KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 7

Abhi you need to calm down yourself during these situations.. Was this a way to behave?
Abhi} I m so sorry bubble, i don’t know why but i just behaved like that..
Alka holds abhi’s hand and says Abhi i already have faced these all situations and i dont want my brother to face these.. all
Abhi cups alka’s face and says: Bubble , i know and i am sorry , next time i won’t repeat this mistake..
Alka) Promise?

Abhi: Promise …
alka hugs abhi and screen shifts to saanvri dressing pragya’s wound
Saanvri: how many times i have told you not to fight like this, you are a girl not a boy , i have taught you to lower your eyes when talking or speaking with boys and you.. you just…

Pragya being stunned at what her mother was saying stood up and said Ma you always taught me that boys and girls are equal and now you are saying me to lower my voice when talking to any boy? (Pragya with dispondent expressions simled at saanvri and conitnued) Wow.. What a kind of society this is Kandhe se Kandha milane ko toh kehte ho or nazrain jhukane ko bhi kehte ho? Awaz uthane ko toh kehte ho per aawaz dheemi krne ko bhi kehte ho? Izat krna ladkiyon ko toh sikhate ho ladkon per muaaf kr dete ho? Spectacular( at first you all tell us to walk equally with eachother and at same time you ask us to lower our eyes? You teach us to raise our voice and at sametime you ask us to lower our voice? You teach girls to respect boys but at same time teaching same thing to boys would be a sin right?) Saying this pragya left room.. saanvri stood like statue , she didn’t got hurt instead she realised her mistake and smiled
Saanvri: I never knew pragya has grown up so much…hhhh.. i m happy she has that much potential that she can stand by herslef…

Soon time passed , all of them were having dinner, and were having random chit chat while abhi looked at pragya, pragya didn’t looked at him instead she was talking to saanvri and both were laughing at silly jokes, geeta was talking to Raj it seems they were talking about something serious, suket was talking with samarth and alka had her full concentration on food… This scenario continued for 5 mins but then Raj diverted attention of everyone to him..
Raj: Pragya, Abhi.. geeta and i have decided something…
Pragya: Yes uncle?

Raj raises his eyebrow.. pragya smiled and said sorry sorry Dad…
Geeta laughed at this.. Raj continued: pragya abhi we have decided that we want your engagement to take place soon… as soon as engagement would take place , the sooner marrige would take place… and the sooner they would take place , me and geeta will move back to london as i have enough business work there…
Alka: but dad …
Raj: Alka i have decided everything, you will be here with Abhi and pragya , me and geeta would leave after their marrige..
Abhi: Dad you didn’t told us
Raj: but now i m telling you

Suket: Raj we have no objection.. so what about setting engagement next day?
Raj: That would be great and after 3 weeks marrige?
Saanvri: Surely.. Pragya fine?
Pragya nods her head.. samarth keeps looking at pragya and smiles seeing her… abhi feels it and decides to talk to samarth.. Alka says but dad did you told them about my matter? No i mean if they would come to know about my matter it would be great and we shouldn’t hide this from them..
Suket asks what matter?
Geeta says actually… She is divorced
Samarth says So?
Raj says So if you don’t want to give your daughter hand’s in marrige to our son its fine because we know you would be thinking that alka is a divorcee then how can abhi manage his marrige!
(While they were sitting at dinning table) Suket looked at saanvri, saanvri looked at samarth, samarth looked at pragya , pragya looked back at samarth, samarth looked back at
Saanvri, saanvri looked back at Suket .. Suket looked at Raj, Raj said What? Suket nods his head in disbelief and says in that case you can also say no to this marrige proposal because samarth is also a divorcee.. Alka looked at samarth , but samarth kept on looking at Raj, Raj said we have no objection.. saanvri said then how can we have objection? Okay if alka is divorcee that doesn’t means that we will say no to this proposal.. Suket said exactly… Raj said oh ha actually society concerns you know… suket says leave society , tell me everyone agreed for engagement? I mean Engagement would take place tomorrow Right?
Abhi said Yes .. pragya also nodded her head…
A Voice came : This Engagement can not take place..
Everyone looked at front of their dinning table
Pragya stood up and said Dadu?
Suket said Papa?
Saanvri said Papa ji?

Samarth said Rockstar?
The man with slight beard, black jeans and white t-shirt was actually 75 years old but looked as if he is still young, came forward and said Yes Aadesh Sharma is infront of you and now ordering you that this engagement can not take place..
Pragya went near Aadesh and said: But why dadu?
Aadesh: You even didn’t informed me about all this..
Suket: because we thought not to distrube as you were out at trip with your young friends and….
Aadesh: You just shut up.. my grand daughter’s marrige has been fixed and you even didn’t informed me

Samarth: We were about to inform you…
Aadesh: when? Tell me na when? After the marrige?

Suket : No dadu… i mean no no papa..
Aadesh: to do hell with your no.. Now this engagement can not take place that’s it…
Pragya: please don’t do this dadu, you know I love you…
Aadesh saw pragya with unbelievable expressions and said You are my same doll who used to run away even when she heard the name of marrige?
Pragya felt shy..
Aadesh: oh … So you also learnt to blush.. not bad not bad.. but this engagement can not take place..

Pragya and all felt dissapointed…
Aadesh looked at them and laughed harder…
Aadesh continued: let me complete.. This engagement can not take place without these rings(shows ths rings)
Pragya hugged Aadesh.. abhi took deep breathe while rest of them laughed…

Time passed pragya was in her room talking at phone…
Pragya: yeah Shalini, how are you?
Shaalini: i m fine, where are you pragya? I m missing you..
Pragya: seriously?
Shaalini: can not I miss my friend?
Pragya: you can you can.. but actually (pragya narrated about her marrige and engagement)

Shaalini: wow paguuu congrats..
Pragya: Thanks but stop calling me paggu.. its been 10 years i m asking you to change my nickname..
Shaalini: but i love this nickname…
Pragya: oh ho.. okay tell me the did you mailed our college pics?
Shaalini: paggu, its been 10 years to our college and still you miss it?
Pragya: yeah because somtimes past memories give a fresh breeze to our present…
Shaalini: Sometimes past memories can also give a disastrous breeze to our presnet as well as future..

Pragya: Stop your lectures and mail me..
Shaalini: okay i will but only when i will get all the photos..
Pragya: okay fine byee..
Shaalini: bye and congrats once again..

Pragya smiled and ended call…
Screen freezed at her face..

Pre recap: Sometimes the people in your heart are the only one who are reason for your destruction ….and those persons are same who create new being in you. So you can also say that they are reason for your creation


And surbhi: actually i m not from delhi, even i have never been to India… i already gave my intro in first update but now i m giving again….Basically I m from pakistan and India both haha i mean My Father is from Pakistan and Mom from India I was born in Australia and currently i m in Australia , i have never been to India or Pakistan but i m all aware of their languages! It means i know both Hindhi and Urdu! And about some hindhi pharases that you are saying are similar to that of delhi UP then i must clear your confusion … There is a person who helps me in writing these actually i asked her if she can help me out .. she agreed and she is the same person who gave me idea for Kandhon wala dialouge.. so do not give me the credit. and you know her very well haha that’s the hint as she doesnt wants me to disclose her name sorry… Thank you for reading the update ..

Priyanka, hemu, asmithaa, ninni, somiya, prathi, di, durga, riya, Thank you so much for your wanderful comments….

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