar for me who never let’s me down, she said me to believe in yourself that you are meant for good more than bad… and That’s why i call her pearl …my pearl…
Abhi smiled at this , samarth looked at him and said Sometimes the people in your heart are the only one who are reason for your destruction … Abhi inbetween says .and those persons are same who create new being in you. So you can also say that they are reason for your creation…
Samarth says wow you exactly talk like pearl..
Abhi: Well samarth, your ex wife Ronita right? Is she the same girl who used to be in our university in london?
Samarth: yes exactly she is same
Abhi laughed a bit and said salamander?
Samarth laughed and said Exactly
Abhi: how can you love her?
Samarth: mistake..
Abhi to tease him said Or koi nhi mili? (you didn’t got anyone else than her)
Samarth being over confident said Arey iss ronita ki aisy ki taisy , is ke naam k RO se mujhe Roli, iske Ni se mujhe Nirmala or iske ta se mujhe Tanu weds manu ki Tanu mil skty h , (This Ronika is nothing, after seprating letters from her name i can get enough girls, like by RO i can get Roli, from Ni i can get nirmala and from Ta i can get Tanu of tanu weds banu)

Abhi: bas bhai rulaye ga kya lagta h jazbaati hogaya, control kr (enough bro will you make me to cry? It seems you got emotional, control)
Samarth laughed at it and They continued their chit chat and that is how time passed… soon it was 6 pm in evening everyone was busy , alka was helping pragya to get ready as just 1 hour was remaning , pragya had wound at her head but that didn’t diminished her beauty , she was looking extremly gorgeous in the salmon colored straight cut lehnga with light pink blush and her simplicity flourished it more…
Pragya smiled and looked at herslef at mirror…she said Bubble every family member would be at our engagment right? I mean like dadu is someone else there?
Alka: well yes, she is our Nani, Preet Nani, she is not in India but in Turkey..
Pragya: Turkey?
Alka: yes she was out for vacations with a girl Disha…
Pragya said Disha?
Alka: yes nani adopted her when disha was just 20 i guess…
Pragya: Adoption at 20 age?
Alka:Yes because Disha was in depression so nani helped her to get out of depression…
Pragya said Oh… at same time saanvri came and said my goodness, pragya you are looking like Miss Universe.. Pragya said Maa! Saanvri laughed and hugged her, Aadesh also came in room and said so dolly doll got ready , you know pragya you are looking as if someone has stole your hairs! Pragya said dadu how many times i have said you that yoi crack senseless jokes, alka laughed said but i loved your joke dadu, you have got good sense of humor, aadesh said alka is best, pragya said and me? Aadesh said and you are tukra(piece) of my chest… pragya laughed and they shared hug, here screen shifts to abhi who is still with samarth getting ready, he was in black and white full suit , samarth and abhi were talking abput random things , geeta came in room and said Ready? Abhi said Yes mom, Geeta said May God bless you always , Raj came at same time and said exactly looking like me! Abhi says you mean handsome? Geeta said no he means …. Raj said no geeta no please do not crack any joke now, samarth laughed at it…

It was time of engagment, abhi was already at stage, waiting for pragya to come, pragya entered hall and as abhi saw her , he gave a bright smile and said Koi toh rok lo(somebody please stop me)(in sense of gazing at her) pragya also came at stage , whole family gathered and ring ceremony took place… and then everyone got busy in talking with eachother, abhigya were alone so Abhi said you are looking gorgeous, pragya smiled and said seriously? Abhi said without any doubt… pragya smiled… abhi said won’t you compliment me? Pragya said i have no compliment for you , abhi laughed and said Is it? Pragya said yes … abhi said you know pragya today i promise you that i would never behave like husband but like friend.. Pragya said what? Abhi held her hand and said yes, you know most of husbands are one who doubt at their wife where as a best friend is one who helps you when everyone is doubting on you.. pragya smiled and held his hand tightly, she said and whenver you will behave like husband and would scold me or would get angry over me i will leave my husband but not my bestfriend .. abhi laughed , screen freezed at them.
Pre recap: I hate you disha, i hate you to core….

Sorry for late update and thanks di, hemu sampath, cute vanshu, durga( yes those words were from heart) , sabeenia, surbhi(i passed on your thanks), nini , somiya, riya and prathi( haha hint was for surbhi di , but you too guessed it, nice observation i must say) , priyanka, mukund raj. Thank you and sorry for late update i was busy

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  1. aayeee hayeee mai mar jawan koi to ROK lo ??????? sallu bhai’s dialogue from movie ready I just love it aur again now this time samrat rocked uske ronita se roli ???? uski aisi ki taisi ????????????????? expressions lol u rocked it and yeah I got your hint yr

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    I Loved it Elsa di !????????
    And can i know who is priya parburum ?

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    Awesome Elsa di will you accept me as your sis pls tell Me if not its…OK today epi was so meaningful that I learnt part of life’s conspiracy

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